What is desire?

An evolutionary impulse.

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Music Playlist: Stand on the edge of light.

Music is sonic light. I worship at the altar of lyric and rhythm. And light. So this playlist gives me particular pleasure to present to you. More to come.


TRACK LIST: Stand on the edge of light.


1. Sunshine, Matisyahu
2. I’ll Take You There, The Staple Singers
3. Life in Color, OneRepublic
4. Edge of Evolution, Alanis Morrisette
5. It’s Time, Imagine Dragons
6. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing, Stevie Wonder
7. Waves, Blondfire
8. Icarus, White Hinterland
9. Stay Alive, Jose Gonzalez
10. Rainbowarriors, CocoRosie
11. Cosmic Love, Florence & The Machine
12. We Move Lightly, Dustin O’Halloran
13. Yellow, Coldplay

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“Music is sonic light.” New playlist from @DanielleLaPorte to burn some illusions. tweet

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My first NEON #Truthbomb Exhibition Art Series! Gettin' all gallery on you.


My team and I were talking about Brooklyn-based neon artist, Matt Dilling, whose philosophy on light was, well, transcendental. A minute later we were jamming about a #Truthbomb app we’re developing. And then zing-zap — the topics collided. Hey… what if … we made …. like, a neon #Truthbomb?! So we did!

You can find the details on my new EXHIBITION art series here.


We reached out to Matt and he gave us the magic Yes! we were hoping for. He took a tiny hand-scrawled #Truthbomb of mine et… voila! Well, not exactly “voila.” We laid it out in every which way, selected the best hue of neon (who knew there were so many shades of white light to choose from?), and chose a backplate dimension that we thought would look great in both the MoMa and in my living room (or yours).

Your true nature is luminous. Wisdom goes NEON! @DanielleLaPorte’s new #Truthbomb art piece. Hot. tweet

In terms of creative thrills, having this delivered to my doorstep is up there with receiving the first box of my own books. Shortly after I hung the piece in my house, a worker dude was passing through. “If you don’t mind me saying, that sign is really fricken cool!” No baby, I don’t mind you sayin’.


Matt Dilling, Neon Artist

Life & work spaces are best treated as temples…. with style. tweet

If you’re a collector, a seeker, an indulger, or you’re in the proverbial dark… light up your life — with the truth. For your office, behind the reception desk, on your bedroom wall or in your dining room. This is meant to be reminder of who you are, through and through.

We’re launching this new EXHIBITION series with just 5 copies of this neon #Truthbomb. We’ll produce more according to demand. Please head HERE to inquire for details.





AUDIO: Daily Desire Integration. A practical how-to on generating your CDFs.


Here’s an uber practical how-to and pep talk about generating your core desired feelings. In this audio I talk about:

  • That guilty feeling associated with pursuing your desires. (It’s the price of admission to fulfillment.)
  • Getting off track from your practice — should you keep trying, even when you’re sad and deflated, or wait until you feel more energized?
  • Ideas for gentle, almost-micro actions you can take to generate your most desired feeling states.
  • The difference between “generative feelings” and “reactive feelings.”

Going to the center of your sadness helps it dissipate sooner. tweet

Where there is desire, there is the power to fulfill that desire. tweet

Compassion & motivation in one place. New AUDIO from @DanielleLaPorte tweet

Tune in, loves. There’s so much more. Audios are where I can extra-transmit the love. Here’s an e-coupon for all of them.

Go to my shop and use the coupon code below for a 20% off prezzie.



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