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I’ve never offered this before…


Whether you’re an artist, a healer, a business owner with a growing team… you know that leveraging online tools is how you make greater impact with your craft.

You’ve got so many ideas and beautiful intentions… but maybe you’re struggling to commit to a path. And, you’re only interested in earning money through conscious business practices. Abundance through integrity. It’s the only way.

Instead of spending 2019 staring at the screen, get yourself a feminist squad to help you go for it. Speaking of… Registration for Marie Forleo’s B-School is open now! Which also means—today we unveil our NEW B-School bonus. I’ve never offered this before, and we’re stoked. Ok, but first…

B-School could change everything.

B-School can lead to the expansion of your ideas, your skill set, your bank account, your philanthropy, and your impact in the world. Cases in point:

“I used to teach third grade in Tampa, Florida. I’m now a full time Psychic Medium. Not only was I able to make my yearly teaching salary in a month through my online programs and services but, most importantly, I’m able to serve more people.”Lindsay Marino, International Psychic Medium & Teacher

“I tripled my mailing list, quadrupled my piggy bank, helped angel invest the beach house hubby and I had always dreamed of. I think it’s finally beginning to sink in: This is really happening. This is no fairy tale, this is my life.”Mayi Carles de Larrinaga, Artist

I have an MBA and a decade of corporate experience and this program still taught me something new in every module. I had to be brutally honest with myself about what my real strengths were, who I really wanted to work with, and how much my services were really worth (hint: a lot more than I was originally comfortable charging!).” – Lindsay Roselle, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and Brand Strategist

In practical terms, B-School is an 8-week training program that shows you, step-by-step, how to build a genuine and profitable brand, market more effectively, and dial up your online presence so that you can have the impact (and earn the income) you desire.

If B-School is pulling at your heart and your smarts—let’s make it happen together.

It’s our hottest bundle ever… SIX exclusive bonuses, all designed specifically to support you in your business building journey. This year, we’re all about CONNECTION: from tapping your inner resources, to growing a community that you’ll lean on for years to come.


BONUS #1: Live Virtual Mastermind with Danielle

Digital entrepreneurs (that’s you!… now or soon-to-be) can help leverage major social change. And to do that, you’ll need a lot of heart and mental clarity. You’ve got the heart, let me help with the clarity. These jam sessions will be part didactic, part interactive Q&A.

  • Session 1 – Developing Your Soulful CEO Mindset: For my big-hearted overachievers. Dare to put your fear of failure aside (it’s natural, but it needs to be put in its place). Risk some pushback and some ego bumps. This session is to help set a soulful foundation for the business building you have ahead. So when fear wants you to shell up—instead you open, and unfold.
  • Session 2 – Book Clients. Be Visible. Self-Promotion with Soul: You’re starting to learn a lot from Marie about selling from the heart, so let’s go deeper. We start with your “elevator pitch”. So… what do you do? Plenty of people still feel dread about this question. So let’s do some exercises and word play to help you talk about yourself without feeling… gross.
  • Session 3 – Integrity, Sustainability, & Philanthropy: We’ll create your conscious business manifesto. A clear, visionary manifesto is part of how you stand out and claim your space in a crowded marketplace. And if you’re ever overwhelmed by decision-making, these values can help you zero in on the right choices.

Every year you’ve asked for this kind of support, and now I’m going to light it up with you. When you sign up for B-School 2019, you’ll get live access to me for three weeks of LIVE Success Coaching Calls. We’ll jam on soulful-practical processes for building your dream business or movement. This is the most accessible I’ve ever been for B-School.

BONUS #2: The Desire Map Facilitator Program
If you’re a coach, leader, or teacher in the making, we can give you the tools to help your clients dig deep and FLOURISH.

  • Access to group and one-on-one coaching curricula + ready-to-use worksheets.
  • Your personal profile on our high-traffic online directories, and promo kits to help you market your biz.
  • Private access to MORE live professional/personal development with me, and a few special trainers from our family.
  • + a bunch more!

As a new Facilitator, you’d get an entire year of this program (on us!) to help you make some serious bucks right out of the gate.

BONUS #3: The Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Program
Like The Desire Map Facilitator Program, this is like a coaching practice in a (virtual) box! The Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Program will help you become a master guide for both experienced entrepreneurs and newbies searching for a more conscious career path.

BONUS #4: The Fire Starter Sessions Video Workshop
A fierce complement to the B-School curriculum. The Fire Starter Sessions Video Workshop is here to liberate your personal and professional ambitions from external notions of “success”, and help you face fear and failure head on.

