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Core Desired Feelings Unleashed, Infinite, Ease, @Cause, Luminous, Majesty

Specialty Leadership Development, Coaching, Career Coaching, Training and Development, All things Dancing Related, Possibility Coaching

About Me

Bad Ass Life Coach | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Possibility Junkie | Desire Map Facilitator

I work with people, period. In Any (and every) Shape or Form, I work with entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, changemakers, and leaders to become the architects (or the authors, pilots, programmers, directors, choreographers, programmers, etc.) of their own lives. I work with people toward personal or professional goals, through life transitions, and those who just know they want something more than where they're at right now.

I am passionate about working with people who know there is something bigger for them, but feel stuck in getting there; with people who are ready to take action towards their dreams and goals. I help my clients peel back that proverbial onion and dig into all the stuff that has them stuck, then create the space to find out what they need so as to achieve all that is possible in their lives.

I am passionate about working with people who are ready to step into what’s possible for them in the world, with people who things I like to peel back that "proverbial" onion and dig into the all stuff that gets us stuck and work with my clients to create the space to find out what is needed to achieve what's really possible in life.

I also specialize in working with people dealing with issues related to Body Image. As a dancer who didn't dance for 13 years because I didn't have a "dancer's" body, I am committed to people not denying themselves the fullness of their life because society's description of what they “should" look like doesn't fit the body they have. In 2012, I founded Any Shape or Form, a company dedicated to creating events and education that breakdown the limiting effects of body image issues and empowering people to rewrite their story about what is possible - who they are, what they can be, what they're worth, and what they're truly capable of.

My background is in Leadership Training and Training Development - both in the Educational and Corporate environments, specializing in curriculum design, leadership, time management, presentation and facilitation training.

What you can expect from me?

A partner committed to you stepping into who you are.
The space to reconnect with your essence, create clarity on you are and what your purpose is.
A place to create new awareness and new actions that lead to lasting transformation.
Awareness and understanding of the inner monologue and that “thing" that you do that keeps you stuck and the tools to unstick it.
Support in designing structures and accountability that support your shift.

Contact Info

Phone: 206.399.7507

Email: andrea@anyshapeorform.com

Website: whereshifthappens.life

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

infinite. ease. @cause. luminous. majesty.

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

I happened upon the Desire Map about 3 years ago. I was on a journey of self exploration and the idea of letting what I wanted guide my next iteration of myself seemed like a great idea. The sticky point for me ... was WHAT did I want? Years spent putting on my "best" self, essentially performing for others in order to be accepted, not left out, approved of and validated had left completely disconnected from even the ability to "want" things for myself. I could say - "I want this" - but there was carefully constructed packaging around wanting that included "would it be acceptable", "what will other's think if I want that", "does wanting that contribute to the image of myself I was trying to create". Pretty much - wanting, for me, had everything to do with others - and not actually with ME.

The Desire Map was a guide back to ME. It asked questions, created space for me to unpack the layers covering up ME. How do you want to feel? That was such a foreign concept - The question I had been asking myself was "how should I want to feel".

I've done the Desire Map a number of times now, each time going deeper and deeper, each time allowing myself, giving myself more and more permission to WANT - to WANT what I want.

I'll admit - the first time I went through, I went through it solo - I read the theory part and then started the exercises - and then stopped. Cold. Put it away for 6 months. Until something bubbled up and brought it back to the surface. I read it again and made it a bit farther, but, I still didn't have my CDF's.

When Danielle created the Desire Map Book Club and asked for leaders, I knew this was my opportunity to step into this work fully. I reread it - the theory AND did the workbook - still afraid to name my CDF's - cause, you know, would I pick the "right ones" - the ones that others would think sounded cool. But I did it.

Working with the ladies who joined the book club was an amazing experience - learning - together - that we all had fears, doubts and longings, we all got stopped and needed support to pull through AND most of all, we all had disconnected from how we wanted to feel.

