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Appy Birthday to me! The #Truthbomb App launches today. Candles! Champagne! Truth!


Note! Mercury is retrograde. (Google it.) So while we planned to launch both android and Mac app versions today, the dieties of IT had other plans. We are rolling with it. This means that, for once, android users go to the front of the line. Sweet justice for some of y’all. Please read on xo

I know. #Truthbombs would make a great app. Easy breezy on your phone. Where dat app at? Finally! Here she is!
Launching today is The #Truthbomb App for Android (we have been listening Android people), and later this week the app for iOS launches. Be sure to enter your mobile number here, and we will send you the link for the iOS app the moment it goes live.

Download for Android here

Every year on my birthday (it’s in your day planner, right? May 25. I like gold bullion. And chocolate croissants.) Where was I?… Every year on my bday we do a give-back. So…

2014-02-14 10.05.22-1

For the next 3 days, 50% of every app sale is going to Eve Ensler’s V-Day charity to end violence against women. So buy the app and tell everyone you know to get on it. Because, truth. Because, healing. (Last app I launched, we moved about 10k apps in the first week. So I’d LOVE to be sending V-Day at least $10,000 for my birthday. Let’s do it.)



The #Truthbomb App features:

  • 300+ of my choicest #Truthbombs
  • It’s an oracle you want it to be! Shake your phone and the cosmos will make a message pop up on your phone. (And if you don’t like the #Truthbomb you get, I give you full cosmic permission to shake until you get one that makes you go, Yes!)
  • You can have #Truthbombs delivered daily to your device — you can even set the delivery time. Wake up call? A t’bomb to dream on? You got it.
  • Super easy sharing. Text, Instagram, Pin and share the inspiration in a click. (Quicker and cheaper than sending a note of encouragement.)
  • Extra bonus: a collection of Danielle audios. You’re already on your phone. Put in your headphones and get amped up.
  • And… easy access to shop for my #Truthbomb goodies.

This birthday, I’m feeling more blessed than ever this lifetime. I’m really healthy, in fact everyone I love is healthy. My creativity is hot-hot-hotter. I make a living expressing myself, with people I adore — and we’re so good at making fun of ourselves.

Every #Truthbomb is a point of light from my own lessons — the brutal and the beautiful. Thanks for lighting your own candle off of mine.

Everlasting Love,



This is why we are devoted to V-Day as our charity of choice:

V-Day’s Four Core Beliefs:

  • Art has the power to transform thinking and inspire people to act
  • Lasting social and cultural change is spread by ordinary people doing extraordinary things
  • Local women best know what their communities need and can become unstoppable leaders
  • One must look at the intersection of race, class, and gender to understand violence against women

V-Day dreams of a world in which women and girls will be free to thrive, rather than merely survive. With your help, we can make it happen.


What to do after you have a breakthrough. (You're going to shrink after you expand, so, listen closely.)

photo credit: Kristen Noel

Threshold, crossed. You got there. After the grinding, the repetitive strain, the cord-cutting, the screams of release, the bliss of relief — the training paid off. Muscle burn got you across the finish line. Soul fire resurrected you. BREAKTHROUGH.

Rebirth happens. The ascension was real. There’s no turning back now. You are true and you ARE new.

Now what? (Because you’re in a new state. And that’s equally awesome and freaky. And you’re about to slip. Which is rough. And ironically, right on course.)

WHAT TO DO AFTER YOU HAVE A BREAKTHROUGH (in this order, give or take.)

Be so very gentle with yourself. Tenderness is essential. Birth requires recovery time. Athletes rest, they heal their blisters and let the lactic acid run it’s course. Soul seekers, you need to be quieter than usual. Let the change bake into your cells. Don’t shout about your revelations yet. Give yourself a few days to calibrate. Watch a movie. Put some rose oil on your third eye. Drink tea. Eat pasta. Head to the ocean. You know, the comfort stuff.

Notice that you’re noticing more now. A paradigm shift is a new way of seeing, so the grass actually looks greener, and you can hear what people are really saying, and yes you ARE looking sexier today. You’re sharper now and you will notice more. Keep it up.

Be prepared for some constriction.

This is really, really important:

Expect to fall back — and be incredibly compassionate when the inevitable slip happens. This is the pattern of really big change: Big expansion. Slight constriction. Return to expansion. Micro constriction. Back to expansion — full, fuller, fullest. Expanded.

