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Update for my peoples: Clarity on my new thing. It has a name. And you may want to make some space for it.

Dear Tribe,

Here’s what’s coming together…

I’m launching a year-long program. Support for simplicity, the sacred, SANITY. I sat by the fire for a few weeks with a pot of rose tea and sticky notes and looked at the patterns in everyone’s answers to the “What do you crave…how’s it going?” question. And I came up with eight tracks:

We want to be more deeply devoted, to ourselves and however we define Spirit.
We want more fulfilling friendships.
We’re almost desperate to have a sane relationship with our effing phones and computers.
We wonder if we’ll ever be in sync with time… “arriving” and relaxing into it.
We want to help the world, be of service, activate—intensely. We’re not sure where to start.
We want to eat clean.
We’re tired of buying and accumulating crap we don’t really need.
We’re tired.

So this is what we’re going to work through, together, over twelve months. Like, there will be a pedagogy to this, a logic to how we create changes. I like systems. I like progress. And I’m pouring every tool and theory I have on to this. And a lot of beauty. Because beauty is a language for healing and insight.

The stuff of it: I’m going to MAIL you things. Papery, inquisitive things that you can touch. Old school, babe. And there will be altar cards and prayers, balanced with profanity (because, fuck.) This is girlfriend style. This is what my friends and I talk about. All of it. The big esoteric meaning, the style tips and all of the poetry and “you have to try this” stuff. There will be playlists. AND checklists.

And there’s NO damn Facebook group (I’m trying to help you to live more and tech less). And NO videos to watch (because let’s get off our devices).

Cost will be in the $1200 range. We are sorting out a way that our folks in the US, Canada, and Australia can pay in your own currency*. COOOOOL! Could be an admin nightmare for us, but…COOL!

Make space in your pocket and on your calendar for the month of May. It’s happening. It’s everything I’ve been working toward for years but would never have predicted.

The program is called…


I’m so excited I get teary about it. I just got teary typing out the name for you. So I’ll do it again:


Please get on our LIGHTER Notification list. I’ll keep you updated and inspired without being too zealous about how incredible this is going to be. GET ON THE LIST HERE.

More soon and Love Always,

*Pay in your own currency: As in the $1200(ish) price tag won’t change from country to country. US folk will pay: US $1200. Canadian folk: CAD $1200. And Aussies: AUS $1200… Love will find a way, babe.

The most powerful possible Yes to women

…to the women determined to restore the divine to where it has been pummeled out of memory,

where denial is so calcified that our beauty is last to be seen in economics and science and law
laws that are too small for what our bodies know to be true.

The most powerful possible Yes to women

…to the dark, the spacious, the sweet, the jaded, the women who live as certain as light rays,  
who renovate broken boardrooms and policies with justified anger and overwhelming Love —
Love of inclusion, of ecology, of bone solid Truth — Love of Love.

For those who do not have a Yes, I will share mine.  
Because, I can be radiant with my power — from the erotic to the cash.
I can fight my pain in public, choose my lovers, work my genius into shelter and endless comforts.
I am free to heal and so I must braid myself to
those whose bodies are stolen, where mine has always been free;
whose ideals cannot even be whispered, where mine have been invited…
The most powerful possible Yes to these women.

For the women who use privilege like a drug, for the ones so wounded that they wound,
for the the ones who squander their influence because it’s too much work to come down and meet the pain of the world…
we need to gift the most powerful possible Yes to these women


The elders, the curanderas, the suffragettes, the midwives of children and art and culture,
the ones we call slut and Saint and CEO —
all with a voice to say:

We will fund it ourselves.
It’s better when it’s beautiful.
No means no.
I see you, and I love what I see.
Come, rest.
and then…Let’s dance.
We’re in this together,

all with a voice to say:
Feelings are facts.
Trust is a milestone
And Compassion is a strategy.

And that is the most powerful possible Yes a woman can give.



Women! Share it with the women! xo

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The most powerful possible Yes to women

Feelings are facts. Trust is a milestone. And Compassion is a strategy.

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We are passionate, in pain and POWERFUL. A follow up to the question I posed to you.

I asked this question of you a few weeks ago:

What’s the drag in your life? The general pain points.
What do you love, crave, want?
How could I help you with that?

Here’s what the responses confirmed:

We are articulate, we are passionate, we are in pain, we are hungry, we are wise, we are lost, we are longing for connection—intensely. We are talented, scared, tired, we are not entirely well. We are addicted. We are hilarious, insecure, highly intelligent, productive and EFFECTIVE and very concerned about the state of the world. We want to help. We are powerful, and tender, and fierce, and LOVING, and heartbreakingly beautiful. And more.

THANK YOU for all of the opinions, rants, questions, ideas, suggestions. I wanted to email so many people back directly and say, I knowww, I get it, I’m the same way, don’t sweat it.  It all helped me clarify and affirm what I’ve been sketching out in my notebooks. Thank you.

Here’s what’s going to go down:

1. I’m starting a podcast. In March. Once I read through all of the responses my podcast format became clear: Q&A, monologue, girlfriend style. I will answer your questions and riff on your opinions. I’ve held off so long on doing a podcast because I’ve just been waiting to be really inspired. Game on. I’m approaching this as an experiment. Let’s see how it goes.

2. I’m going to launch a year-long program…support for simplifying our lives, for devotion, for creating connection. This has been brewing in me since last summer. I’m 99% sure what I’m going to name it, but I need another week and a walk around the lake to confirm it with myself. Whatever it is, we’re aiming to open it up in late April. We postponed a whole bunch of things to make this the center of 2018. It’s pretty much all I think about these days.

I’ll take you on the creative journey with me. I’ve started popping up on Instagram stories with moments of my wireframing and collaging (ya! COLLAGES. So 1988). It’s going to come together.

****If you want to answer the question from above, or ask me ANYTHING, I’m listening. If I use your question on the podcast, I’ll just mention first names. So feel free to give yourself a handle like Hot Sauce in San Fran, or Rainbow Pussy, or… Jane. CLICK HERE. ****

We are longing, we are luscious, we are wise.

All in,


Gather the girls, and the really cool boys. Press send. xo

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We are passionate, in pain and POWERFUL. A follow up question from Danielle LaPorte.
Danielle LaPorte is starting a podcast. Help her, help you. Pose your question here. ANYTHING.

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