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An evolutionary impulse.

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One of my bigger announcements: We will be LICENSING The Desire Map process. So all you workshoppers, coaches, teachers, yoginis... prepare to lift OFF!


Desire Map conversation group in LA, so much beauty. Photo by Catherine Just Photography

After a lot of deep thinking, team jamming, and hundreds of requests over the last two years… we are going to license The Desire Map material so that… coaches, workshop leaders, community leaders, yoga teachers, school teachers, trainers, facilitators, and all kinds of inspirational mavens can offer Desire Map programs and earn their own money doing so.


I haven’t been resisting this, I’ve just been listening for the sacred timing and trying on ideas for business models that fit my heart and sensibilities. It’s time. And I’ve found the fit. The Desire Map has gotten bigger than me, and I need to let it do what it wants to do. And it wants to be WORKED. And so! She shall be liberated, architected, and anointed to do just that.

Here’s what (we think) is for sure (and may change) and what we vividly see happening and gives us goose bumps to talk about (so it’s highly likely):


You can purchase a license to exclusive Desire Map content that we are creating for you:

  • A WORKSHOP which you can teach over 1 to 3 days, or offer as a 6-week program — in person or virtually; A next level INTEGRATION PROGRAM, which you can also teach over 1 to 3 days, or offer as a 6-week program — in person or virtually.
  • A MARKETING TOOL KIT to help you ramp up your Desire Map sideline business. (We really know how to do outreach so you will learn some serious skills.)
  • As a Desire Map Licensor, you will be listed in the directory on DanielleLaPorte.com and given some social media love along the way. We reach about 300k+ people — uh huh.
  • The Desire Map License + materials + directory listing will be $2000. Yearly renewals will be about $1000.
  • We will give you suggested pricing for offering the programs to people. You keep all of the income. We’re not taking a financial cut, because that would be messy and boring. We think simple (and generous) is really exciting.

And… so much more love and knowledge will be rolled into this. Like product discounts, and some sacred sundries that will be part of the rituals we’ve built into the WORKSHOP and INTEGRATION PROGRAMS.

The Desire Map License is launching this January 2015.

I’m not “training” and “certifying” people to be DMap special coaches or workshop facilitators. We’re not having a yearly convention in Vegas where workshop givers come drink my kool aid. (That business model can be good, but it’s not my style.) We are creating courses to be delivered to the public that are really solid, clear, and magical; backed by inspiring support materials for the course facilitators.

As Licensors, you probably already have some natural talent for teaching people. Introverted or extroverted, you’re a maven — you bring people together, you serve in your own way. Desire Map programs can compliment your existing work as a coach, a yoga teacher, a trainer, a counsellor, a communitarian, a designer of all kinds, an event planner or producer; or you can start your own fresh little business with this. Jump!

GET ON THE ALERT LIST: Leave us your email HERE and we will give you answers and all the inside news as we roll this out. QUESTIONS? We will answer every single one that we can, as best we can. IDEAS!? We love ideas! Share!

This is careening toward “exhilarating” for Team D, because this is big and complex and we love making big, complex stuff really simple and gorgeous and generous.

To mapping new territory!

True Love,



Get on the alert list for my app. Conversation Starters launches next week!


Next week, Tuesday September 2, we’re launching my first app!: Conversation Starters: A Desire Map App. To us, it feels like a sacred (digital) talking stick. And with it, we’re setting out to fuel a revolution of meaningful conversations.


It has hundreds of questions to inspire connection. Simple questions. Profound questions. Go deeper with your girlfriends, with your work team or clients, with your partner at the cafe, with your own self and a journal. Click. Tap. Tune in.

Get in. SIGN UP HERE to be notified the minute the app goes live. WE can email you or text you. Cool eh?


5 pointers for developing freedom-based creativity & work habits. Which is to say, you've got to dissolve guilt and rock your own rhythm.

