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An evolutionary impulse.

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You have no jurisdiction here (a poem for boundary-making)

The outline of my being
shines brighter than
agreements I made before now
but thank you for the
that bound me
for now I know
my endless expanse

my fences are not so much about you
not being
(although you’re not)

It’s that this is now
and it is me
and I am in space
and that covers it all.

I sounded it out for you. Sonic love. Listen below or download to your devices HERE.

Here's what to do when you're feeling small. Reframe your power.


Speaking at Just Love, One Billion Rising For Justice

One of my most meaningful speaking gigs was for Eve Ensler and her Just Love event. Her effective devotion to ending violence against women, her creative gift of The Vagina Monologues and wrenchingly human and beautiful writing… to ride on her starbeam and lend my own voice to the consciousness that V-Day is raising — well, I would have walked on glass to be there. Honour of a lifetime.

I was speaking in the afternoon so I sat in the audience and listened to the other talks. The women spoke of the psychology and spirituality of trauma recovery, of their own literal experiences with physical and mental torture. Each was stunningly deft in their own genius of politics and medicine and mental geography. It was a heart-blowing array of the power to heal.

It was my turn to take the stage. Here’s how I opened:

What I love the most is truth, and if I’m going to be of service — and I’m devoted to being of service, then I have to tell you: I feel so small today. I see the pain. I see the joy. I see the beauty. I feel the global scope of what’s happening, and… I feel really, really… small.

The ballroom was silent. I didn’t know what I was going to say next, but I knew there was power in what I was experiencing. It was just an unexpected way to get there. Usually when I grab the mic I’m feeling cosmically tall and jacked. But even though I wasn’t feeling as global, as equipped to speak on trauma, as Jungian-versed, I was feeling very close to myself, honest in my soul. I made the re-frame happen:

In some Buddhist meditation, they might guide you towards the smallest point of light that you can create in your mind. Sometimes when we start meditating, with all that prana and breath work, the light that we see is very large. But, the goal, if there can be a goal in meditation, is to get to a single small point. The smaller the better, a Lama once told me. So, I want reframe smallness for you… 

Small is the size of a seed — wet, and hard, and ready all at once. Small is a violet diamond. Sometimes, small is all you have.

The response to feeling small in the face of something big can be an invitation to your purity — your pure, honest truth.

There is a size that you are able to inhabit each day. And it will vary. tweet

One day you will be on top of it, and the next day, in over your head. (Personally, I love feeling in over my head. It reminds me that I’m still running toward the light and not away from it.)

When you’re not feeling big enough, just be the size that you are — with no judgement and all truth. tweet

You may not feel tall, but you will feel your depths. And from there, your power can only grow.


The first ever Desire Map WORKSHOPS are rolling out! LA. Portland. Seattle. Vancouver. Calgary. The Bay Area. Victoria BC.

THE DESIRE MAP WORKSHOP LEVEL 1. A course for discovering your core desired feelings. It’s happening! A live, guided COURSE. With heaps of rituals, a-ha’s, and a Desire Map workbook to write your heart out in.

Leading up to the January 2015 release of our Desire Map Licensing Program we are over-the-moon to present to you our pioneer team of Desire Map WORKSHOP leaders.

Workshops are happening in six different cities in the US and Canada as weekend intensives, an overnight retreat, a six-week in-person experience, and a six-week virtual experience. Some are integrating yoga and fitness teachings. All of them will be delivering the curriculum that I designed with their own flare and wisdom. So pick a leader, a city, a time zone and follow your heart’s desire.



L’Erin Alta: @lerin Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest
Oct 10 – 12 / Seattle, WA


Sandi Amorim: @SandiAmorim / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest
Nov 2 / Vancouver, BC
PLUS: 6-week VIRTUAL workshop


Lauren Dubinsky: @LaurenDubinsky Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest
Oct 18, Oct 25, Nov 1 / Los Angeles, CA


Alex Mazerolle: @AlexMazerolle / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest
Oct 24 – 26 / Overnight retreat on Bowen Island, BC


Michele Shorter: @micheleshorter Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest
Oct 5 – Nov 2 / Victoria, BC


Pace Smith: @pacesmith / Facebook / Instagram 
Nov 8 - 9 / Portland, OR


Gemma Stone: @Gemma_Stone / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest
Oct 26 / Calgary, AB


Kate Swoboda: @katecourageous Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest
Oct 18 / San Francisco, CA
Nov 1 / Petaluma, CA


Stephanie Watanabe: @TGWKblog / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest
Oct 4 – 5 / Los Angeles, CA

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