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Don’t take any shit. (And a few handy phrases.) #Truthbomb elaborations

Truthbomb - June 18

…and by that I mean: Your week is filled with a few opportunities to put up and shut up. And where does that get you? Repressed, suppressed, officially oppressed. Not taking any shit doesn’t mean you’ve got to fight or get scrappy — though sometimes, that’s exactly what you need to do — loudly. Either way, you can be classy about it. When the waiter asks how your meal was and you’re feeling disappointed, “Well, you know, it was less than awesome.” Handy phrase. “Less than awesome” gets the point across — it also reinforces that we all deserve awesome.

You don’t have to take any shit even when you’re the one who’s made a mistake. I was driving into the ferry lane one dark and stormy night and misread a road sign. The ferry worker guy lost his shit on me. Yelled, and yelled again at me. I stopped my car and waited for him to get closer to me, and then this, good and firm: “Look, I don’t care if you think you’re right, don’t talk to me like that.” Handy phrase. It stops shit fast. I’ve used it at concerts, at gas stations, and in my early startup days with a few snarly bill collectors.

You show the world how to treat you — and the world will respond accordingly. (And, ya, you may have to repeat yourself.) “Shit” includes, but is not limited to: Accepting shoddy work for services you’ve paid for. ANY kind of down-talking. Repeatedly being kept waiting. No gratitude where gratitude would be appropriate. And being lied to is BIG shit. Try this, (you may only need to say it to yourself,) “I’m not taking any shit.” Handy phrase.

Don’t take any shit.



Consciousness. Cash. Capital. Creativity. Collaboration. And then some.
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Sacred Geometry. Meaning, vibes, and silver foil on your hot bod’.

Symbols carry energy. Some symbols are considered sacred, extra high-vibe’d. They reflect the fundamental shapes found in nature, in cellular structures, in fractals….and they’ve been used for centuries in spiritual art and architecture. Think of them as icons of energy — talismans of cosmic truth.


Metatron’s Cube is governed by the Archangel Metatron, who oversees bringing spiritual knowledge into form. Metatron is cited in Judaism, and some branches of Christianity and Islamic traditions. He is a great Angel to call on to move your ideas into reality — he’s the guy who helps you get stuff DONE. Meta + tron = “beyond the matrix.” And you want out of the matrix, right?

The shape itself contains all geometrical shapes that exist in physical matter — from snowflakes to the human eye. Thirteen equal circles extend with lines to 12 outer circles. It represents our body within three-dimensional space and time. Ether to matter.

For me, this symbol is a reminder that my creative energy will find its way into the world.


Flower of Life is a sacred symbol that shows up in temples, churches and sacred texts, from early Egypt, to the Kabbalah and Christianity. Its overlapping circles create symbolic connections to the Seed of Life. Made up of nineteen complete circles and thirty six arcs in a large enclosing circle, The Flower of Life is considered “the perfect form”. It’s been analyzed by architects; artists (Leonardo da Vinci was a big Flower of Life fan); and mathematicians. Metaphysicians and soul-seekers love meditating on this sacred geometry symbol.


Vesica Piscis represents the communion of two to create a third. God meets Goddess. Sun meets moon. Heaven meets earth. Ooo la laaaa. And ommm. As you can see, it’s the intersection of two equal circles in which the center of each circle is met by the outside of the other circle — it’s the perfect meeting. Some forms of Kabbalah give the Vesica Piscis particular respect. Some metaphysical philosophy interpret this is as the female yoni. Ancient Egypt’s mathematicians used the shapes’ principles in sacred buildings. The center is called the mandorla, which is often used to surround Christ in imagery — which is why this is also called the “Jesus Fish” symbol.

This symbol melts my heart. The first time I saw the Vesica Piscis, I was transfixed — my soul was remembering something sacred.

