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Totem animals and hearing the messages the universe sends you.

Absolutely everything is a divine message because life is always calling you. tweet

I’m leaning against the fridge in a soul sister’s Brooklyn kitchen. “So Megg, Crocodiles are showing up EVERYWHERE for me lately. Like, everywhere. I’ve got to figure out what the Crocodile totem means. Do you know?” And Meggan gives me her classic eye twinkle and says, “Turn around.” Taped to the fridge door is her boy’s drawing of the day… “Shai’s Crocodile Shadow.” Alright cosmos, you have my attention.


I started noticing Crocodiles & Alligators on a trip to NYC and they kept appearing for months. The taxi I got into had an IZOD advert on the roof. In the pet store my puppy tootled over with a stolen chewy in his mouth — of a baby Crocodile. On the way to swim class my kid reminds me that he needs a new pair of Crocs. When I drop him off he’s in the “The Gators” swim club. During a dinner party, a friend’s little boy hands his toys to guests “Here, you can have Crocodile, D’nelle.” I lost track of how many times I turned on the car radio to…yes, I know, it’s like a cheesy punchline, Elton John’s Crocodile Rock. (Do you remember when rock was young?)

The cosmos speaks to us through earth symbols. Repeating numbers, the properties of flowers, synchronistic wisdom from street signs and the guy on the corner, the lyrics that put it all into perspective at just the right moment. The universe is communicating with us all of the time — the trick is to make it a two-way conversation. This requires close attention, like all quality interaction.

Field notes on spirit animals and messages

The spirit and mythology of animals is a very powerful language — and it’s been attended to for thousands of years. Animal beings speak directly and very specifically. Their personas and qualities translate into meaningful insight for us — insight that can dissolve veils of confusion in an instant, and help you find your way to the clearing.

Signs show up in “everyday life.” You don’t need to have shamanic power dreams or go on a vision quest. The animal shelter poster on the back of the bus, that dude’s 80′s wolf t-shirt, the Mustang logo that keeps popping up. Animal speak in human.

You can ASK FOR SIGNS. Show me more. Please be recognizable to me. It would be comforting to have a sign today. Thank you for showing up…

Some animal guides will accompany you just for periods of time in your life, when you need them. So they are not necessarily your forever life animal totem. Years ago, I had an incredibly powerful dream that rocked me. A black panther jumped into my shoulder and I sat up in bed, gasping. Panthers carry four times their weight. They balance the light and the dark. They walk alone. That Panther energy showed me that I needed to leave a relationship. And when I left, I felt the Panther energy recede.

Totem notifications aren’t about glamour. Just look for repeating symbols, and don’t take it as a direct reflection of your sex appeal. I mean, Crocodiles?! Eagles seem cooler, non? When my boy was really little I tried to convince him that his spirit animal was the Owl. He said, “Mama, I’m a Pig for now because I am.” Pigs are determined, playful, sweet, and extremely protective. That’s my little Piggy.

Ancient knowledge meets modern information. You’re seeing Crows, or Mice, or Turtles, or Whale signs everywhere…just GOOGLE it! Dial a Shaman. Enter in to any search engine: the type of animal + “totem.” Or, the type of animal + “medicine.” And you will get dozens of spiritual interpretations that you can cross-reference with each other and with your heart. Also, Jamie Sams and David Carson’s Medicine Cards deck is a fun classic.

Turns out that Crocodile animal medicine is about awareness coming to the surface (like the Croc’s eyes poking up from the water’s surface) — and “revenge through patience.” I’m not the vengeful type, but this message was right on track for me. Crocs & Alligators are the keepers of knowledge, ferocious mothers, and need to digest slowly – patience. “Know that this is the beginning of a new period of growth and regeneration. Use breathing techniques to keep yourself balanced during this time of change and give yourself time to integrate all of the changes you are making in your life. Patience is key at the moment.” Thank you, Google’d animal totem Crocodile Lover. I hear you.

We are never off the grid of light and wisdom, even if the lights looks dim. Signals are there if you look and listen. Sometimes they howl, sometimes they snap, sometimes they help you see in the dark and take flight.

Did you ask for a sign about B-School? If the cosmic messages say yes, sign up through me to get My Biggest B-School Bonus EVER. Keep it all for yourself or gift some (or all) of the items to loved ones, clients, customers, the quiet neighbor on your street, anyone at all. Details are HERE.

A What’s Hot / What’s Not list for your business or career

If you want to get awesome results, you’ve got to get real about what’s currently not-so-awesome. In the Desire Map process you begin by going through a gratitude exercise, followed by a dissatisfaction review. It’s the whole picture, with a ton of love and no-sugar coating.

In our business, we just started doing a What’s Hot/What’s Not check-in. Our Chief of Staff & People Potential, Steph Corker, officially kicked this off on our last big check-in. Hot and not-so-hot for #TeamDanielle:


  • Highly productive human beings. Individually, we get a lot done in a day.
  • A team that always pulls it off! We hit our deadlines and we invite fresh strategies on the fly.
  • We understand when to outsource (short term help and external teams) and when to hire in house (get on the bus and let’s go the distance!)
  • Remote workforce allows for remarkable results. Virtual for the win, who needs an office lease? Not us.
  • Setting ourselves up for tremendous growth – starting with people.


  • Lack of clarity on everyone’s exact role. (Happens when you grow fast and go from one launch to the next quickly.)
  • Unsure of how to best work together when not in rapid launch mode. (What? Normal? Nothing to launch this week? Um, I’m confused.)
  • One person holding a lot of the operational pieces — if Angie got hit by a truck, we’d be seriously eff’d.
  • ALL systems need to be upgraded — we’ve hacked our own e-comm system so often it’s gonna cave; we need clearer communication processes for working with each other and vendors; and we need an official on-boarding process/experience for new team people.
  • Managing workforce / work flow without key leadership roles creates gaps. Duh, we gotta get clearer about domains of responsibility.

Hot and Not Hot. With easy language and real communication, what needs to get done is a lot more fun.


Energize that! How to activate your crystals, mala beads, and sacred objects.

Photo credit: Catherine Just Photography

Photo credit: Catherine Just Photography

Something is sacred because you say it is. When a lot of people put their sacred intention into something, then that object’s power increases.

It’s simple physics, really. More focused energy = more power. tweet

So, you gotta power up your sacred stuff. YOU. Not the minister who gave you the rosary, or the lady who sold you the crystal (not to diminish their blessed energy). But you. YOU are the greatest activator of your “divinely helpful objects.” So when you bring home a new baby citrine from the crystal shop, or you’re putting your Saraswati statue on your desk — ACTIVATE THEM WITH YOUR ATTENTION. More physics: what you put your attention on grows.

I included a very simple energy ritual in the package for the True Desire Mala. You can use it with any and every kind of talisman and energy piece.


  • Hold the stone or other sacred piece in prayer position, or on your heart and send it your heart energy — send it your pure Love.
  • Then bring it to your third eye, right above your eyebrows, and project your intention, wish, prayer, or desired feeling into it.
  • Ask the crystal or sacred piece to support you to make your desire your reality.
  • Say Thank You for the support.

That’s it. And “water” your objects with regular attention. Nothing’s sadder than a dusty old altar, or a power crystal that’s a paper weight. If you believe in your stuff, it will do it’s job. The universe loves a believer.

All Love,


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