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About Me

I help "high achievers with heart" create a fulfilling career and a life that lights them up.

My clients are brilliant, thoughtful women who want to build the confidence and courage to live in a way that authentically reflects who they are and what matters most to them.

I help these people create a life where they wake up excited about the day ahead, spend their days with purpose and intention, and go to bed feeling fulfilled and deeply grateful for how ‘lucky’ they are. They aren’t dragging themselves through the week, just hanging on for the weekend.

What would your life be like, if you were living a life you loved?

As an accredited coach, I bring empathy, encouragement and (gentle) challenge to help you get clarity on what you want, dare to dream bigger and take bold action.

Having spent the last 10 years in the corporate world, I have a deep understanding of the pressures and challenges faced by professional women. I love supporting them to move from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’ by reconnecting to their authentic self and realigning their life to their core values so everything feels like it flows more easily.

Contact Info

Email: hello@jadetjia.com

Website: jadetjia.com

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?


I used to have a longer list, but over time have found that a more focussed set of core desired feelings is easier for me to keep top of mind.

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

I have Desire Mapped three times in the last two years, as my life situation has evolved and my core desired feelings changed to reflect that.

The first two times I completed the exercise solo which gave me the space to identify my core desired feelings at my own pace.

The most recent time I attended an official Desire Map workshop, which provided a sense of connection and belonging as I went through the process with a wonderfully diverse group of whole-hearted women.

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

A few years ago I was contemplating a career change. It was around this time that I first identified my core desired feelings. The clarity and liberation that I felt from knowing my CDFs was so much more powerful than I expected. It gave me confidence that the new direction I was pursuing was the right move for me.

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

Experiencing the Desire Map can lead to deep transformation and completely change your life, aligning it with your values and desires.

When you are clear on who you want to be and how you want to feel in your life, that flows through to your energy and the way you show up. You attract more of what you desire, feel more confident in your choices, and shine so much brighter.

And if everyone was conscious and intentional about their feelings, I believe the world would be a more positive, connected, thoughtful and fun place. That's the kind of world I’d love to live in.


One of the most surprising insights I gained from the workshop was finding out that everything I need and want is already within me. I also really enjoyed the feedback and energy of the fellow participants. I loved hearing about the experiences of the other women and could not have revealed my core desired feelings as robustly myself.


I liked the way Jade guided us to connect to myself and look at key areas of my life. I enjoyed the space that Jade had created, she thought of every detail to make it more special and comfortable. Go check out this urban retreat - you deserve time for yourself to meet like-minded people, learn something about yourself, and feel inspired.


The retreat was eye opening. I enjoyed the new questions which triggered new thoughts the most. It was really truly fabulous, thank you again!


It was obvious how much care and time Jade had put into organising the retreat and making it comfortable and memorable. I loved the venue and the natural light - it felt like a real escape. I also enjoyed meeting a lovely group of women who were in a similar stage of life as me. The whole experience was very well put together. Thank you!


I enjoyed getting clear and simple on what was important to me. I would recommend the retreat experience to anyone who is struggling to gain clarity around goal setting.



Through individual coaching, I’ll give you the personal attention and support to make real change and design a life you love. 

Together we’ll increase your awareness of who you are and what you want, and take aligned action towards you a life you love.
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17 Feb 2018
Melbourne, Vic, Australia

Inspired and Intentional

Led By: Jade Tjia
Start 2018 with an amazing two day urban retreat to redefine success and create more joy, fulfilment and ease in your life.

Held on two consecutive Saturdays, 17 and 24 Feb, at an inspiring and luxurious inner city venue.
12 Aug 2017
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Inspired and Intentional: A Desire Map Urban Retreat (Level 1 and 2)

Led By: Jade Tjia
You're invited to an amazing two day urban retreat to redefine success and create more joy, fulfilment and ease in your life.

Held on two consecutive Saturdays, 12 and 19 August, at an inspiring premium inner city venue.


The Desire Map Facilitator Program

Workshop, retreat, and coaching curriculum for all good souls.


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