What is desire?

An evolutionary impulse.

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New audio: Trust Is Crucial. (aka, the whole effing gorgeous point of Desire Mapping)


Here’s a personal story for you about a mid-course correction with myself and my goals, my core desired feelings, and intentions. Basically, here’s how I slipped off my own track. Yep, it happens.

The way you pursue what you’re pursuing has to be soul-affirming, not soul-sucking. tweet

Between achievables, goal fixation, and a lotta pressure, turns out I was missing the whole effing gorgeous point of desire mapping.

Here’s how it went down, and how I got back on the beautiful, freeing path of pure desire.

Drop your shoulders. Soften. Renew your trust in life. New AUDIO from @DanielleLaPorte. tweet

Tune in, loves. LAST week on this offer. Audios are where I can extra-transmit the love. Here’s an e-coupon for all of them.

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I'll be in Melbourne AU May 3/4. The Big Hearted Business (un-) Conference.

Chanteuse and Big Hearted Business Founder Clare Bowditch had just the magic formula to get me to Australia: a guitar and a conference called Big Hearted Business (un-) Conference. So, I’ll be doing my thing May 3 & 4 in Melbourne.

You can still get your tickets HERE.

Clare and artist Rachael Rice made this beautiful INSPIRATION BOMB set to some questions Clare had me jam on. I’m talking about my roots, money, and true love (I’m a believer). And other lessons learned.

Clare and her crew are extending a very gracious offer. They’re giving away two tickets for the conference (worth $587). 



1. Join the Big Hearted Business Mailing list HERE, and automatically enter the running. Winners announced Monday 28th April, 2014, via email.


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The Higher Purpose of Conflict

Conflict can drudge up your terror, impound your sense of humour, and peel off your courage like a blow torch on paint.

There’s no way around conflict, you can only go through it. So don’t stay up at night trying to reframe it into something more palatable, as if taking your medicine is actually fun. Because when exert energy trying to make it way less agonizing — you’re fighting the inevitable. Face it. It sucks. Go from there.

We try to make conflict softer for the person we’re struggling with for a few reasons: It’s an innately compassionate gesture (humans are so lovely that way). And, it’s a way of protecting ourselves from the backlash of being disliked or branded The Bad Guy. Trying to soften the blow is a natural love and defense mechanism.

Of course, sweet Jesus, be as kind as you can, but it’s actually not your responsibility to manage the other person’s reactions in times of conflict. You need to focus on managing our own feelings and heart rate.

(Obvious statement leading to a possibly not-so-obvious statement): The meta-purpose of conflict isn’t to help bring us closer — though that can be the transcendent result.

Conflict exists to delineate and clarify “self” from “other.” tweet

Conflict demands acuity and boundaries from us. It asks us to be separate. And that is precisely why it hurts. And, that is precisely how it can heal us as individuals.

I sounded this out for you. Here’s an audio version of the post. To download the MP3 go HERE.




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