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Examine your expectations + what it means to deeply let go…

Free and Clear Letting Go

Sweet Seekers! (As in, fellow humans looking for lightness and direction-refinement…)

Here’s your second installment of Free & Clear. (Last week was RETROSPECTION).


Sometimes the letting-go process feels really sexy and empowering. Burn it! Nix it! Bye! And sometimes, we want to hold on (grip, cuddle, cling) to things. What if I need it? If I polish it up, then can I keep it? But I worked so hard on this…

There are times to get amped up and “just let that shit go.” But letting go usually involves other people, or hopes that we’ve carried a long time, and letting go can be connected to our livelihood. If you’re a loving, mindful creature (which you are, because you’re reading this), then letting go is typically entangled with some considerations. Because you care—about others, and your mental health.

Whether you need to perform delicate surgery on your commitments, or you need to just blow some shit up and walk away, healthy letting go requires mindfulnessSo let’s really feel and think this through to get you free and clear.

FreeandClear.2018_Email.Week2.WorksheetTHIS EXERCISE… goes deeper

We’re going to open a door that’s easy to miss when we want to clean out what’s holding us back. We’re going to examine what it FEELS like to let go of stuff. Not WHAT we’re getting rid of or changing, but the sensation (ecstasy? terror?) of releasing and changing. And it turns out that those emotions are very wrapped up in expectations.

This exercise is not about making fast, high-pressure decisions about overhauling your entire life in five steps. This is much more fluid and abstract. I’m just asking you to consider how some behaviours feel. We want to point light on our subconscious so that our decisions—when it comes time to make them—are much more conscious.

We’ll come at this from two directions. One: Your Expectations. Two: What you hold dear to you.

Download your EXPECTATIONS & LETTING GO worksheet now.

Let’s jam on this together TOMORROW: Wednesday, October 17, on the @desiremap Instagram at 12pm PST / 3pm EST.

Free and Clear

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Let go. Because in the chaos-crazy times, we need to question what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how we’re going to create something better—for ourselves and each other.

All Love,






Around the corner…
The theme for the next edition of FREE & CLEAR will be: WANT TO CHANGE. (It’s going to feel empowering. Eventually. I promise.)

Before you go…
Book reco: Start Where You Are, by Pema Chodron

Spotify Playlist: SWEET LETTING GO

Tunes: Some music for your contemplations…

  • Kingdom Come, Raury
  • Coming Home, Leon Bridges
  • Sisters of Mercy, Serena Ryder
  • Landslide, Antony
  • Ascension, Maxwell
  • For You, Angus & Julia Stone
  • You Can’t Always Get What You Want, The Rolling Stones


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Healthy letting go requires mindfulness.
Expectations are part of human desire.


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RETROSPECTION: Clear space so you can move forward.

Danielle LaPorte Free and Clear 2018

Dear Seeker… of freedom and clarity.

Helloooo! It’s Danielle. I want to say straight up, guiding you through this process is one of my favourite events of the year. Anything about clarity… anything that I can get out online in a “lite” way… I just love this kind of making and relating.

Now let’s just jump in…


It’s amazing how easy it is to relinquish control of how we manage our time. It’s a deep issue. We’re going to start with looking back at the last few months or year of your life. Retrospection, so we can clear space to move forward. Okay…

My sweet and always-determined friend Steph Corker laid this methodology on me when I needed to make a big pivot in my career. I had to make a decision that was going to affect the next few years of my creative focus. It was early Fall in the Western hemisphere. We were in a pub in Southern California after a business meeting had gone south. I was slightly confused but brimming with ideas. There was nowhere to go except toward clarity. But first… we had to rewind. 

So it’s… deep-dive, rapid-fire retrospective time for you. It’s really easy, because this is quick (but you can make it longer if you want to.)

Download your RETROSPECTION worksheet now.Free and Clear Week 1

Retrospect. The idea here is to see what lights you up, so that you can plan to feel-have-do and experience more of that in your life. My main piece of guidance for this RETROSPECTIVE EXERCISE is don’t overthink it. Do it quickly for the first round (I suggest a time limit in the exercise). Write down whatever comes to mind, unimpeded, bam-bam-bam—you can always go back and refine your reflections if you want.

The truth surfaces faster without a filter.

We’re going to jam on this together TOMORROW: Wednesday, October 10, on the @desiremap Instagram at 12pm PST / 3pm EST.

Danielle LaPorte Free and Clear

I’ll tell you more about how I ended up in a pub confused but excited and how you, too, can go from “WTF?!” to “Ohhhh, I know what I should do…”

All Love,






Around the corner…
The theme for the next week’s FREE & CLEAR will be: Expectations & Letting Go. Whether you need to perform major surgery on your commitments, or you need to just blow some shit up and walk away, healthy letting go requires mindfulness. (We’ll get you there.)

Before you go…
Ommm: If you want to get in a more contemplative headspace for this, here’s a lovely little audio called “Light Scanning”. It’s me guiding you to bring more light into your consciousness. You can play the contemplation FROM HERE.

Tunes: If you just want to groove while you do this retrospective, may I suggest Marvin Gaye’s Deluxe Edition of What’s Going On?

Even more: If you want to go deeper after you do this worksheet, there’s this extended perspective, aptly called: Your Deeper Year-In-Review.


PS. Clarity is a gift. Send this to a friend who could use some.

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The truth surfaces faster without a filter.


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Before you give up, read this…

Being true to yourself is not always easy. For fear of not being accepted, we tailor our personality, mince our words, and carve our opinions to fit in. It takes courage to be real… and it takes stamina because if you want the best out of life, it will demand the best of you time and time again.

When you choose to be real—from standing up for the small things that bring you pleasure, to the public ways you try to save the world—there will likely be tough choices and 11th-hour changes. There will be misunderstandings, uncomfortable silences, and sometimes, there will be isolation.

When do you feel like giving up? What discourages you, or tempts you to doubt that sweetness is on the way? Now, write down three remedies for discouragement… lunch with your best friend; a visit to church; dusting off your diplomas, re-reading a love letter, swimming twenty laps; warm soup eaten in silence.

And, I have one more for you. Here’s the backstory: last month we did a campaign called Letters for Renewal. Thirty days of wisdom + art, for more courage, conviction, and hopefulness. You received one letter a day from a different writer to help you keep going.

It was a beautiful month. Poetry, music, dance, a few tears… We collected all the letters into one potent package, so that whether you were part of the campaign or not, you could tap into all the magic in one place.

Read it cover to cover in one sitting, or open it up every morning like a daily vitamin. Go in order, or flip it open to a random page as an oracle. Whatever you need. It’s right here for you, when you need hope, ideas, encouragement, or comfort…

Keep going,

Danielle LaPorte






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