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New holiday traditions, to sweeten the chaos


There’s a lot about the holidays I look forward to. The beautiful rituals, and being with people I love, and Jesus (one of my true loves). But… there’s a lot about the holidays in North America that I could do without. So I try to keep this season as gentle as possible. Here’s my way of sweetening the chaos and creating beauty that doesn’t weigh heavy on Mother Earth…

THE best hot cocoa recipe—that’s NUTRITIOUS
Vancouver-based nutritionist, Desiree Nielson got me into this delicious Superfood Hot Cocoa that’s vegan and gluten free. The recipe is here!

Shower the people you love with… a few simple words
My friend Carrie M. inspired this years ago: Dinner place cards that really honour your guests. Simple words. Any positive word-concept-thought you have about them. This may be the sweetest gift they’ve received in a long time—some poetic acknowledgement. I guarantee they’ll leave with these tucked close to their heart.

Freedom… to not gift (‘tis a beautiful thing)
A few years ago I asked a bunch of my friends, “Hey, so, can our gift to each other this year be that we don’t exchange gifts?” The unanimous answer: “Oh my God! I would love that!

Friends don’t let friends stress out or overspend.

Gifting concert tickets
Concert tix are my favourite gift to give. Because MUSIC. Is everything. Because… date night!

Gifting The Desire Map Weekly Planner
I’m so proud of The Desire Map Planner Program this year. (Well, every year… but this year especially because it always gets better.) I love gifting Planners to any dreamer-doers on the list, and my old school types who still like paper ‘n pen planning.

Because this:

With an organic elegance The Desire Map couples our primal desire-energy with the inborn intelligence of our feelings. The result? Optimizing our time on Earth. LaPorte’s joie de vivre is contagious. Prepare to catch it.” – Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning

And this:

I literally get tears in my eyes when I think about how this program is shifting my perception and helping me to really go after what is truly important and to let go of the rest.”  – Catherine Just, Photographer


Spread the Light by keeping it lite,

danielle-signature1 copy






PS. Start some new traditions. Share this with your loved ones.

The latest: a list of beautiful little holiday traditions from Danielle LaPorte.
“Friends don’t let friends stress out or overspend”—and a few other ideas for keeping the holidays lite.


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Alleluia, What A F*cking Year (a holiday or anytime prayer)

Grace before meals is a beautiful thing. And… I thought some of us might like to shake it up at our gatherings this year.

I’ve written two prayers for special occasions (I’ll send out the second one soon.) This blessing is not suitable for all ages or dispositions. But if you want to keep it real and aim high, I dare you to pull this out when you gather ’round. Because… what a fucking year.

Bless our togetherness, our causes, our callings.

Bless this mess and all its divine perfection,

.  .  .  .  .

For the love of God,
The truth crusading! The justice making!
The fires, the floods, the impact.
And the undeniable RISING of… us.
For the pain we turned into power,
the bullshit we composted into progress,
for the grace we found in the grit…
give us an ALLELUIA!



For being idealistic, bravely broken hearted, and keeping it Real.
For the times we chose to expand instead of contract;
and for that one time we knew better but we did it anyway—
and we managed to forgive ourselves and clean up the mess…

give us an ALLELUIA!



Sweet Creator, in your reflection we see that
we are so very beautiful and so profoundly good.
We’re amazing.
We’re kind of crazy, not always clear, and a bit desperate some days,
but we keep showing up, hearts on sleeves and hopes in hand.

give us an ALLELUIA!



For the nourishment we give,
and the nourishment we receive
we give thanks!

Bless our togetherness, our causes, our callings.
Bless this mess and all its divine perfection.
For hope, for the deep joy,
for everything and absolutely all of it…

give us an ALLELUIA!




PS. Inspire your rellies and dinner hosts to bring on the blessings. (And let us know how grace goes this year!) Press share.

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“Bless this mess and all its divine perfection”—a prayer to close out 2019
Alleluia, What A F*cking Year (a holiday or anytime prayer)


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Vancouver! Jan 12. Event!

Danielle LaPorte Eoin Finn

This is what Eoin and I riff about in cafes: Love as THE guiding intelligence; heart-centered meditation versus the “mental” approach; and can you feel joy while you’re suffering? Where’s all this going? Then I talk about old mystics and Eoin finds a way to connect that to the zen of surfing. It’s not dull, that’s for sure.

We thought our Vancouver community might like to get in on the conversation. We’ll do a bit of mediation and prayer together, and we’ll all leave slightly more enlightened and open-hearted. Ideally. Hopefully. Highly likely. Who’s in?

Conversation & Contemplation with
Danielle LaPorte & Eoin Finn
Date: Saturday January 12, 2019
Time: 7pm — 9pm (ish)
Location: Semperviva City Studio
#110-1985 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Cost: $65 ($5 from every ticket goes to DTES charity)

There won’t be yoga (tho’ Eoin’s teaching schedule is here.) But there will be lozza hugs. Space is limited, it will be cozy, so grab your seat now. Also, follow Eoin on Instagram for pure inspiration. Get your tickets here.

So much LOVE and gratitude,
LaPorte and Finn

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