You’re learning how to do the new you. You’re reacclimatizing to truth and joy and power. You’ll forget for a minute that you’re more powerful than you have ever been. And you’ll dip into an old pattern or habit. You’ll get all jangled and unnerved by the shit you “thought” you just surmounted. That’s cool. You’re on track. You’re re-confirming your expansion. You may be testing yourself. You may even be trying to sabotage yourself. It’s okay, Love. Because you can step back into your new, bigger size WAY more easily than before. Powering up is getting easier. Can you feel it?

Joy can be unsettling. Power can be terrifying. Newness is a mind trip. That’s all you need to know. It’s not that your breakthrough was false, it’s simply that this is… new. Remember how wobbly you were when you learned to ride a bike? Or the first time you drove fast, alone; or swam in the open ocean? This is new, this is new…this is…awe-awe-AWESOME! Stuttering with your new power doesn’t make it any less real. (Also, your new-found power is not afraid of your learning curve. It’s here to stay.)

Document the transformation. Write out your old-to-new ways of being. “I was hiding and silent. I call all of my power back to me. I saw the truth. I spoke the truth. Now I am visible. I feel power in my voice and visibility. I will speak only truth from now on. I’m truly free. Joy is in the freedom. I will keep bringing my joy to the surface.” Write about the revelation. Write about your new way of doing things.

Now declare that you’ve changed. Write a memo. Change a policy. Tell your most trusted friends about your transcendental experience. Talk about how you died and came back — stronger. Articulate what you let go of. Describe the New, True you.

Replay the breakthrough experience. This is key. There was a process that helped you get to the other side. It can be a simple as the eureka moment you had in the pub, talking it through with your mates; or it was the kundalini that shot up your spine in yoga class; or you smoked some peyote on a vision quest; or you cried it out and saw angels in your living room; or you finally fucking launched, or danced hard, or spoke UP. A breakthrough is a breakthrough. Go back to that magic moment when you woke up and recall how the light filled you. And keep calling on that light.

Keep pulsing open, into your power, WITH your power.tweet

Focus on opening opening opening. Come on…

Don’t let the flash of insight stay just a flash. Tend it like a fire.tweet

Stay with it. Feed your power appreciation and respect. Root DOWN.

Let the newness turn you on. Remember that your bones are full of throbbing marrow. Your cells are constantly renewing (physiologically speaking, you are not the same human you were seven years ago — all of your cells have turned over.) New is HOT.

Just believe me. Go ahead. Lean on my cosmic troops, they are 34-foot mighty angels and they love to show up. I’m telling you: And it’s impossible to turn back after you’ve seen the light. Stare into your own heart and you’ll know what I mean.

Power up,

The #Truthbomb App is coming. My birthday. May 25. Truth.

The Beautiful Writers Group helps you go from IDEA to DONE.

linda & danielle

Writing a book could direct the course of your career — for the rest of your life. It could send more business your way. It could change one person’s life for the better. It could start a revolution.

In addition to your own creative chops, writing a book requires smart support; the right mix of strategy and cheerleading. And so, we give to you…

The Beautiful Writers Group

Because writing and publishing your book is better with a tribe — richer creativity, flatter learning curve, faster results.

As a member, you’ll get:

  • Monthly group coaching with Linda & me, plus regular expert interviews. We’ll riff on whatever is tripping you up – from committing to a book idea, to finding an agent. Guest interviews include literary and talent agents and lawyers, bestselling authors from various genres (novels, non-fiction, memoir, self-help, even poetry), and other industry experts.
  • Access to our private community on Google+. This is a place where our members share resources, discuss the business of writing and publishing, get inspired, bounce ideas around, and celebrate agent signings and book deals! Together.
  • Members-only page for finding writing buddies + writer services. In this exclusive space, you can post requests for reading + writing buddies, editors, ghostwriters, mastermind groups, and accountability partners.
  • PLUS juicy bonus programs + content, our personal resource recommendations for writers, and more.


Forget apathy, overwhelm, or writer’s block. The Beautiful Writers Group is scheduled. Consistent. Your refuge. The place to go to refuel and breathe vitality — and compassionate accountability — into your writing life.

In Love & publishing power,
Danielle & Linda

PS. Help us buzz it up.

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