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Taking Root: On dissolving resistance + getting grounded into a new rhythm.


I’m still feeling this season of NEW. New intentions, new goals… and starting new habits to try to make your desires a real part of your life. It starts off easy—that first taste of freedom always feels amazing—but eventually resistance creeps in. And guilt. It happens to many of us.

When you enact a significantly positive lifestyle change (like a new fitness practice, breaking off a toxic relationship, or starting to live a life guided by desire), your brain temporarily floods your body with feel-good neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine. It’s your brain’s way of giving you a high-five for your new habits.

The happy-drugs start flowing, fueling your good intentions with seemingly boundless energy. Your commitments seem effortless. This is going to be easier than I thought! I’ve so got this covered…

And then—in a cruel-but-necessary act of nature—the party train grinds to a halt. Your neurotransmitters collapse back to their normal output levels. And thank goodness, because otherwise you’d go crazy. In a literal, clinical sense.

So like a rushing river that dries up to a trickle, the rah-rah ferocity dissipates. At this point, your new, healthy habits are asking your cells to literally alter their shape. And to you, this feels like a major drag. But in actuality, your cells are loving it! They’re vibrating and shifting, doing their own form of yoga. They’re transforming to accommodate your recalibrated levels of positive mood endorphins. They just need a l-i-t-t-l-e more time to reshape themselves.

Instead of shutting down the new habits when they start to feel unpleasant, we need to shift our attitude toward loving the resistance that arises. Because if we can push through the awkward growth spurt—giving our cells adequate time to catch up with our good intentions—we gain prodigious momentum.

If you’re currently in that groan zone, I thought you could use some extra love to get you through the weeds. I made you something called Taking Root. It includes a collection of perspectives and prompts to help you dissolve resistance, and a Soulful Habit Tracker to help you keep rocking your new rhythm. It’s full of Love (as always), and… it’s free! Download TAKING ROOT here.

Steadfast Love,

Danielle LaPorte





PS: If you’re looking for a way to give your new routine more attention + Love… look over HERE. The Desire Map Planner helps seekers + creatives design lives that align with their true desires…


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#TakingRoot: a guide to help you dissolve resistance, so you can keep rocking your new rhythm.
Awkward growth spurts + dissolving resistance. Here’s a gift for rocking a freer life from @DanielleLaPorte.


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Sept 26: A private Desire Map Planner Workshop with me! Here’s how to score an invite…

Desire Map Planner Workshop2


Feeling very big thanks today. The 2019 Planners have been flowing out the shop doors for two weeks and we’re all excited that so many people resonate with The Desire Map way… So! To amp up the Love + gratitude: if you purchase a 2019 Planner by September 26, you’ll get a BONUS private 1-hour Planner Workshop with me.

The workshop is called Agenda + Soul. We’ll meet online at Noon PST on September 26. You + me + our hopes and plans. I’ll be on video. It’ll be interactive. When you order your Planner, you’ll get INSTANT access to our new Desire Map Planner Program. And during this private workshop, I’ll get you anchored in the intention and flow behind the whole program. We’ll also take a peek at how I use my Planner, and pour some light onto your personal goals + intentions. Bring your open hearts and keen minds…

If you want to jam together, but haven’t bought a Planner yet… get yours before 9am PST on Wednesday, September 26 to receive your free invite to the workshop.

To our longtime Planner Lovers: I love your love! You’re the reason this system gets better every year. Thank you. And to our Planner newbies: I’m so glad you found us. You tuned in, and we’re going to take really good care of you.

Always Love,

Danielle LaPorte






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A private Desire Map Planner Workshop with @daniellelaporte! Here’s how to score an invite…
Want to jam LIVE with @daniellelaporte? Get your 2019 #DesireMap Planner before Sept 26 to score an invite to this private event.


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The initiated woman

The initiated woman has bled.

She’s bled from poor decisions that sliced her esteem wide open; and from unguarded boundaries being obliterated; and she’s bled willingly, because that’s what you do when people you love are anemic or have been hit by life—you give them your blood. Here, I have lots, it’s fresh and warm. I’ll make more.

She has gone through the eye of a needle, stripped, shed, pared down to the pure pith of her power. The few people who have seen her so naked will never speak of that beauty to anyone else.

She knows that when people are ready, they’re ready, and they’re never ready before they’re ready. Still, she holds the light for your readiness, because she knows how sweet it is when the time is right.

She’s modest, but bold to the depths. She knows that initiations are waiting for everyone to claim them. Courage is key.

She’s asked people to leave her house because they were consistently rude.
Now, she asks after the first offense—she knows where things are going.
If you don’t respect her, there’s not much to talk about.

It’s usually a succession of rigors—rarely a lightning strike—that earns her the license to teach. Her lessons can be precise, like the diamond that cuts diamonds. Essentially-focused.

She knows that playing nice perpetuates irresponsibility, but that kindness is wildly fertile.

She’s mindful of the how and the who in her bed, because it’s always more than that.
She doesn’t spiritualize immorality, but she understands it.
She has no time for excuses, but all the time in the world for intentionality.
She reveres accountability, which includes using the sword of justice, and singing operatic praises for things done the good way—or even attempts at the good way.

Scarred. Faceted. Radiant. Wide.

She’s so tender she prefers to whisper about her true nature, or write a poem. Abstract. Protected.

When the initiated woman tells you that “everything will be okay,” you tend to believe her.

She uses compassion like a lever to see what’s really going on.
She applies willfulness sparingly, like gas to fire. (’Cause she is the fire.)
She awaits, but gets on with things.

She can tell you with calm and certain sympathy that love is the shortest distance between you and me.

And that there are no shortcuts to initiation.


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