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How to burn your patterns… and accidentally belong with Zen Buddhists.

I snuck a temple pic. But's it's okay... I'm with the band, man!

I snuck a temple pic. But’s it’s okay… I’m with the band, man!

I’ve walked by it a thousand times — a Zen Buddhist temple on a busy corner of my neighbourhood. Always intrigued. Always too busy, or had the dog with me, or bags of groceries. Curious for YEARS, but really, actually, just a bit scared to check it out. Shy and reverent. Reverently shy.

Until a recent Sunday. Walking home from the lake, the temple was open for business and buzzing. “I could blend with the crowd,” I thought. I went to the foyer altar and inhaled the incense. And… I about-faced and left. Chickened right out. Then I felt it — that ominous grey cloud of potential regret, with one of my daring, beneficent Angels sitting on it, saying, “Danielle. Come on. Carpe diem, babe.” About-face. Back to the temple.

Context: Dozens of Asian oldies shuffling about, laughing and directing each other. Some in their long, brown ceremonial robes. Not one face under sixty. I’m the only whitey. And I’m certainly the only one in muddy sneakers and RayBans, wearing a tight shirt that says, IT’S OKAY, I’M WITH THE BAND. Blending in.

“Um… Is there a place I can sit? Is meditation happening upstairs?” I asked the sweet man at the door, making it clear, I’m not here to voyeur, I’m here to do some work. “On break now. Go up.” he answered with a big smile, “It’s good. Go. Go.” He nodded to the second floor.

This nondescript concrete building I’d been walking by for over a decade is a magnificent temple inside. Ornate and sacred-soaked. Three giant Buddhas, a twenty foot gold-guilded altar blessed with bowls of fruit, rice, and money.

Just as I tip toe’d into the room, break time was ending and the ceremony was reconvening. Doh. Time to about-face again. But then this gorgeous, silver-haired Asian man in robes points at me. Eeeshk. I’m so busted, I thought. He points at the rows of saffron kneeling cushions and with his eyes says, “You.” And then the tide of brown robes had me and I fell into line. “Good,” he nodded. Oh God… I mean Buddha. I might be here for days.

The whole ceremony was led by a head-shaved nun, not more than 4 feet tall. She ruled. I followed along, ALERT. Hum-chanting. Prostrating. Up. Down. Mostly humming. Watching out of the corner of my eye for when to bow.

And I began to melt to the place where you vibrate. I melted into not knowing why I was there, exactly. Not understanding the chants, one step behind everyone else. Hands clasped to my heart — like we all do when we worship. I felt the grid pattern that holds my perspective into place begin to bend. My past sloughing off of me. A new smile surfacing. I felt the calm that is so calm it’s electric. You know…

The calm so calm, it’s electric.tweet

I felt that centering rush when I walked on fire for the first time. And when I cliff dove and swam with dolphins in Kona. The first time I got on stage and instead of launching into my talk, I just stood there and looked everyone in the eye. I felt it with that first dirty dance with the man-boy that one night. And lots of times after. It’s the edge of the new that burns the old. It’s how we expand.

And that’s the one reason to try the new thing. It’s not a proving, and it’s certainly not a commitment.

Doing the new thing blazes a pathway to your fuller power.tweet

Here’s the beautiful unifier: We’re all scared of the new. Shy and reverent. Reverently shy. But jump. Fall in. The angels and the oldies, and the tide will catch you. No matter where you go… It’s okay. You’re with the band.

Sacred ink for your beautiful body. My Tattoo Collection launches TODAY!

The word “tattoo” comes from the Tahitian word ‘tatau’, which means ‘to mark something’.

Not just to physically mark the body, but to put down an intentional marker, to make a statement, a living reminder. A tattoo is a declaration of what you cherish.


The Danielle LaPorte Tattoos Collection.

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Wear them like warrior markings or angel notes. Wear them in hidden places as secret reminders and wishes. Stamp one on your belly so you can read it right side up and think, “Yeah… that’s what I am.” Give them away, or sprinkle them on the table at your next Desire Map workshop.

Danielle LaPorte Tattoos Collection

These tats are proclamations that you’re here to feel the way you want to feel. All the time.

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All Love,

How do you set your standards and ethics? With one simple question.

I’ll make this backstory short: Someone tried to fuck me over.

It had to do with the troublesome trifecta: trademarks, money, and blatant stupidity.

End of backstory.

So #TeamDanielle had a series of conversations about how to handle the character whom I shall call, Missy Menace (that’s generous, I think.) The following logic and facts were floated:

  • Well… Missy Menace started out as a super fan. So MM must have a good heart underneath it all.
  • Maybe it’s not intentional. Maybe MM is just truly daft to the law.
  • MM is acting in very poor taste, but maybe MM is trying to work their new “business” muscles.
  • MM is asking for something outlandish, but very sweetly.

We dallied in the grey zone of legalities and loopholes and loving kindness. Is what MM doing truly “unethical”?

Moment of silence. Crew D is a collection of big hearted, sharp minded, no drama mamas. (That is the Holy Awesome Trifecta.) But I could see us drifting from our power source on this one. And then I asked – dramatically of course, because I love a real-time #Truthbomb moment:

“Guys! Would ANYONE on this team … ever do to someone else … what Menace tried to do to us?”

“Oh God, NO!” Everyone blurted out. Not a second thought. “Never! No way! Not!”

“Well then — according to our standards — this is unethical behaviour.” Deeeeclared.

Forget the legal “grey area”. Don’t be swayed by formalities or policies, or the wild range of cultural moral codes. Look behind the maneuver to see the intent — and call it for what it is: tacky, nasty, greedy, desperate, vengeful, parasitic, or just plain WRONG. According to who? According to you.

(It’s always fear and soul disconnection that creates those bad behaviours. It can help to keep that in your pocket for compassion and clarity — but this doesn’t mean you put up with any more shit.)

When you have to question the sanity of someone’s actions, ask yourself “Is this something I would do?” tweet

That truth is your compass to what to do next.


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