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Core Desired Feelings spacious, cherished, free

Specialty Helping women reclaim their freedom and power to create.

About Me

I am a Master Coach, Desire Map Facilitator, and NLP Practitioner. My passion is helping women reclaim their freedom and power to create.

I've spent the past 20 years studying what makes us tick, what keeps us stuck and most importantly, what helps us thrive. The Desire Map is one of the best ways I've found to improve the quality of life and I weave it into all of my programs.

Contact Info

Phone: 604-874-6410

Email: info@sandiamorim.com

Website: http:createdlifemastermind.com

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

Spacious, Cherished, Free

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

I spent a few hours alone with my workbook, a journal, tea, and chocolate. I loved the quiet and sacred feeling of those hours, free from distractions and the world outside.

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

One day my husband asked if he could do the Desire Map too. That day changed everything. We sat next to each other on the couch, quietly working our way through the questions. At the end, when he shared his CDFs with me, I knew we had a new way of dealing with challenges in our relationship.

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

I have used the Desire Map with many clients with great success. The impact of knowing how you want to feel and then, bringing those feelings to life has had a profound effect on my clients' lives. It has become an essential part of my work to help people reclaim their freedom in life.


Sandi is warm, REAL and completely transparent in her approach; I loved her style of facilitation.

Ellie Ericson

I was impressed with the incredible quality of everything: place, content, interaction between participants, and Sandi as facilitator. Highly recommend.

Pamela Sampel

I can wholeheartedly recommend Sandi’s virtual Desire Mapping Workshop, truly magical – I didn’t want it to end.

Nadine Ingle

Sandi's spirit and introspective approach made the virtual workshop engaging & meaningful. The Facebook group was a great resource to check-in daily to learn and grow.

Jennifer Gray

I adore Sandi. She is honest and real, sharing deep within her vulnerable heart.

Carol Weaver

This is the woman to lead your Desire Map workshop. Courageous, vulnerable and bold. She's all of that and more.

Jill Prescott

What an amazing weekend. Thank you Sandi for leading the way with light and wisdom.

Andrea Hill

Sandi helped me own the Desire Map process. I want to cry, laugh and cheer all at the same time.

Ellen Berg

The Desire Map Workshop was an extraordinary experience for me. Sandi is a truly beautiful person and gifted coach.

Vivienne McMaster

Powerful shifts are happening; I am claiming my desire to live bigger and bolder than I have.

Jill M. Boadway

Sandi has a wonderful gift - her heart. It was a good balance of heart, smart, & substance.

Susan Charara

Sandi's facilitation of the Desire Map workshop was exquisite. This was one of the best workshops I've ever experienced.

Pamela Sampel

Sandi is skilled, heartfelt and down-to-earth - the perfect person to take your hand and lead you through the process.

Lucca Hallex



4 Jan 2019
Roberts Creek, BC, Canada

Rest + Reset: a Created Life retreat

Led By: Sandi Amorim
It's been a year.

And whatever challenges and celebrations, leaps and setbacks you may have experienced last year, it's time to REST + RESET.

This three-day immersion will provide you with space to take a deep breath, honour where you've been, where you are and guide you into an expanded view of your future.
After all, there is so much you want to be, do and accomplish. This is the place to start.

Through conversation, community, ritual and gentle movement you will be invited to release the old to welcome in the new. You will be nourished with beautiful plant-based food. You will experience ancient rituals to honour your past, present and future.

You will be lovingly guided to uncover how you MOST WANT TO FEEL.

At the heart of it all, is you clearing the way as you call in the future and declare what you want to create in your life. 

No woman left behind.

9 Sep 2018

Embodying Desire: a special 1-day virtual workshop with two MASTER FACILITATORS

Led By: Sandi Amorim

Most women struggle with their relationship with their bodies.

This struggle affects their health and happiness as well as business and relationships.

This struggle affects EVERYTHING and yet we don't acknowledge it.

This special virtual session of EMBODYING DESIRE will help us begin a deeper process of healing our relationship to ourselves and our precious bodies.

Because when women heal, everyone benefits.

is an exploration that will have you get clear on what you want, and how you want to feel in a new way, from your heart and soul, in partnership with your body.

Join Master Coach, Sandi Amorim and Desire Map Facilitator, Dr. Rachel Eppinga
for a very special session of Embodying Desire.

20 Apr 2018
Winnipeg, Mb, Canada

Embodying Desire

Led By: Sandi Amorim
EMBODYING DESIRE is an exploration that will have you get clear on what you want, and how you want to feel in a new way, from your heart and soul, in partnership with your body.

You will learn how to clear stuck states and shift your perceptions, stripping away the limiting patterns from childhood.

You will unleash a flow of energy as you release the past and integrate parts of yourself long forgotten.

From this clearing, you will create a clean slate from which you can map out your heart's desires.

Embodying Desire - Winnipeg
When: April 20 + 21, 2018
Time: April 20, 7-9pm, April 21, 1-8pm Central
Where: Peg City Yoga
Your investment: $275 (Includes tea and snacks, workbook, and special gift)

Register by April 14th and receive a spot in 100 Days of Devotion; a follow up program to support integration.

Limited to 24 spots

24 Sep 2017

Embodying Desire: Virtual

Led By: Sandi Amorim
Embodying Desire is a journey from head to heart.

A journey devoted to you, and what you most want.

You will be asked questions that only you can answer—questions calling for courage, openness and the willingness to explore the depths you long for. In those depths, you’ll come face to face with what’s kept you from living life on your terms.

Are you ready?

9 Sep 2017
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Embodying Desire: Vancouver

Led By: Sandi Amorim
Embodying Desire is a journey from head to heart and heart to soul.

Let's dive into your core desired feelings specifically around your body and wellness.

Do you know how you want to feel in your body?

Let's find out together.

Please note: This is my last in-person Desire Map workshop for 2017 and it's specifically focused on wellness. If this is of interest, take advantage of the special pricing ($250) and join me in causing a breakthrough in your body.
22 Jan 2017

The Desire Map Review 2017

Led By: Sandi Amorim
How do you want to feel as you create 2017?

Your feelings are the heart of the matter. 
You know that, and now it's time to review...

From the comfort and intimacy of your own home, we'll come together virtually for four group calls between 9am-5pm Pacific.

Flexibility and flow will be our guides as we dive back into the Desire Map to bring a new future to life in 2017.

You may surprise yourself by being even more intimately connected to your core desired feelings.

20 Nov 2016
Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

Embodying Desire: an Awakened Woman workshop

Led By: Sandi Amorim
"Each time women gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little more."

That's why I feel honoured to lead Embodying Desire: an exploration of how you most want to feel, a 3 hour workshop at the Awakened Woman Conference in Bali in November. 

The Conference is a 7-day convergence of female leaders from around the world gathering in one of the most sacred locations on earth. 

I feel privileged to share my knowledge and experience along side some of the most influential women who are at the forefront of empowering women to live their most awake life. 

Enter 'sandi ' into the promo box upon registration to receive a discount.
1 Aug 2016

Cosmic Creation: From Thought to Reality

Led By: Sandi Amorim
Creating and sharing your gifts takes an inner revolution that calls for the right kind of support and a radical shift in how you think and feel. This is Cosmic Creation.

You are a creator.
You are of this world.
Now is the time.

Imagine creating what you want in the world using your core desired feelings to fuel your daily actions. That's what we'll do together in this mindset-shifting, action-oriented three week online program.

At the end of three weeks, creation will feel like a sacred birthing, because it is.


The Desire Map Facilitator Program

Workshop, retreat, and coaching curriculum for all good souls.


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