I've gone through the Desire Map a number of times now - both solo and as a group and each time, I discover something different. The solo work is deep and revealing - but I do have to confess the support and community offered in the group work is my favorite part!

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

Knowing my CDFs has been transformative. period. end of story.

Which story to tell - there have been so many.

Ok. I'll tell you this one.

When I was in the 8th grade - I loved to sing. I also loved (and still love) musicals. At this point - Memory from Cats was my favorite. My 11 year old self identified with Grizabella's personality desperately wanting to be accepted, and full of rejection and loneliness. Yes - pretty much how all teenagers feel. Well - the 8th grade talent show came around and I decided - in my infinite 11 year old wisdom - that I would sing Memory at the talent show. Suffice it to say, I sang my heart out. The ridicule from the kids was stifling and I haven't really sung a word in public (not in my car with friends, not in the shower when other people might be able to hear) since.

Until last year. With my work on my Core Desired Feelings - I started uncovering the joy I have when I sing - there is something magical that happens when you sing (and even more magical when you dance at the same time). With my CDF's in hand, I started singing in the car to the radio WHILE there were other people with me .... WHOA! And this year, I signed up for singing lessons. As I'm running scales or doing the lip buzz exercise - pretty much things that make you feel more silly than you ever have - I keep my CDF's in mind.

Infinite - I have NO boundaries - I can do anything.
Ease - I want to sing so I sing - it's easy.
@Cause - if I want to sing (and sing well) - I am the only one who can do that for me. I choose to sing.
Luminous - Ooooh singing causes vibrations. I get to shine.
Majesty - I get to own me - to own what I want - to raise myself up and be in the power of ME. And - I get to sing while doing it!

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

Lifting. Limiting. Beliefs. That pretty much sums it up.

Clarifying what you really want in life. Looking at what has you really wanting that. Clearing the path to what you want.

The world is a better place when we are all lit up and the Desire Map is a powerful tool in the work towards transformation.


...Focusing on my CDFs is life changing! In some areas ... I've found I really do what makes me feel good I was just numb to it. Sending my life is so delightful! Thank you for sharing yourselves. Hugs!!!

Heather Twilla - Virtual Workshop Participant

“It was an amazing weekend with deep connections and heart filling realizations for me. [The workshop] was one of the best and most fulfilling events in my life. I truly felt “heard”.”

Shay (Seattle In-Person)

"My favorite piece of this training was the strong, clear and beneficial guidance that Andrea and Cécile offer as fellow seekers, but more so as experienced, transformed women who have done the hard work, and as Coaches. [...] I recommend this workshop for enriching, soul-seeking, freedom-seeking assistance.”

Christina (Seattle In-Person)

“So much value came from being able to vulnerably share what is ‘really’ happening inside, in a soft, supportive, yet strong and no-nonsense atmosphere."

Christina (Seattle In-Person)


13 Aug 2015

Desire Map – 4-week Virtual Class (Thursdays/5pm-7pm PST)

Led By: Andrea Koehler
A 4-week, virtual course for discovering your core desired feelings... and lighting up your life. THE DESIRE MAP is a collection of tools that will connect you with your inner compass, remove the layers of “should”, and help you create what YOUR “ALL” is by identifying what your CORE DESIRED FEELINGS are. The ultimate goal is: YOU moving through your life with clarity and intention, being guided by how you WANT to FEEL. So how do you WANT to feel? Joyful, Connected, Fulfilled, Passionate, Radiant, Abundant ... ALL of it and MORE? It’s never too late to live THE LIFE that feels good to you. Now is the time to consciously choose and design your life based on what you WANT to FEEL. No fear. No excuse. Led by Andrea Koehler (Life, Success & Body Image Coach) and Cécile Charlot (Health, Wellness & Sensuality Coach). Early bird registration $150/person before August 10 / $195/person after that. Group rates available if you bring your posse.


The Desire Map Facilitator Program

Workshop, retreat, and coaching curriculum for all good souls.


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