Stella Burchard

Core Desired Feelings Love, Free, Inspiration, Connection, Strong

Specialty Business, Sales, Fashion, Coaching, Consulting, Management, Strategy, Development

About Me

Person. Coach. Grower. Writer. Representer. #DesireMap Facilitator. Purveyor of Love.

I work with creatives, brands, and retailers to build and grow authentically as their best self.

I listen for the gold in others and acknowledge them for it. I'm a big idea fan. I'm great at digging in and following up. I am here to cheer, tell it straight, offer experience, keep you accountable, and high five about it all.

Contact Info

Phone: (858) 243-3223

Email: stella@queenofbows.com

Q & A

Q: What are your Core Desired Feelings?

Love. Free. Inspiration. Connection. Strong.

Q: How / where did you Desire Map? What did you love about doing it that way?

By myself, at home and in life. I loved carrying the Desire Map with me- to bed, to the waiting room while my car was serviced, to pick up waiting, to cafes, in the car. I feel the timing and pace I worked through the Desire Map were exactly what were needed for each step. In 2014, I also led a Desire Map bookclub, bringing my back through the material and getting to guide others, which reinforced what I knew and honed my thoughts and feelings in a new time.

Q: Tell me a specific story about how knowing your CDFs has changed your life.

Just giving words to these core feelings that drive me has been enlightening, and each day I am present to them. I start my days with my Desire Map planner and write them. Some days I am just writing to do it and move forward with my day, but even when I'm not fully present, going through the process of declaring and writing my CDFs brings me back to ME. Does it seem like it will be a tough day ahead? Yes, some days. Can I still feel how I want to feel? YES. Maybe I am not feeling inspired by a situation, but can I find Inspiration? I can! Maybe I feel disconnected to Love, but will I be able to feel it? Absolutely.

Q: Why are you passionate about sharing this work with others?

Because everyone is special and deserves to have their soul expressed in life. Getting in touch with our core desired feelings, being present to them, and making choices from there is profound and aligned with all I know. I want others to experience the clarity and power that come from knowing and choosing what they are truly after for their life.


Stella has an incredibly warm, energetic, genuine spirit about her that made the workshop the success that it was. She's a natural at coaching and in creating a safe, supportive space that encourages you to be vulnerable, open, and honest about your experiences and feelings. Stella will guide you through the Desire Map with humor and thoughtfulness

Kristen Lee


One-on-one coaching. Available via phone or in person (based in Los Angeles, CA area).
Group workshops and retreats. Available for virtual and face-to-face gatherings.  

Let's suss out where you're at and where you want to be. I want to hear your ideas and reflect them back to you so you can see possibilities and form plans. 

Whether you have an idea brewing, are stuck within one, or are deep in it and wanting to reconnect, let's talk! There is power in reaching out and calling in perspective and experience. 

Do it, get in touch.
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18 Nov 2016

Unpacking the election and our desires: Free Desire Map Coaching

Led By: Stella Burchard
With the recent U.S. election and the outpouring of strong emotions, I am called to dig within myself, shine Light, and shine to others so they can best take care and move forward. I am diving back into the Desire Map, looking to connect with our deepest desires, and bring that forward in a time of divisiveness and uncertainty.

Coaching takes place in 30 minute phone call. We will center, unpack what you are feeling, and get in touch with how you want to feel. My intention is to listen to your true self and guide you to your desires as navigation.

Please email me with the following to arrange your call:

- Subject: Free Desire Map + election unpack

- If you have 1) worked through the Desire Map before, 2) are new to the Desire Map and have the book and/or workbook, 3) are new to the Desire Map and do not have the book and/or workbook.

- What concern, yearning, thought, desire you are bringing in signing up.

- If you prefer morning or afternoon call (all times are PST as I am conducting from Los Angeles).

- Anything else you want me to know.

Email stella@queenofbows.com with the above. I will respond to further arrange within 24 hours.

Call time slots are available Friday, November 11 through Friday, November 18 until capacity is reached. 

I look forward to meeting you. <3
12 Sep 2016

Desire Map intro

Led By: Stella Burchard
Are you interested in starting The Desire Map for the first time or rereading it with guidance? 

Let me keep you accountable to reading and doing the work, supplementing the book with questions, affirmations, and other examination one-on-one. We will work through any questions and you have a dedicated listener to bounce ideas off of and hear what you're really saying. Let's find your Core Desired Feelings together!

First session on September 12, 2016. Following sessions are September 19 and September 26. Session time to be scheduled upon payment and confirmation of joining.
2 May 2015
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Desire Map weekend workshop Level 1 Los Angeles

Led By: Stella Burchard
A quick summary for our weekend workshop: Desire Map book, digging down, getting in touch with feelings, yoga (so you are in touch with real stuff), sharing, meditation (so your ego stays checked), declarations and discoveries, a dance party to shake it all loose cause GIRL, it's a LOT! It'll be fun, 2 of us spiritual goofball dedicated types, other people, great space, great work. Please come out, LA! We'd love to rock out some goals with soul + mindfulness + dance parties with you! The workshop is 1-5 pm each day, Saturday and Sunday, May 2-3. Also, we have early bird registration, which saves $50 + fees before April 16. Yeah!
22 Apr 2015
Los Angeles, California, United States

Desire Map intro Q&A & soul!

Led By: Stella Burchard
Stella Burchard is leading an upcoming Desire Map workshop, partnered with Sam Bianchini to bring yoga, movement, breath and mediation alongside her. She is a POWERHOUSE of inspirational knowledge and support, and we're lucky to offer FREE intro Q&A sessions before the weekend workshop to introduce you to the Desire Map and our incorporation of goals + soul. Each session will be one-on-one, phone call, or virtually, so you can get your questions answered, in touch with you, and a feel for Stella and this work. Email stella@queenofbows.com for details and to arrange time!
13 Apr 2015
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Goals with soul FREE intro

Led By: Stella Burchard
The incredible Stella Burchard is leading a Desire Map workshop, partnered with Sam Bianchini to bring yoga, movement, breath and mediation alongside her. She is a POWERHOUSE of inspirational knowledge and support, and we're lucky to offer a free session before the weekend workshop to introduce you to the Desire Map and our incorporation of goals, soul, and body. It's a FREE info session this Monday, April 13th! Email stella@queenofbows.com for details.
14 Mar 2015
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Desire Map Weekend Workshop: Level 1

Led By: Stella Burchard
Stella Burchard is leading a Desire Map level 1 workshop with Sam Bianchini! We hope you join us. We are bringing goals together with meditation, yoga, cheerleaders, space to get in touch with yourself, sharing, and support. The workshop is over a weekend, 1-5 pm both Saturday and Sunday. What’s included: 2 sessions over 2 days// 2 teachers, Stella and Sam// The Desire Map book// a Desire Map workbook// movement and meditation guidance// coaching for your core desired feelings// For more info and to register via Paypal: http://queenofbows.com/news/2015/02/12/a-desire-map-weekend-workshop-level-1/ Please share with friends and dear ones! (Where: Yogala Echo Park 1840 Echo Park Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90026 Cost: $222)


The Desire Map Facilitator Program

Workshop, retreat, and coaching curriculum for all good souls.


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