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14 Feb 2018

Power Choices: Making the most of your Day

Led By: Courtney Brown
Are you tired of the daily grind? Do you dread the day before you even get out of bed? Are you looking forward to bedtime before it's even lunchtime?

Learn more at my free upcoming Desire Map workshop where we’ll help you make choices that feel good right down to your core and make your to do list your Want to list.

4 Mar 2017
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

Desire Mapping with Essential Oils

Led By: Courtney Brown
Ever wonder where the day went as you get ready for bed at night?

Did you accomplish what you wanted to or did the day simply get away from you? Does this happen to you on a regular basis?

Through my Introductory Workshop, I want to show you how learning and using your Core Desired Feelings can help you map out your days, weeks and months so you accomplish you goals while feeling fulfilled and having fun along the way.

Also, how using Essential Oils can support you in creating a Coe Desired Feeling, maintain a CDF or get you back on track if you fall off course as we all do from time to time.

Join me in meeting other like minded women as you learn how THE DESIRE MAP can change your life and help you live your dreams by bringing more awareness and direction into your everyday life.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Courtney Brown


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