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For me, Desire Mapping and the Fire Starter Sessions are incredible tools to help women find their wildfires.

I love to work with awesome strong funny brilliant bolts of beauty who might be getting to around that 40 mark and realising that they’ve spent quite some time achieving society’s goals for them, being great wives /mothers/daughters/friends/ employees/caretakers/perfect models of social acceptance, and are now waking up each morning with a slight ‘I’m pretty sure there’s more to life than this….I always wanted to try kite surfing. And ballet. And writing a blog. And I used to love hip hop. And it’s been quite some since I laughed until my belly hurt. Why is my entire wardrobe various shades of black? I love colour, but I always reach for the practical black in the shops. I used to drive with the music up and the windows down and sing. When did I lose my wild child amongst the busy-ness of my life?’.

I just know that we were all wild and brave and bold and sparkling like freakin’ diamonds when we were younger and didn’t have the weight of responsibilities (some self-imposed, some external) and social norms beating us about the head. So surely the wild wondering is still there, just hidden. And mostly ignored. We are still wild…it’s just inside our safe heads.

My mission is to celebrate the wisdom that comes from life experience and spark the tiny fires of excitement, passion, enthusiasm and wonder which can ignite wildfires of brilliance. I want to help women find their wild bravery, be bold with their beautiful lives, be true to themselves, stand up for themselves, know their worth and share the love and wisdom with others. I help them then bring that wisdom and wildfire to their relationships - it's time to celebrate love and passion and connections that bring out the best in us and help us make a better world.

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Email: kerry@wisdomandwildfire.com

Website: http:wisdomandwildfire.com

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?


I really loved the fact that I was reminded that I am ENOUGH...I felt like I gave myself permission to just let myself be (ease up on my own pressure), and I was reminded very much about some of the 'feelings' I had completely disconnected with, within myself over the last few years.


It was really beyond my expectations. It was fun, relaxed and incredibly valuable. Would you recommend this experience to a friend? Yes absolutely - it is just what everyone needs to re-focus their goals and get to bottom of what they really want out of life.


The event allowed me to reconnect with the core part of me - who I really am, and what I am experiencing in my life. It gave me the space to stand back from the rushing waters of 'busy', and take a look at the impacts they are having on my soul, my existence, and my daily life.


It was phenomenal - raw, honest, deeply probing and gave a real sense of clarity and focus to where I'm at and where I need to be. Kerry created such a warm, welcoming, nurturing space and looked after each of us so beautifully. Her leadership and guidance was inspirational.




20 May 2017
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Goals With Soul – Soulful Planning for Practical People

Led By: Kerry McLeod
I am so looking forward to hosting this workshop with this group of incredible women.  We'll be taking the day to look at our goals, our deep-down values and what might be missing when it comes to being our full awesome selves. 

We have the procedures of achievement upside down. Typically we come up with our to-do lists, our bucket lists, and our strategic plans — all the stuff we want to have, get, accomplish, and experience outside of ourselves. All of those aspirations are being driven by an innate desire to feel a certain way.

You are here to design a life that feels good: when you wake up, when you go to work, when you cook dinner, create something. The Desire Map has changed the way I live my life, and I am so thrilled to share this experience with you.

The idea is that we use the time in the workshop to get clear on how we actually want to feel within ourselves, and then we design our to-do lists, set our goals, and write out our bucket lists.

How do you want to feel? We’re getting clear on why we’re chasing and what we’re chasing. 

What does your body want? 
What does your relationship want? 
What does your soul want? 
What does your heart want? 

Desire Mapping is the holistic way to identify your deepest intentions and desires. Feeling good along the way to your goals doesn’t mean you don’t work your ass off to get what you want. It means you joyously work your ass off!



The Desire Map Facilitator Program

Workshop, retreat, and coaching curriculum for all good souls.


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