Adrienne Ruzic

Core Desired Feelings Nourishment, Deeply Engaged, Beyonce, Limitless

Specialty Health and Wellness, Entreprenership, Authentic Self, Organization

About Me

Hi, Sunshine! I love to introduce myself by first talking about my 'why', that invisible force that guides all my motivations. I always seek to nurture a sense of trustworthy engagement. I thrive on building relationships of substance, dependability, and passion. I become lit-up and vibrant when I can change things that aren't working... I do that by ensuring the both the process and end result of change feel nourishing, deeply engaged and that positive possibility exists at every step.

Being a massage therapist for the past 7+ years has taught me how to be fully present with each person, exactly as they are, accepting and honoring their current expression of life while helping them to release old habits that keep them locked in a place of want... want for less pain, want for less struggle or more freedom, more expansiveness, and ease. This releasing typically comes in the form of new knowledge as when our awareness is opened to a wider or deeper picture suddenly there's more room for growth and ah-ha's. When these moments happen, I just gotta boogie, it makes my heart dance and my spirit does a little jigg - so fun!!

Contact Info

Phone: 607-379-2439

Email: adrienne.ruzic@gmail.com

Website: http:adrienneruzic.com

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

Nourishment, Deeply Engaged, Positive Possibility

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

I first Desire Mapped on a self guided retreat for the New Year in 2010 as part of The Fire Starter Sessions. It was luscious to sit among a flurry of post-it notes all with inspiring feelings that were all available for my choosing - how liberating! I've played with various words for a while, but when I fully dove into the Desire Map in May of 2013, highlighting furiously on my back deck on sunshiny days. It felt like the perfect time for me with springs early buds blossoming into their full glory, it seemed so was I. It's been great to move through my world with this sweet question in the background beckoning: Is THIS how you want to feel? It has shifted how I live, think, love, work and play. Buying a car, saying final goodbyes to a dear pet, transitioning my business - all have been supported by my CDF's. Heartfelt, honest, grounding. YES!

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

I was in the process of buying a new car - stressful, confusing, overwheming to the max! So many choices and so difficult to compare apples to apples (why can't someone make this easier!!?). Well, enter my CDFs. I had narrowed it down to a few options and to my surprise my CDFs pointed me to the underdog, the less flashy, less expensive, less what I thought was 'me' in a car. But after driving the top pics one last time with my CDFs in my back pocket, I made the final decision and am SO in love with my choice. Nourished by better gas mileage (better to nourish the earth too) and less money flowing away from me than toward me. Deeply engaged by a sporty, low to the ground, responsive little car. Great sound system to get my Beyonce moves a rockin', and a cavernous inside to allow to accomplish anything I want to do - no limits. It's not what my mind would have chosen, but I'm so thankful I used my CDFs as I have no regrets and a car that is a pure match for how I literally move through the world.

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

I get chills when people are able to identify and connect with their true authentic self. So much of our culture guides us away from that and Desire Mapping is such great medicine. It's not to say that we have to live outside the box at all times to be our true authentic self - it simply begs the question in each decision: Is this what YOU really want? Will this support you in feeling the way that YOU want to feel? So maybe a country club membership really floats your boat or those tickets to burning man literally light you up - GREAT! So long as you're doing it for you. CDF's are simple check-in so you can stay on (or make) your own path - your desired path.


This workshop was terrific: the space was beautiful, inviting, and perfect for reflection; the other attendees were a great fit; Adrienne is a fantastic facilitator, guiding, sharing, and dancing. The food that she prepared was delicious and nourishing, and the incorporation of herbs in a clearing and letting go ritual was powerful.


Adrienne is a gifted facilitator and illuminator of the Desire Map process. She is a doula of core desired feelings, creating the sacred space for them to emerge with brilliant clarity. The dancing and delicious food, shared in a small group of kindred sisters, is a fabulous way to greet your own essential truths.


Adrienne Ruzic is a great inspiration. I attended because she was the leader. She created a wonderful sense of community, support, guidance, and caring. I felt nourished and challenged and inspired. I love the idea of having core desire feelings that guide your choices in life. It is concrete without being stifling and intellectual.


This workshop came at the perfect time in my own growth process in moving towards a new perspective and towards setting an intentional new direction for myself. Adrienne's passion and enthusiasm are inspiring to me and I felt well met, well held, and well fed (both literally and figuratively) by her. I would love to do this workshop again!!



5 Dec 2015
Ithaca, NY, USA

The Desire Map Workshop – Level 2

Led By: Adrienne Ruzic
Using what we've unveiled in Level 1, this is where the soul becomes... strategized. WHEN YOU: ....Want to feel good more than you want to check accomplishments off your list. ...Want to feel good more than you want to please other people. ...Want to feel good more than you want to look good. ...Just want to feel good. This is what it means to have Soul-centered goals. They are life-affirming intentions and heart-lifting wishes. Plans that are ever expansive and liberating.
24 Oct 2015
Ithaca, NY, USA

The Desire Map Workshop – Level 1

Led By: Adrienne Ruzic
An in person course for discovering your core desired feelings … and lighting up your life! How do you want to feel? ...In your heart, your body, your career? ...when you wake up in the morning, ...when you speak your peace, ...when you go after what you want? THE DESIRE MAP WORKSHOP – LEVEL 1 is a program for clarifying what you truly want in every area of your life, and using that powerful awareness to guide your choices from now on.
25 Jul 2015
Ithaca, NY, USA

The Desire Map – Level 1 Workshop

Led By: Adrienne Ruzic
A 2 day in person course for discovering your core desired feelings … and lighting up your life
25 Apr 2015
Ithaca, NY, USA

The Desire Map – Level 1 Workshop

Led By: Adrienne Ruzic
A 2 day in person course for discovering your core desired feelings … and lighting up your life!
30 Jan 2015
Trumansburg, NY, USA

The Desire Map – Level 1 Workshop

Led By: Adrienne Ruzic
A 2 day in person course for discovering your core desired feelings … and lighting up your life


The Desire Map Facilitator Program

Workshop, retreat, and coaching curriculum for all good souls.


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