What is desire?

An evolutionary impulse.

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Anything goes Q&A with me. A spreecast THURSDAY October 23 at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Because it's time we got together.


Kindness. Flexibility. Soul. This is what Team D puts into each and every launch. It’s all coming together.

We launched an amazing new app that has people talking (ya—literally), we just opened pre-orders for Desire Map Licensing to all subscribers, and more’s on the way. In the spirit of re-centering and connecting, I’m hosting an 60-minute spreecast, where you can tell me what you need or ask anything at all. Anything. Desire. Money. Business. Open jam. Go.

Here are the details:
Thursday, October 23
11am PT / 2pm ET
Access it on Screencast via THIS LINK only.
Ask your questions HERE.

See you soon, loves,

Desire Map Licensing is open for YOU. A business model for conscious prosperity.

We opened the door to Desire Map Licensing for our “Inner Circle” members last week. The response was big.

New Licensees are already watching their 2015 workshops fill up. And they are already earning affiliate money.

Today, we swing the door all the way wide, so that YOU can join the Pre-Sale Event as well. Team D and I never miss an opportunity to give more, so we’re pouring on the pre-sale bonus love. Beauty + substance.

The bonus includes a video intensive on group facilitation by Kate Swoboda + a live Desire Map virtual workshop with Lianne Raymond — as in YOU will be able to participate in the Level 1 Desire Map workshop, so you can experience the material before you teach it yourself. And there’s more, always more…


What exactly is The Desire Map Licensing Program?

The Desire Map book has been transformed into a teachable curriculum that can be delivered as live or virtual workshops, destination retreats, or even combined with other events and courses. It’s called The Desire Map Licensing Program.

It’s a business-in-a-box for anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for uplifting lives. Beta testers are already earning anywhere from $6,000 – $12,000 per workshop.

The Licensing Program is a vehicle for making money doing meaningful work in the world. The ideal prosperity.

Who is it for?

If you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit + you want to make a living by helping people wake up, this is for you. No geographic restrictions. No certification process. The Licensing Program is open to all true hearts.

What do you get when you become a Licensee?

  • The Desire Map Licensing Guidebook for Truly Incredible Licensees. A gorgeous linen binder to guide you through the planning, marketing and facilitation of your Desire Map workshops and other events. You’ll also receive the Guidebook in digital form.
  • A place in our Desire Map Facilitator Directory, which will live on DanielleLaPorte.com (benefit from all our site and social traffic — which is significant).
  • Access to The Desire Map Licensing Program Portal. We are loading this digital warehouse UP, full of marketing assets (including customizable graphics), promotional copy, legal documents and everything else you need to run far and fast.
  • Access to the Private Desire Map Licensee Forum. In this private space, you’ll be able to connect directly with other Licensees. Get feedback on your event ideas. Ask for input on any challenges you’re facing. Soak up resources and recommendations from other Licensees. You might even find a partner to collaborate with.
  • Cash money! The Desire Map License immediately gives you the ability to earn. Our Beta Licensees have been earning approximately $6,000 in revenue, for a 20 person workshop.
  • Instantly become a Tier 1 Affiliate! You will receive a $500 affiliate commission for every Licensing program you sell through your affiliate link. And you will earn 30% on any item sold through the DanielleLaPorte.com Shop.
  • Get a 40% wholesale discount on all products in the DanielleLaPorte.com SHOP.

Women all around the globe have already stepped aboard this rocketship. Here is what some of them have to say:

sabrinaespnal_258“I bought my License this morning and I already have 4 people who want to come to my first workshop in January. I’ve already made back the 1st installment I paid this morning, plus more!” – Sabrina Espinal

“As I am digging into the bonus matekatieburke_124rials, I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude. I can feel all of the work that has gone into what I am reading and had to stop to take a breath because it is truly more than I had hoped for. Wow. Standing ovation to Team D.” – Katie Burke

The Desire Map Licensing Program is a model for what the new economy of conscious entrepreneurship can look like. Team D and I are honoured to be waving this flag.

For all true hearts, the door is open wide for you to join us.

Click the red button above to get in.


PS: Twitter chat!

You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers. Today at 12pm PST / 3pm EST. Just log onto Twitter and tweet your question or comment using #DesireMap so I can find you.

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BIG announcement from @DanielleLaPorte: DesireMap Licensing Pre-Sale open to the public! Soulful business time!


I implore you: Do not dumb down.

Two weeks ago on our Beautiful Writers Group call, Linda Sivertsen and I got a really great question:

“I’m caught in this trap between people saying, ‘You’ve gotta meet people where they’re at’ versus, ‘You have to show people what you know and then drop the bread crumbs and let the ants find you.’ What do you think?”

Linda jumped in: “I only have one line, and then Danielle can take it,” she said.

“Don’t dumb down. Don’t dumb down… Write what you know and what you believe and your audience will find you. Assume that the intelligent ones are out there and they’ll find you.”

I’ve been asked to dumb down. More than once. By bosses. By advisors. By magazine editors. And I have one line for that: Fuck, no.


It’s painful to dumb down. It hurts your heart, and it chomps at your integrity.

Every time you play dumb your muse decides to make herself a little less available to you. Don’t fuck off your muse. Those creative types are sensitive.

You have a gift. It’s your truth. Honour it and it will honour you — with every kind of fulfillment.

You want to work with people who resonate and get you. (Right? Go for ideal.) Resonate is the magic word here. If you don’t emote — you’re remote. You must give people access to your truth if you want to be dynamic, creative, vital.

Here comes a rant: This is the time of “Kali Yuga” — the time of false prophets. There are lot of people with visibility platforms — small and huge, who are just regurgitating other people’s wisdom into tinny information — they are not coming from lived experience and contemplation. It’s bullshit, really. Now, is this cause to be pissed? Well, maybe — because it’s dangerous and low vibration and who needs it. But… This is just part of how awareness evolves. There are always snake-oil salesmen at the Fair. Buyer beware. And, this is all the more reason to be out about your smarts.

I implore you — do not dumb down.

Tell your whole story. Use your own words. BE DEEP. BE SHALLOW — just be you. Get cosmic, articulate, annunciate. Let it rip. Keep your spine straight and your heart open. Speak to the people you want to hear you.

The the world needs you — unfiltered, purified, rarified and straight UP. tweet

How do you cut through dogma, illusion, and apathy? With your genuine brilliance. But you knew that.


Speaking of not dummying down, like, no way, never…. My Writer’s Group and Big Beautiful Book Plan co-creator, Linda Sivertsen, and wonder brain novelist, Justine Musk and I are offering the OPEN BOOKS EVENTS in LA on NOVEMBER 6. It’s a full day immersion for writers, bloggers, creatives, media mavens, personalities and anyone with small to grand ambitions to get their work in the world.

We are going to hook our rather massive creative & publishing, multi media and online hustle experience up to… You and your dreams. You will leave with career-changing strategies, insider info and a very full heart. And surprises. And notes — a lot of notes. It will be worth every dollar and whatever you have to do to be there.

And… (I’ll go into this more in another post,) this will be one of my last public events at least for another year or more. I’m majorly laying off of gigs and business travel in 2015. So sisters and creative misters, this is IT. I’m wired to serve with strategy. So get in there: OPEN BOOKS EVENTS. LOS ANGELES. THURSDAY NOVEMBER 6.

open books event november 6th


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