All of these symbols are in my Sacred Geometry Collection #1, now available in Silver starting today!


photo credit: Heather Pennell

Today we are also releasing the Brave love symbol in silver and MINIS. Sprinkle these like power kisses on your skin. I love these on wrists, ankles, and collarbones, but Brave Love works absolutely everywhere.

Sacred tattoos for your body temple. Temporary, of course—for freedom. Now in silver. tweet

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All Love,

12 Things I know about real deal healers

photo credit: Catherine Just

Shamans, intuitives, channellers, mediums, clairvoyants, seers, priestesses, ministers, healers, crystal workers, alchemists, and energy workers. I know them. I started reading books of channelled material when I was thirteen. Went to my first psychic at fifteen. Currently, I have an energy worker on my business payroll. Really.

I’ve heard a lot of stories of how people’s “healing powers” came to be. I’ve left energy healing sessions knowing that a miracle transpired in my lungs. I’ve left “readings” feeling a dark shadow wafting, and used for my own light. I’ve had sessions where I felt like the healer to the healer. Sometimes, ripped off. And other times, I literally bowed to the truly gifted human-spirit who had just poured a waterfall of luminous truth over me. I’ve had many, many divine meetings that have expanded me to my truer size and power — eternally grateful.

*On a very real level, we are healers. Everyone comes to their talents in different ways. If you’re working with a healing-type and it feels right — and you’re getting subtle to pronounced results, go with the feeling and forget about their so-called resume. That said…here’s my experience of the characteristics of Healers with a capital H:

1. Their gift was divinely bestowed. Meaning, it showed up through an extraordinary experience. My friend Kyle Gray started seeing angels when he was four years old. I recently spoke with medical medium Anthony William — he was visited by spirit when he was six and from then on was able to diagnose people’s illnesses. Some healers’ gifts get delivered later in life through awakenings — a dream that guides them to seek out certain knowledge or other healers/teachers; a dream or visitation in which they receive a series of downloads — and these can happen on a hike or the subway, doesn’t matter; or information comes during more intentional vision questing. And, respectfully, there’s nothing like a near death experience to open healing portals for people who are ready.

Can people take a course/study to activate their healing powers? Absolutely, positively. Learned skills can activate dormant, powerful capacities.

2.  A lot of real deal healers want to empower you to HEAL YOURSELF. They want to give away their knowledge and tools. Of course, sometimes healing is a drive-through experience. I got into a motorbike accident in Bali. Found myself in a temple with a 100 year old Healer man ramming chopsticks into my feet while I gripped his hand and yelped in pain. I walked out way better than when I limped in. Drive-through healing.

3. Many true healers have truly suffered. Being a healer can come with intense initiations (if they don’t happen in this lifetime, they’ve happened in lives before). Extreme mental anguish. Broken spirits, broken hearts. Existential crises — profound disconnection, alienation and doubt.

4. They have healed themselves. Overcame. Broke through. Integrated.

5. They respect those who came before them. Lineage. Modesty. Reverence.

6. They know that what works for them in terms of healing, might not work for you. One size does not fit all with healing modalities.

7. They know that they are part of a healing ecology. The best energy folks I’ve worked with usually refer me to another type of healer, a specialist, be it a naturopath, or a food intuitive, or a magic medium in a cabin in the woods that I’m not supposed to tell anyone about.

8. They are masters, not Jacks of all Trades. Don’t hold it against your energy worker if they don’t have excellent customer service skills or a slick website. They have priorities in other dimensions.

9. Real deal healers are a beautiful paradox of fully knowing their power but not taking too much credit for it. Righteousness + modesty.

10. Healers attract other healers. They know people.

11. They know what’s a real crisis and what isn’t, and they prioritize accordingly.

12. They are always working on healing— and revealing— themselves. Being visible can be really difficult for healers.

13. Transformation is a healer’s reason for being. tweet

By the waaaaay…some real jerks can have bonafide healing talents. Being divinely bestowed doesn’t ensure that you’ll have a great personality or 100% awesome motives. Hold out for the kind ones if you can…

Kindness heals. tweet




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