Danielle LaPorte Letters for RenewalMaybe you feel your soft edges brittling from the heavy parts of 2018. Maybe the walls are coming in. I can feel that tendency, too. The collective grief, and outrage, and longing can drain our creative power for change. An activist friend recently said to me, “I won’t give up if you don’t give up.” It was everything I needed to hear that day. It was inspiration for RENEWAL—an opening to recommit to true desires and ideals.

Danielle LaPorte Letters for Renewal

I’m curating something very sweet for the month of September: a daily dose of wisdom, poetry, and visual beauty to help us realign our inner drives with our outer doings. It’s called LETTERS FOR RENEWAL—30 days of Love from me + some of my deeply wise and witty friends to help fuel your Soul for forward movement.




Danielle LaPorte Letters for Renewal

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My Loves,

I’ve been hearing this echo in my circle of friends: “I’m so done—with all of it. I’m done with the social media BS. I want more living, less proving.” We nod together. Deep exhale. And then this: “But I’m in! Not giving up! So much I want to create! So much to make, to change, to put my love on…” Yep. Deep inhale.

This place between being maxed and being passionate about life is where RENEWAL needs to happen. We stop here to let go of ways that aren’t working, repair some damaged sails, fuel up on inspiration, and head back out with a fortified sense of purpose.

The promise of Fall (or Spring depending on your hemisphere) is the most delicious time to renew. You know, The Aquarian Age that we’re now in is about COLLECTIVE consciousness. We can only get to our ideal tomorrow together. So, I thought, it’s time to bring in multiple wisdom perspectives to bolster the tribe. We are each other’s net and light. Whatever season you’re in, however your determination is holding up, please—do what it takes to be well, so you can do what’s needed to serve. Renew.

One Love,

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