New Desire Map Planners now come with a full year of Desire Mapping support. Believe it.

Danielle LaPorte 2019 Planners

To Conscious Creators… the Highly Organized… my Desire Revolutionaries…

They’re heeeeeeeeere!

Last year you told us that you wanted deeper support with a) discovering your Core Desired Feelings, and b) learning how to LIVE them every day. We heard you, and we’re back with some pretty great updates! This year, we’ve upgraded your Planner with something practical and connect-ful that reaches beyond the printed Planner page. Allow me to introduce you to…

Desire Map Planner Program

This is one full year of digital support to help you stay close to your Core Desired Feelings and actually fulfill the goals + intentions you set at the beginning of the year! Here’s how it works. The Planner Program starts with a 3-part series to help you generate a vision for a life that’s aligned with how you really want to feel:

Danielle LaPorte Desire Map Planner Program

And it doesn’t stop there: The new Desire Map Planner Program also includes weekly email support and a monthly workbook to keep you inspired, connected, and present with your CDFs. 2019 Desire Map Planner Program

When you order your Planner now, you get instant access to the Planner Program. Which means you can get started on tapping into your Core Desired Feelings and creating your aligned intentions right away. So when Planners ship later this Fall… you’re readyThe first step is to choose the Planner for you. And this year, we’ve EXPANDED our collection, so we really do have Planners for every kind of Planner personality. Meet the newest members of The Desire Map Planner family…

2019 Desire Map Planner Collection
2019 Desire Map Planner Collection Undated Planner

2019 Desire Map Planner Collection Daily2019 Desire Map Planner Collection weekly2019 Desire Map Planner Collection printable2019 Desire Map Planner Collection interactive

The Desire Map Planner is Desire Mapping. Your Core Desired Feelings and Goals with Soul come to life when you create a plan to make them happen. And your Desire Map Planner is THE tool for this. We put a lot of care into designing a Planner that you’re excited to use every day… because feeling good is the whole pointShop the 2019 Planner Collection here.

To putting your SOUL on the agenda,

Danielle LaPorte







P.S. A Planner that comes with a full life design program? THAT is news. Tell your friends.

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Your #CoreDesiredFeelings come to life when you create a PLAN to make them happen. The #DesireMap Planner is THE tool for this.
The 2019 #DesireMap Planners are here! And they come with something NEW and connect-ful that reaches BEYOND the printed page.

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