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5 Jan 2018
Sydney, NSW, Australia

GOALS WITH SOUL: 5th-7th January 2018

Led By: Kirralie Dillon
A Yoga retreat to set you on your way to living an amazing year. Every January, we come up with our new year's resolutions. Right?? We think of all the stuff we want to do...have... get...accomplish...and experience in the coming year. But at the heart of it: EVERY one of those aspirations are being driven by an innate desire to FEEL a certain way. It's true.

So, WHAT IF...
This year we take some time to first get clear on HOW we actually want to feel within ourselves. Then use that information to make our resolutions and set our goals?

It's a very very different scenario and a refreshing change from the usual pattern of making resolutions that don't come to fruition.

GOALS WITH SOUL is a weekend for discovering what you want most out of life and learning how to fit that with your life-style.

This is an exciting, holistic way to set New Year's resolutions.

Once you GET CLEAR on what you most want out of life you can set yourself on the path for it to actually happen in 2018.


Bookings are now open for this New Year's Retreat

$550 per person

SPECIAL OFFER: Book with a friend and complete payment before December 15 and you will each pay $500 instead of $550

This is a fully catered retreat for an intimate group (Maximum 15 people)
Full weekend: Friday afternoon to Sunday lunchtime
At a beautiful retreat centre in St Albans (1.5 hrs from Sydney)
All meals, accommodation and Yoga classes and other activities are included.

This is sure to be a special weekend.

Find the event on fb
GOALS WITH SOUL: January 2018

or contact Kirralie to get started in prepping for this experience...
041 333 1185 (mobile)
11 Aug 2017
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Desire Mapping Yoga Retreat: August

Led By: Kirralie Dillon
Imagine getting away from Sydney for a few days, stepping outside of your life and your everyday routine and having a whole weekend dedicated to your own wellbeing??? You don't have to imagine it. I have planned it...& all you need to do is be there!

St Alban's is 1.5 hours north of Sydney (not far from Wiseman's Ferry). I have held a few retreats already at this retreat centre. It's a gorgeous spot to hang out, the location is peaceful, the food is amazing. There is a swimming pool and there are some lovely walks on the property.

Over the Friday/Saturday/Sunday we will make our way through the full Desire Mapping Process.
Creating a Desire Map is the crazy cool process developed by Danielle La Porte and shared with the world via her book ?The Desire Map?. 

On this weekend, through a whole series of activities & workshops we will get to the heart of what we really want out of life. We will discover which feelings move us forward in life. We will each uncover a unique set of Core Desired Feelings and learn how to use them. Knowing your Core Desired Feelings can make life so much more juicy. 

Desire Mapping can be an exciting experience. Whether it's your first time to do it or just time to delve in again and tweak your radar. 

My intention is to create a weekend that will be relaxing, fun and nourishing. A safe environment in good company. We can inspire one another and support each other as we go through this Desire Mapping journey. 

Yoga will be included in the weekend as an optional extra. Yoga can be useful as part of the process as well as being enjoyable and relaxing. However it is possible to do all Desire Mapping Sessions and skip Yoga to do your own thing if you prefer. 

This is a fully catered retreat for an intimate group (Maximum 15 people) Friday afternoon to Sunday lunchtime. All meals, accommodation and activities are included.



The Desire Map Facilitator Program

Workshop, retreat, and coaching curriculum for all good souls.


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