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Hellooooo holiday people…

Tomorrow we roll out our biggest Desire Map Planner event of the season! Every single day, for the next 5 days, we’ll announce a MEGA-offer on a different Planner—the lowest prices ever on everything in this year’s Collection—for gifting glee! We’ll post each announcement on Instagram (@daniellelaporte), and each offer will last for 24 hours. And if you want us to buzz you so you don’t miss your ideal Planner choice, just text us:

  • If you live in CANADA: Text MYPEOPLE to 555-888.
  • If you live in the US: Text MYPEOPLES (with an S) to 555-888.

Team D and I put a lot of Love into designing The Desire Map Planner Collection this year. And it’s not a popularity contest, but, if it were… we think these would win. 😘

First off: they’re gawgeous, with luxurious art cover designs. Second: all our Planners are made with respect for Mother Earth. And, as for “the gift that keeps on giving”—the point of Desire Mapping is to help you continuously tap into the power of feeling good—EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So! If we can support you + your peoples…

…in your clarity;
…in living closer to your personal truth;
…in prioritizing the people + moments that matter most;
…in making the changes that we as a society so very much want to make…

Then we will do that in ALL the ways we can. It starts tomorrow with the 2019 Desire Map Planner extravaganzaaa.

Desire Mapping is about living the true expression of your spirit—from the mini-moments to the big decisions. 2019 is the year.

Until Tomorrow!

Gifty Vibes





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Tomorrow! Watch out for the biggest #DesireMap Planner offer of the season…

Desire Mapping is about living the true expression of your spirit. 2019 is the year.

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Thank you for your exquisite suffering (How to show gratitude for being saved by someone.)

I wanted to thank a few someones for holding me through some rough times. How could I show gratitude for their wisdom and stamina and insistent Love? How could I hail their SANITY? Everything I wanted to say seemed feeble and self-centric, because it wasn’t so much about how they’d saved me, or how their Love made my healing more possible, it was about the quality of their being. Who they were/are, and everything they’d gone through to earn the wisdom that they poured on me with such generosity. 
Every healer has been wounded and initiated themselves with their own concoction. This is my gratitude for the one(s) who shared their supplies with me.


.  .  .  .  .


When someone gives you their medicine
first notice: how it smoothes your shattered edges.
Then: how they placed hope into you so precisely it seems that they brought it back from your future.

And the ultimate blessing: when they walk with you so steadily,
so full of Faith in your Life Force that they
re-set you to your original channel of Love.
They do not let you fall back asleep.
They remind you one more time and one more time and one more time
that you belong and you are wanted and needed and you are God’s sunrise.
Their certainty is your restoration.

How can you thank another human for that Holy showing?
Your life is beyond words.
But now that you are stronger, reach deep into the natural order of things
and with your hewn respect
thank them for their own exquisite suffering.
Pay homage for the terror they wrestled into Grace
and the doubt they digested into crops of Blessings.
Thank them for the pain they churned with their mercy-begging for so very long.
Kiss their precious addiction on the mouth.
Look them in the eyes and thank them for
befriending the demons who live on the bridge to becoming The Blessed.
They’ve done the work, mortified and lost, maybe even more lost than you.

Be in awe.
Bow. And stay there long enough to see how
someone’s unearthed and cut jewel became your beautiful latitude.



PS: Thank someone for saving you that one time… you know the one. Press send. xo


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How to show gratitude for being saved by someone.
Thank you for your exquisite suffering—a Poem of gratitude.


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Photo credit: Anastasia Chomlack


Shh… it’s a surprise! (Great gift alert…)

7 Days of Surprise

Hey, Love.

Before I hit the hay tonight I had to let you know something superrrr sweet is coming tomorrow…

It’s officially holiday time, which means your big ol’ heart is going to start gift shopping soon. SO! Tomorrow we’re launching something special. Think: surprise promos and exclusive pricing (read: the lowest prices we ever offered) on some of our best-selling products.

Every day for the next seven days, we’ll announce a MAJOR new promotion in our shop. With new Planners, #Truthbomb decks, and delightful gift bundles in stock there’s puh-lenty to feel giddy about.

Each offer will only last 24 hours, so make sure to check your email first thing to find out the surprise of the day. First one comes tomorrow—best get your Gifting List ready!

And to all a good night,

Gifty Vibes





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