BONUS #5: Heart-Centered Living Digital Product Bundle
A bundle of our most popular digital products to help support your spirit, mindset, and schedule during B-School, and beyond…

  • 2019 Interactive Desire Map Daily Planner (for iPad)
  • The Desire Map Planner Program
  • All four of our Meditation Kits
    • The Creation Space Meditation Kit
    • The Earth Adoration Meditation Kit
    • The Love + Radiance Meditation Kit
    • The Embrace Meditation Kit

BONUS #6: 4 weeks of group support (for your branding, messaging, marketing…) in a private forum.
Connect with your fellow soulfuls in a private group. Validation, problem solving, high-vibe networking. Team D + I will also be there with motivation and helpful ideas! (Btw, EVERYONE on Team D is a B-School alum. Access to the hearts + minds of the folks behind my business = priceless.)

.  .  .  .  . 

To join my live mastermind and receive these bonuses, you must sign up for B-School here. And whether you sign up through me to get my bundle (which rocks), or someone else’s, just do B-School. That’s how much I stand by what Marie’s created, and in my own passion to see YOU create. Get into B-School however you want. Go make stuff—with smarts, heart, and connections that you’ll lean on for years to come. Sign up for B-School now.

And if you want to make sure B-School is right for you… Join Marie + me for a LIVE call today, February 19 @ 11:00am PT. Register HERE. If you’ve been on one of our past calls you know we get real, and deliver big time on USEFUL. We love useful.

Here’s to your courage, creativity, and getting it out into the world.


Danielle LaPorte





Note: This post contains affiliate links and Team D may receive a commission if you choose to register for Marie Forleo’s B-School. I’ve been one of B-School’s top affiliates for 6 years. I adore this program and it’s woven into how Team D has grown. This recommendation is with a full heart.


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The sweetest B-School Bonus ever: A live mastermind with @DanielleLaPorte! (+ A BUNCH more.) Details here…
Abundance through integrity. It’s the only way. @MarieForleo’s B-School opens today.
Just signed up for @DanielleLaPorte’s sweetest B-School Bonus yet! Check it.


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Bring me your questions, fears, dreams—we’re going DEEP.

Bring me your questions, fears, dreams—we’re going DEEP Danielle LaPorte

Sell your art (for a profit). Reach people with your words. Grow your clientele. Earn good money—with integrity—because that’s how sustainable success happens.

Your dream could be an audience of thousands, or a quaint brick ‘n mortar. A laptop by the beach, or a solo practice in your hometown. Whatever you’re wanting to manifest, doing business online is the reality of business today. In this final video training, Marie covers what it really takes to make it work. All heart. Lots of smarts.

Here’s what Marie covers in this free training:

  • Why it’s NOT crazy (or selfish) to want to do something you believe in, and have control over your time or how much money you make.

  • The myth of having to be “original” and why you can’t let that stop you from answering your calling.

  • Real stories from women like you, who kept going when things didn’t go according to plan and eventually built their dream life. It’s not easy—but it IS possible. Get inspired


Watch Video #3 Now

I’ve been with Marie on this journey for 7+ years now and the stories of B-School utility and prosperity are incredible. Start thinking about what “incredible” would look like for you… then let’s jam on that vision. Live.


Tuesday, February 19 @ 11:00am PT. Forleo + LaPorte. Live. We’ll be your business building dream team, strategy + Soul. Bring questions, fears, dreams and we’ll go deep.


Note: This post contains affiliate links and Team D may receive a commission if you choose to register for Marie Forleo’s B-School. I’ve been one of B-School’s top affiliates for 6 years. I adore this program and it’s woven into how Team D has grown. This recommendation is with a full heart.


PS. You + Team D + Team Forleo + your friends = BRIGHT. Press share.

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What would “incredible” look like for you? Let’s jam.
Sell your art (for a profit). Reach people with your words. Earn good money—with integrity. Here’s what it takes…


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Build strength

Build Strength Danielle LaPorte

Build strength through: reflection.
Build strength through: joy.
Build strength through: stillness.
Build strength through: action.
Build strength through: cleansing.
Build strength through: laughter.
Build strength through: generosity.
Build strength through: asking for help.
Build strength through: blessing strangers.
Build strength through: nourishing your friends with attentiveness.
Build strength through: feeling very, very deeply.
Build strength by loving as you wish to be loved.

Build strength through: being incredibly gentle.
Build strength through: including.
Build strength through: putting yourself in their shoes.
Build strength through: forgiving.
Build strength through: honest prayer.
Build strength through: simplifying.
Build strength through: encouraging yourself and others.
Build strength through: dissolving worry with trust and then really trusting.
Build strength through: declaring your ideals.
Build strength through: sacred movement.
Build strength through: rest.
Build strength through: hydration.
Build strength through: telling the truth.
Build strength through: creating beauty everywhere you go.
Build strength through: leaving it better than you found it.
Build strength by being at ease with the Great Mystery.

Want this in a visual? Print out this mini poster (it’s free). Pin it by your desk, frame it on your dresser, or fold it into your planner.


Together, stronger. Please share.

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Reflection. Joy. Stillness. Action. Cleansing. Laughter. A poem for building strength.
“Build strength through: dissolving worry with trust and then really trusting.” The latest from @DanielleLaPorte


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