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Say this prayer, until all beings are free.

Active Hearts,

These times are calling us to serve in every way that we possibly can. As feelers and healers, the collective pain is what spurs us to generate more consciousness. And, we’ve got to keep the pain moving through us to keep from getting stuck, so that our faith and resolve are stronger than our grief.

One of my favourite prayers for these times is the Shantideva Prayer. It’s a sublime devotional to being of service and protecting all beings…

May I become at all times, both now and forever,
A protector for those without protection,
A guide for those who have lost their way,
A ship for those with oceans to cross,
A sanctuary for those in danger,
A lamp for those in the dark,
And a servant to all those in need.

I adore this prayer. I think it sums up relentless compassion—it covers all the bases of service and protection.

So, print out this mini poster (it’s free). Place it at your desk, on your nightstand, or fold it into your planner. And then… use it. Read it in the morning, say it out loud with your hands on your heart.

And if joining other awake hearts in meditation for change appeals, then join us in Earth Adoration from July 26-28. You can learn more about the live meditation class HERE.

We can face collective pain with unwavering trust and gratitude for being alive. Prayer and meditation… they’re how we stay lit up to keep going. And we need to keep going.

With unwavering Faith,



When you’re heartsore for our planet—here’s a practice for you.


We’re all looking for a way to give—a way to heal the brokenness that’s becoming more and more visible. Anyone with an active heart is feeling the pain of the Earth. Yes—we need to vote, and lobby for change, and pick up garbage, and be intentional about how we use the earth’s resources and treat her beings…

AND tuning into our deep gratitude to Mother Earth—for supporting our very lives—is the first step in taking right action to heal our planet. The Earth Adoration Meditation is the kind of focused adoration that empowers us to live lightly on the land and effect the change that so direly needs to happen.

Here’s how Earth Adoration works for me, personally: When I become aware that I’m not just living on the earth, but I am alive BECAUSE of her, then this lights me up. When I’m feeling at a loss for what to do—after the phone calls, and posts, and tears—this meditation counts. It’s a thorough outpouring of love. We nourish the nervous system of Gaia and we nourish ourselves. Because… we are in this together.

I’m teaching a LIVE three-day class, in service of Mother Earth, from July 26-28. It’s meditation meets visualization, meets selfless service. We’ll be hovering over the oceans, the mountains, the animals, and rainforests. Giving thanks and receiving blessings. We’ll be thorough in our devotion, and our light, in this practice—so that the Earth is saturated in gratitude.

We NEED to nourish our inner world to keep feeding our outer action. Collective healing begins with individual attention. If you’ve been looking for a focused spiritual practice to support your activism, come check out Earth Adoration. Come explore Earth Adoration Here.

If you’re heartsore for the state of the world, JOIN US in selfless service. We go inward to bolster outward action. We answer the call to be healers.

The cart for The Earth Adoration Meditation Kit + Live Class closes on Thursday, July 26 @ 12pm PT. If you need anything at all, ping us at support@daniellelaporte. We’ll take good care of you.

One Love,



PS: We’re in this together. Press share to send to a fellow Earth lover. xo

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Me + @DanielleLaPorte + Mother Earth = so much radiance. Meditate with us in EARTH ADORATION.
Meditate with me. July 26-28. Register for The EARTH ADORATION Meditation Class.


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Love, transactionality, and the “5 people” you hang with

We hear this from motivators: “You are the average of the 5 people that you surround yourself with.”

Cue the racing mental inventory of your friendships: are your homies “successful” enough? Is their mojo rubbing off on you? Are you going to let go of friends who haven’t gotten rich yet? Or sober? Who aren’t fuckin’ crushin’ it?

There’s a shadow to the “5 people rule”. It can make us transactional… strands of usery can find their way into the connection, tinges of envious cloying. And in that dynamic, real love will struggle to grow.

Yes, be intentional, fill your life with people who are deeply well. But also consider being the opposite of calculating—which is being organic, which grows the magic.

Consider loving your people where they’re at. Because at some point in life each of us will be struggling or soaring with conventional definitions of success. We’ll be face-planted in pain, in between confused and resolute, or the best in class.

Be fully you, loving the people in your life for being fully themselves.
And if you can emulate their A+ ways or they can hook you up, then that’s just a bonus on top of true love and integrity… which is the kind of success that really matters.


Send this to your totally fer real friends. xo

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Be fully you, loving the people in your life for being fully themselves.

Consider loving your people where they’re at. Because at some point in life each of us will be struggling or soaring with conventional definitions of success.

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