Joey Fielder

Core Desired Feelings luxurious, inspiration, vibrant, empowerment

Specialty Advanced Courses in Active Listening, Personality Science, Rapport Building, Referrals

About Me

I help people revolutionize rapport by utilizing advanced courses in active listening.

Certified Personality Science Trainer, Science of People

Other degrees, certifications and endorsements can be found at: www.linkedin.com/in/joeyfielder

Get to know me on my personal blog at: www.authenticcharm.net

Contact Info

Email: joey@joeyfielder.com

Website: http:howyoustandout.com

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

Luxurious: Appreciating moments of self care and togetherness in daily life
(https://www.pinterest.com/joeyfielder/hygge-howidefineluxury/ )

Inspiration: Recognizing insights into what makes people tick

Vibrant: Experiencing moments of purposeful flow when contributing to causes

Empowerment: Creating positive change

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

I purchased the Desire Map Planner in 2015. I loved how it created a habit of intentional living. It was also fun to see people share their experiences with it online around the world on social media. This allowed me to connect with myself and others in amazing ways.

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

The moment that I felt resonance with the words on the page was one that I will always cherish. There are so many distractions and demands in life that it is easy to just go against the grain just to get things done. Discovery of my CDF's has empowered me to set boundaries and increase the overall quality of my life. Clarity has enriched my ability to connect with and contribute to others in meaningful ways.

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

This program beautifully enhances the tools that I share for creating authentic connection through Personality Science. It adds an extra layer of warmth and togetherness to the customized process.

It has a luxurious aesthetic that inspires individuals to reconnect with self and others resulting in vibrant empowerment to create meaningful connections. (Did you see my CDF's in there? (-; )


Every once in a while you meet someone that is unforgettable for reasons that are not always obvious. Joey is that kind of individual and professional. Her creative talent mixed with her eye for detail and esthetic intuitive nature provide outcomes that are not only impactful and purposeful but are high quality in style and function.

Renata Jabuka, Chief Revenue Officer, Data Guardian Pros



25 Mar 2018

Bloom: A Free Desire Map Intro Session – 15 Min

Led By: Joey Fielder
Soon after the first day of Spring has arrived, we'll be reviewing our areas of personal growth. Opening our eyes and reflecting on where we've planted seeds for success with our new year's goals back in January. Discovering areas where we're flourishing and cultivating them in a guided journal session. 

View the virtual webinar on Sunday, 3/25/18 at 11:00am MST

Register now at: http://bit.ly/bloom0318

11 Feb 2018

Go Where the Love Is: Desire Map Intro Session – 15 min

Led By: Joey Fielder
The cupid’s bow that hits all of us around Valentine’s day is powerful reminder to reflect on close relationships in our life. When you reflect on this, does your heart jump with joy? Does it feel numb? Is their joy or resentment? Maybe it’s comfortable with contentment that’s actually creating a mask from disconnection? 

February’s Desire Map webinar is based on gratitude and dissatisfaction in relationships and society. We’ll dig deep and connect to what’s working, and what’s not, in our relationships for 2018. How do you want your closest relationships to feel? Learn more while viewing this 15 minute virtual retreat.

Sunday, February 11th, 2018 at 11:00am MST

Register for this free intro session below: 
7 Jan 2018

Analyze What Inspires You – Desire Map Intro Session

Led By: Joey Fielder
Discover the reason why you're pursuing your New Year's Resolutions so that you can reveal the essence of how you want to feel. After all, it's the feeling that you're really after, right?

January 7, 2018 at 4:00pm MST

Register for this free intro session below:
21 Nov 2017

Clarify & Connect Intro Session – Complimentary 15 Min Session

Led By: Joey Fielder
Take a moment to reflect on how you & your loved ones connect the best over the holidays in this meditative webinar.

This Desire Map Goals with Soul Virtual Retreat will help you dig deep into what makes you & your loved ones feel the most connected with a bonus section based on the latest findings in Personality Science.



The Desire Map Facilitator Program

Workshop, retreat, and coaching curriculum for all good souls.


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