Holly Kiefer

Core Desired Feelings cosmic, shakti, witchy, gsd (get shit done)

Specialty guidance, joyology, yoga, officiant, massage, 1x1 teaching, coaching, consulting, witchery

About Me

As a lifelong lover of all things geeky, the anxious nerdy girl is my kindred spirit. I love going to cons, but can get little overwhelmed at times. I have a deep understanding for that yearning for belonging, and the sigh of relief when you've found your tribe.

I love working with women who are trying to decide what their next step is going to be. I think the Desire Map is the perfect place to start, as it helps us to focus on our own internal compass, rather than what's expected of us.

The idea of the wounded healer Chiron, resonates with me completely. I think we become teachers of the things we need to learn.

I’ve struggled with both physical and esoteric elements of balance, so I have a deep understanding of that struggle.

I’m steadfastly mercurial. I’m bringin the bliss. and I’m so grateful for you, reading this, right here, right now.

Contact Info

Email: holly@finding-serenity.com

Website: http:finding-serenity.com

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

cosmic. shakti. witchy. gsd (get shit DONE).

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

I have been using the Desire Map to help make my choices for years now. I like to review my Core Desired Feelings at least once a year.

As a centrovert I love working through the process on my own, but I also crave the safe space that a group or working with a mentor can provide. I love that Desire Mapping lends itself to both solo and group work, as both have their strengths. Working 1:1 with a guide is an incredible way to learn more about yourself, and to have focused guidance from someone who trusts the process.

From what to eat for lunch to what step to take next in my business, my CDFs lead the way.

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

Cosmic is the CDF that's been with me the longest.

Knowing that I want to feel Cosmic means I allow myself time to connect with the cosmos. From making sure I have daily skytime, to watching both of the Cosmos series, I have a regular practice of awe and wonder for this incredible universe! It even fuels my yoga practice.

I feel more connected, more grounded, and am way better at letting go of the little stuff.

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

So many women think that we should be able to do it all ourselves...but have no idea where to start. We want to take care of the people around us, but aren't sure how to do that.

Women often have a tough time taking care of ourselves first. We need to learn how to fill our own cup first, so we can truly take care of others.

There's no better tool on the planet than KNOWING how you want to feel. We are each unique and powerful beyond measure. By helping you get clarity around how you want to feel, I get to help you create the life you actually WANT.


You are vibrant! A light worker! You allow for conversation to flow as needed but are able to steer things back to center when necessary. You inspire confidence and foster goodwill. You are also a fount of knowledge and I feel like I could pick your brain about just about anything.

Alexis Shallberg

Holly's spirit is very captivating! She has a loud and bold energy and it can seem a little intimidating at first, but after a few moments in her presence you are reminded by her own confidence to be confident in your own skin. She encourages you to be you!

Meredith Wachter


You’re ready.

Ready to change.

Ready to harness that light within you and be of greater service to your family and community. You’re ready to be YOU. Completely.

Maybe you aren’t sure what that means. You know things aren’t quite right…but maybe you’re a little nervous. Even afraid.

You’ve got an ache, a longing unmet, and you know it’s time to explore that. But you aren’t sure what it means.

I know that feeling, all too well. I’m here to offer gentle guidance as you begin your journey.

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