Rana Alamuddin

Core Desired Feelings Joy, Celebration, Pleasure, Feminine Leader, Ease

Specialty New Motherhood Adjustment, Postpartum, Transition, Depression, New Identity, Career after Children, Transformation, Re-Invention, Finding Freedom

About Me

Actress. Writer. TV host. Daughter of diplomat father and sociologist mother. World traveler.
Beirut-L.A girl. Fluent in five languages. Split my childhood between intercontinental cocktail parties and muddy donkey rides in my grandparents’ village in South Lebanon. Reincarnation devotee since the age of five. Head over heels in love. Mother of two. Inspired by Reinvention.

Contact Info

Email: rana.alamuddin@mac.com

Website: http:burkawoman.com

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

Feminine Leader

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

Leaving Hollywood as a working actress and moving to Saudi Arabia as a new at-home mom dismantled everything I knew about myself and life. The Desire Map came to me as an island, a shore and a rock which anchored me to rediscover or re-create who I was and who I wanted to be. It helped me to build myself anew from what seemed like destruction.

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

I have always loved to dance. Not just nightclub dance (although I love that too and always will). But really dance. Dance from my guts, my visceral, wild untamed authentic self. I would watch Pina Bausch and her dancers unleash their emotional universes into the stratosphere and crave that kind of grounded, animal yet mystical and transcendental inner experience. When I started identifying my Core Desired Feelings for the first time, I was startled to see that "dancing" came up under every single CDF, as an action which made me feel the way I wanted to feel. Lightbulbs started going off in my head. I must be on to something, I told myself. And, true to its name, the Desire Map did function as a map, leading me from the word "dance" plastered all over my notes to finding a trail to the 5 Rhythms dance practice, which I now practice regularly and hope to until my body will allow me. This dance practice turned out not just hitting and lighting up every single CFD of mine but also awakening, deepening and celebrating my most visceral, authentic, wild, untamed self. The Self I had been yearning to connect to my entire life.

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

Along with personal deep inner work and therapy, The Desire Map pretty much saved me from depression and despair. It also triggered my transformation process, ushering me from my old self which was appearance and validation-based to my new self which is much more self-love based and in tune with its true inner power. It then became a responsibility and a mission for me to help others who might be going through a similar life experience. I think the darkness and pain that occurs within a human's process of transformation is often looked-down upon or ostracized when in fact it should be assisted, nurtured and celebrated as a pathway to renewal.


The Desire Map works like a compass.Now I know that if I follow my inner knowing I can trust the journey ahead even when I don't understand it in the present moment.Thank you Rana!

Ayisha Sami, Chicago, USA

Rana has a unique gift to bring together strong & inspiring women of varied backgrounds and talents & shine a light on who they are and the infinite possibility of who they can be.

Robyn Law, Australia WWW.ROBYNJLAW.COM

I was skeptic about embarking on another self-improvement adventure.But Rana's engaging leadership made this experience a voyage of discovery in a higher dimension of my true self.

Ilaria Sezanne, Italy

Rana’s passion is infectious and inspiring. She’s adept at steering very diverse groups towards how they really want to feel and what concrete steps to take to get there.

Natalie Brewer, Canada

Rana is the real deal. She's a supernova of divine wit and wisdom. In her sessions we went deep to uncover dormant desires, release fears and open doors to new layers of self-love.

Franca Munoz, Argentina - WWW.FRANCAMUNOZ.COM - Licensed DM Facilitator


22 Feb 2016
Manama, Budaiya, Bahrain

The Desire Map Workshop Level 1

Led By: Rana Alamuddin
The 1st Desire Map workshop in the Arab world!


The Desire Map Facilitator Program

Workshop, retreat, and coaching curriculum for all good souls.


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