Stepping Up Your Business to Be a
Force for Good

I’ve been with Marie on this journey for 7+ years now and the stories of B-School utility and prosperity are incredible. Start thinking about what “incredible” would look like for you… then join us as we jam on that vision.

Whether you’re an artist, a healer, a business owner with a growing team… you know that leveraging online tools is how you make greater impact with your craft.

You’ve got so many ideas and beautiful intentions… but maybe you’re struggling to commit to a path. And, you’re only interested in earning money through conscious business practices. Abundance through integrity. It’s the only way. Instead of spending 2019 staring at the screen, get yourself a feminist squad to help you go for it. Speaking of… Registration for @MarieForleo’s B-School is open now!

Which also means—we just unveiled our NEW 2019 B-School bonus. I’ve never offered this before, and we’re stoked. SIX exclusive bonuses, all designed specifically to support you in your business building journey. This year, we’re all about CONNECTION—something we all need more of. From tapping your inner resources, to growing a community that you’ll lean on for years to come.

Juicy details + registration HERE: DANIELLELAPORTE.COM/BSCHOOL

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