I posted this to my Facebook on a recent weekend:


I’m “working” today. Wasn’t planning on it. It’s a sunny, gorgeous Vancouver Sunday. But since my kid is running around the block with his neighbour buddies, I’m using this time to write, respond, vision. Last week I filmed in LA, curled up with friends, worked hard, lounged. Had ideas in between film takes, took it easy, made big decisions, put big things into motion, and put ice on my eyes before photo shoots to make up for lack of sleep. I’ve got a two hour meeting tomorrow and the rest of the day will include park, bike, picnic (and I’ll probably come up with an idea on my bike for something new or better and text about it from the stop sign).

This is what creative flow is like for me. And this is why I’m mentioning working on a sunny Sunday.

It’s taken me a few years to dissolve the guilt of working when I “shouldn’t be” and NOT working when I “should be”….

A lot of people responded with a sigh of “I’m glad I’m not the only one.” And, “Thanks for the permission to go with my own flow.”

I would also add to my personal creative flow notes that… when I’m writing a book, which ends up being about 3 or 4 months out of every year, I go long periods of time without brushing my hair or doing anything other than walking the dog and ordering-in Pad Thai (mild, extra peanuts and cilantro, please). That’s the flow that’s called for, and it’s my idea of goooood times.

I can also ignore a lot of things until I feel sincerely inspired to respond — inspiration over guilt/obligation. And I tend to go on manic productivity highs after a week without dairy or gluten, or after seeing a great live concert. Wheat free AND a concert that week? Look OUT.


When we exercise our Freedom, then Guilt creep can happen. That guilt is similar to the resistance that occurs when we’re breaking negative habits. It’s a natural response, it’s totally annoying, and it’s great tension for busting old patterns and laying down new neuropathways.

Freedom is a state of mind that you have to develop. Or more accurately, and paradoxically, Freedom is a way of being that you have surrender to with great discipline. (Unless you were raised in an ashram, and libration consciousness is like, no biggie for you. The rest of you, keep reading.)

You can entrain yourself into a freer way of being if you have enough self-love to honour when you most naturally want to work, play, and rest. It’s so ironic, but we need courage to follow our natural impulses — mostly because social and work structures manage to wring the instincts right out of us. Conform, achieve, conform, achieve. Hi ho, hi ho.

5 pointers for developing freedom-based creativity & work habits

1. Fierce but flexible is the mantra. Be really really focused on your vision — the capacity to lock on to a dream and tune out distractions is the difference between an idea and an empire. But be bendy about how you’re going to pull off your ambitions. Life might show you a circuitous-but-magical backroad to your goal if you’re awake enough to see the turn-pike — and daring enough to take it.

2. Pay attention to your core desired feelings. Really, that kind of clarity could overhaul your ambition, and it will most definitely create shifts in how you go about getting stuff done. In my business, there are a ton of tried n’ true things one could do to sell more, wrangle more, be more popular and all that, but if those tactics don’t make me feel incredible doing them, then I’m going to pass — without a second thought. Like… I “should” probably tour more. But that doesn’t help me experience “union,” so I don’t go on long gig n’ media hustle trips. I “should” probably maybe kinda listen to my accountant. But since one of my core desired feelings is “golden,” well, I’m going to do what I want with my gold.

3. Honour the muse. When she comes, she’s serious. And she’s not coming back if you don’t keep inviting her in when she knocks.

The muse is as sensitive as she is enthusiastic. Respect her. Big time. tweet

4. Nap when needed. And anywhere you can. Seriously. Here’s a mind trick for all of us productivity hounds. Tell yourself this: “If I take a break, I will actually be more productive.” This is true. It’s scientifically proven. But you are also “allowed” to take a break because your body and mind really need it. No proof or reasoning required.

5. Let the love take you over. tweet
Enthusiasm saves lives, I say. Be stoked about being stoked! And then do your stoke when and where you want to. You will be thanked for the good that comes of it.

convo app shotOur first ever app for IOS!

Heart expansion. Mission clarification. Life unification. Meaningful conversations make life HAPPEN.

Thusly, we are thrilled to present… Conversation Starters: A Desire Map App.

A beautifully designed digital app with hundreds of questions to inspire true connection and sharing. Simple questions. Profound questions. Go deeper with your true friends and new friends, with collaborators — and with your own soul.

Sign up HERE to be notified the minute the app goes live.


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