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My (new!) upcoming Podcast series and… YOU. As in… I NEED YOU.

This spring I launched my first podcast series. I had a mild case of creative jitters. Writing transparently is one thing, but speaking-voicing-riffing into a mic by myself is a whole other experience. Typically when I appear on other people’s podcasts or I’m filmed, I NEVER listen to or watch myself. I just can’t. I’m too critical. I think, there was a more poetic way to put that, or, I can’t believe I said thatTMI. It’s a cringey experience so I just keep trucking. The dilemma with creating my own podcast is that I have to listen to every episode in the editing process. I usually want to re-record each one ten times. But sometimes… sometimes I think, that is some GOLD right there. And I take a deep breath and we hit PUBLISH.

So… between the veins of gold that I manage to mine, and the listener’s response to my first series (we hit #1 on iTunes in our category and, truly, I sat on my porch and thought, WOW. Okay. I guess this works.) … I’m creating a new podcast series! (I’m sure I’ll still want to re-record every segment. But I will have to coexist with artistic angst for the good of humankind. I can do it.)


The new series is a free flow Q&A, spice with poetry, factoids and I don’t know what else but it’s going to be bangin’. So…

GIVE ME YOUR Q’s. ANYTHING GOES. Esoterics. Love. Relationships. Business building. Parenting. Consciousness. Culture. Cash. You can throw just one word or subject line at me and I’ll riff on it. Advice (I only give it if I’m asked.) Personal stuff… I may just go there (I usually do.) You pick the topics. You get access. You can be witty, wise, or lost. Note: I probably can’t help you with anything cooking related, but go ahead and ASK. Anything. Bring it. Submit your Q’s here.

We aim to launch this Fall. I’ll reveal the name of the new podcast by the end of the summer. I’m THIS CLOSE to locking it in. Your questions will help me commit to it.

Okay. Thank you. For everything.

Only Ever Love,
Danielle LaPorte

30 days of courage, conviction, and hopefulness. Register (for free!) now.

My Loves,

I’ve been hearing this echo in my circle of friends: “I’m so done—with all of it. I’m done with social media. I want more living, less proving.” We nod together. Deep exhale. And then this: “But I’m in! Not giving up! So much I want to create! So much to make, to change, to put my love on…” Yep. Deep inhale.

The place between being maxed and being passionate about life is where RENEWAL needs to happen. We stop here to let go of ways that aren’t working, repair some damaged sails, fuel up on inspiration, and head back out with a fortified sense of purpose.

The promise of Fall (or Spring depending on your hemisphere) is the most delicious time to renew. So that’s why starting September 1, I’ll be curating something sweet called LETTERS FOR RENEWAL. 30 days, 30 morsels of wisdom, poetry, and visual beauty to help realign your inner drive with your outer doing.

AND, I’ve rallied a whole crew of my wise + witty friends to send you the good stuff. Click here to see who’ll be sending you Love + inspiration every day in September…

We are each other’s net and light. Whatever season you’re in, however your determination is holding up, please—do what it takes to be well, so you can do what’s needed to serve. Renew. Register (for FREE) before August 31 here.

Counting down the days…

Danielle LaPorte







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30 days of courage, conviction, and hopefulness. Signed up for #LettersforRenewal with Danielle LaPorte + friends. Join me!
We are each other’s net and light. Join #LettersforRenewal with Danielle LaPorte & co. It’s FREE + full of Love.

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The Begging Bowl: a poem for love

If I let go of my doubt, then I need to fill the space with Faith.

I want to watch my humiliation turn into medicine.
I want to turn my pain over and over like wood on a lathe
until it’s a bowl that I will serve you edible flowers from.

It’s mercy that makes art of these agonies.
And finally learning that eventually,
we will all beg for love,


PS: Spread the love—proudly. Press send. xo

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If I let go of my doubt, then I need to fill the space with Faith.
Eventually, we will all beg for love—proudly.


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