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An evolutionary impulse.

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Leave room for mystery #Truthbomb elaborations

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…and by that I mean…there isn’t an explanation for every situation or a solution for every problem. But some of us seekers love to dig dig dig until we find the reason the past life, the astrological alignment, karma, the energetic pattern.

All those forces weave their way into any manifestation wins and heartbreaks, illnesses, and miracles. But sometimes, you’ve got to leave it up to the great unknown. Some “why did this happen” questions won’t be answered for years. There’s so much more at play that we can’t spiritualize or psychologically analyze our way through. Let your mind cool. Let it breathe. Leave room for mystery. And let the mystery move you forward.

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How I plan out my day and…the radically new 2016 Desire Map Planner is on the way!

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I used to be surprised at how often I’d get asked what a typical day looks like for me. But, then again, it’s the same question I want to ask writers, Creatives, super mothers (all mothers are super), travelling lovers, rockstars, and career superstars. How do you pull it off? What’s your rhythm? How do you prioritize? And…digital or paper? Here’s where it starts for me:

1. I know my Core Desired Feelings. My life is about feeling the way I want to feel (Try it. You’ll LOVE it.)

2. The night before a new day, I write out my core desired feelings AND my to-do’s in my day planner. In the sidebar, I write out my 3 Most Important Things. (FOCUS IS POWER). If I pull off those 3 things that day, the rest is gravy.

3. At some point in the day I’ll jot down a soul note. A feeling. An idea (!) A #truthbomb. Something encouraging. (So…The 2016 edition of The Desire Map Day Planner has a new series of Soul Prompts and #truthbombs. One a day.)

Also…Because I get off on getting stuff done, I’m a big crosser-offer. Done? I cross it off with great flare and say, Rocking it!

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I’m a pencil + paper planner girl. So a few years ago, I just made my own Day Planner. And then I made an extra twenty thousand copies for my friends. It’s taken our whole creative team three years to perfect this mother of a system. Three years. And now…it is so sweet and smart and sexy that I want to marry it. Yep. The 2016 Desire Map Day Planner is radically different than past years. And it’s open to desire mappers and the general population — from highly scheduled A Types to loopy lettering poets. You’re going to get organized, you’re going to be on time, and you’re going to have a quick chat with your soul and your goals every day. And you’re going to LOVE it!

With devotion,

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The Desire Map Planner Collection launches to the general public September 1, but RSVP NOW to get your early bird buy link.


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You're free to go. #Truthbomb elaborations

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…and by that I mean…stay if you love it. Leave if you don’t.

Honour your life by honouring your time. Start with the easy stuff. Walk out of movies you’re not digging (you know, typically if you leave a movie in the first twenty minutes, you get your money back.) Leave the lecture, quietly. No need to stay at the party. And ya, you may have to choose between offending and disappointing people or…YOUR LIFE and YOUR HAPPINESS. Bum them out temporarily or be FULFILLED and FREE? Hmmmm.

And the big stuff…the job, the relationship, the extensive educational program be all in or get out. Don’t let contracts or promises you made when you were smaller than you are now keep you plugged into misery for the next five to ten years. Because, ultimately, really, truly…You’re free to go tweet


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