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About Me

I'm fortunate to do work I love - being a business and career coach. A self confessed high achiever that led to burnout, I now coach women to follow their heart to achieve their dreams. I live by the motto - “do the thing that makes your heart sing”.

A career focused creative person who often sacrificed my personal life for my career, in pursuit of my dreams. I'm a Sony award winning Radio Producer, who then had a later career in Event Management, where I won the award for Creative Event of the Year.

I was so desperate to work for myself, I had tried two business whilst still employed. Needless to say, they needed my full attention, and I finally got off the treadmill in 2013 and have never looked back.

During the course of the journey I discovered my CDF's and have now started achieving goals from a place that feels good, instead of striving and compromising my wellbeing.

I love spending time outdoors near the beach and mountains. I'm happiest amongst nature and spending time with friends and family. I spend most of my time in the French Alps and love to travel, with my partner, who happens to be a Pilot, where we spend time on travel adventures and exploring the mountains.

In 2014 I hosted my own Inspiring Women LIVE! events in Bristol, and ran my own corporate events company for clients. I love to feel connected to people, so I'm thrilled to be a Desire Map facilitator.

Contact Info

Phone: +44 7857 258987

Email: amanda@amandakerin.uk

Website: http:amandakerin.uk

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

Love, Connected, Freedom, Limitless, Joy

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

I did the Desire Map on my own. I took the time every Sunday morning to spend on my own Personal Development. Anywhere from 1-3 hours.

I made my space tranquil and started the exploration journey. I let everything sink in for a fews days, and would go over it briefly again before getting started on the next section.

I loved doing The Desire Map as it was a very transitional time for me in many ways, so needed to process a lot of other things too.

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

With my own events company, I was at the point of expanding and taking on staff. I went to a meeting about government funding & apprenticeships and came out of the meeting knowing I did not want to be running an events company in 10 years time! I felt my intuition and gut telling me that this was not the right move for me.

I got home and worked out exactly what I did and didn't want in my life. I revisited my Desire Map and shut out the noise. I reflected over my CDF's, looked at how I wanted to live my life, tweaked a couple and then set a plan how to make it happen.

I now have freedom that allows me to work with my business from anywhere. I have love in my life, including self love, and that was a biggy for me to get to grips with! I'm limitless because I put myself out there and show up. I connect with clients in many ways and host a variety of virtual workshops to bring incredible women together - and it feels an honour to witness them go through the transformation.

Naturally from all that, and more, I have a lot of joy in my life. I'm amazed how blessed I am, but it's not been without pain, risk and courage. I can honestly say it all stems from choosing to live my life according to my Core Desired Feelings.

The Desire Map is a life changing process - and feeling good is the whole point! I much prefer to live life than exist in it, and if I can help other people do the same, I will.

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

It's too good not to share. Everyone needs to go through the process to experience it and live life the way they want to.

The human condition means we all spend way to long sacrificing our own life for other people, family, work, etc.

The Desire Map offers a refreshing way of looking at setting and achieving goals from a heart centred place - a place that feels good.

It is SO worth starting the journey of exploration - I wouldn't be where I am now without it.


Pt 4/4 I'm really looking forward to continuing my personal development journey with Amanda and applying the Desire Map practices in my life. Thanks Amanda :-)


Pt 3/4 Amanda has helped me enormously with her support and gentle questioning and I have come to look at a few things very differently - and take some of the pressure off myself! If you’re thinking of attending a workshop or doing some work with Amanda, I would highly recommend it.


Pt 2/4 My right and left brain have jostled a lot when it came to identifying my CDFs, but I've got to a place now where I'm really comfortable with the process and what I have identified. Lots of people have had 'aha' moments along the way, but my personal journey has been slower, nigglier and sometimes a struggle.


Pt 1/4 I've been on Danielle La Porte's newsletter list for some time was always intrigued by The Desire Map; so, when I got an email from Amanda with details of a Desire Map workshop she was running I was keen to know more and signed up straight away. The workshop has been hard work for me - in a 'good' way!


Creating goals with soul is NOT something you can do on your own … but with Amanda’s calm guidance and the safe space she creates in her online group sessions, it becomes very easy. The challenge is then how to live them - but the bigger challenge - defining your own soul goals - has been achieved with Amanda’s upbeat help and inner wisdom.

Bernie Ritchie

Thank you Amanda - interesting course.. It certainly highlighted some negative emotions that I thought I had dealt with and thank to the group it was a true pleasure to meet you x

Thanks for a fantastic session Amanda! Lots of food for thought! :) :) - and lovely to meet everyone! x


1-1 Coaching Online over 6 weeks, Level 1 
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26 Oct 2017

1-1 Core Desire Feelings

Led By: Amanda Kerin
Discover your Core Desired Feelings on a magical quest for 6 weeks. This 1-1 work will be intimate and private in the comfort of your own home. We'll connect using Zoom or Skype.

There is something incredible, enchanting and sacred about this work. Hand on heart, it has completely revolutionised my life, one that I had dreamt about for years.

I want to help you discover your CDF's so you can live a life you love, discover what you want, and what you need to let go of, to ultimately live a more fulfilling life. Yay!

1-1 work is available all year and at a time that suits you.

Ping me an email if you have any questions.



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