[LIVE Q&A] Our best (and worst) business decisions. A jam session with my dear friend Marie Forleo.

I’m only interested in earning money through conscious, heart-centered business practices. Abundance through integrity. It’s the only way.

If you’ve known me for a while, then you know that every year I cheerlead for Marie Forleo’s business training programs. Everyone on #TeamDanielle goes through them. High integrity and high production value. First class and fiercely useful.

Team D is in regular jam-mode with Team Forleo. We swap wisdom, contacts, ideas, and encouragement. We know, as Marie puts it, that “People who get, and leverage, online marketing have the highest profits, the best customers, and a business that makes money 24/7.” Sisters, doin’ it.

Now, your turn. Check out the first part of Marie’s training, “The 6 Pillars”, HERE.


A few highlights of what she covers in this free training:

  • Why soulful + creative people are more likely to succeed online.
  • How to market your products and services more effectively online, whether you’re a brick + mortar or a virtual business.
  • The 6 pillars to building a highly profitable business online.

In honour of B-school opening, Marie and I are talking LIVE entrepreneurial shoptalk. Public speaking pointers. Business manifestos. Building a team. Raising money…and giving it away. How we grew solid businesses, stayed sane (give or take), and got back on track when we were off. From the office to the bedroom, we’ll riff on our 10 “Best of” decisions and field your questions.


Get your questions to us now by submitting them here. We’ll also take a few live on the line. Find us on Facebook + Instagram Live on February 20th (the day B-School opens).

Light it up,

*My support is whole-hearted. Marie’s program is the only online business school I recommend and am an affiliate for.

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Danielle LaPorte BSchool 2018

B-School opens today! Make money with meaning.

It’s happening. Registration for B-School aka, Marie Forleo’s Online Business School for Modern Entrepreneurs is open now. I think Marie Forleo’s B-School is critical for every business owner. That’s why I’m giving my Biggest B-School Bonus EVER to anyone who signs up for B-School through my affiliate link—click here to see the bonus bundle. This bonus has everything you need to support your big entrepreneurial heart.

Danielle-Laporte-Manifesto for Conscious Business

Team D’s Manifesto for Conscious Business (C’mon and get it.)

Team D’s Manifesto for Conscious Business. This is the third revision in the course of six years. Every single word is intentional and in order of priority.

3 habits for dissolving envy

3 habits for dissolving envy.

Can you wish the best for those you envy?

What if your jealousy is a sign that you need to get your ass in gear?

Because, what’s wrong with wanting what you want?

Hint: Nothin’…

Danielle LaPorte Love Radiance Meditation

You. Me. Let’s talk Love + Radiance over lunch…

Real talk about Love + Radiance…resistance…humbling revelations…All the light stuff.


Introducing The Love + Radiance Meditation Kit (+ a LIVE class with me).

The meditation is multi-form and more…multifaith. This experience wraps together: prayer, meditation, visualization and mantra “Words of Power.” We produce it in print and audio, with cue cards for DIY. And because the “landscape” of the meditation is so key, we’ve given you a visual “mood board” of photographs to help you see your way into the space.

An open letter to my peoples How can I help

An open letter to my peoples: How can I help?

Here are the questions––which I am now asking YOU: What’s the drag in your life? The general pain points. How could I help you with that?

Addicted to productivity

Addicted to productivity, and the courageous act of…stillness.

Wisdom is so underrated these days, but never mind that. Courage up. Wise people pause. Because they know that when you can be still, you become more real. Deeper. And that’s where the value is.


Can you love the problems that come with your good choices? (Because there will always be problems.)

Can you love the problems inherent in your industry? The challenges that come with the goals you’ve set? The hoops you have to jump through to get what you want the most?

Danielle LaPorte Desire Map Preview Bundle

Right now The Desire Map is FREE for you + your FRIENDS. Because…this is what I have to give.

Clarity-backed action. And LOVE. (I’m giving The Desire Map to you AND your friends.)

I know the colour of your eyes3

I know the colour of your eyes (A poem for loving your life while you’re aware of eternity.)

I know the colour of your eyes (A poem for loving your life while you’re aware of eternity.)

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