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I’m all for the Light the illumination that leads to liberation. My definition of holistic includes green juice and very loud rock n’ roll; pop culture and eastern mysticism; justified anger and deeply sweet empathy. I love the game of business and multimedia. I’m saddened by greed. I believe that generous people have more to give.

I’m a stand for making money in meaningful, eco-honouring ways. I’m an introvert who rarely inserts herself into conversations, but if you ask my opinion, and especially if I have a microphone in my hand (which makes me happy), I will speak very, very clearly about matters of the heart. I think everything is a matter of the heart.

My Core Desire Feelings are Radiance and Devotion, and two other words that I keep to myself.

Music has saved me more than once. I want to do more yoga than I already do, I want to paint more than I have. Being my son’s mother is my greatest honour and biggest laugh mostly, it’s him laughing at me, not with me. Not long ago he said, “So are you a philosopher?” I answered, “Ya. Well, more like, I’m very philosophical.” He thought that was hilarious.

I think the best self-help is self-compassion.

I hear a variation of this all the time — when I get off stage, from readers, through friends of friends: “It was 11:30pm the other night and I needed something [soul salve, a kick in the ass, wisdom for a friend, a confidence boost for work…] so I went to your site and got what I needed. Really, I just wanted some encouragement.”

Give me the hook that’s going to pull me up and out of the pain. Give me the comforting one-liner to clear my confusion. Caffeinate my stuckness. Give me permission to want what I want. Give me a diamond of insight that I can carry all week. Inspire me to go for it. Tell me everything is going to be okay. Please, be encouraging.

The essence of all of my work can be distilled into that. Encouraging someone to be…courageous. Which usually just means being themselves, which ironically is the hardest thing ever.

The Fire Starter Sessions got Creatives and entrepreneurs overhauling their definitions of success.

The Desire Map has become a global movement for women and men to connect with their core desired feelings and create goals with soul.

Really, I just want to keep offering “spiritual” backup. (I put spiritual in quotes because that’s a relative term if there ever was one.) I’m committed to being straight up, as kind as possible, and useful — right now. Now, when you’re in pain. Now, when your life is good but you know it could be so much better. Now, when you’re longing to take that hot heart of yours and really do something with it this lifetime.

I love the phrase Godspeed. It reminds us that the light is right here, in a flash, and that the universe is rooting for us.


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Brave Love

This symbol began as a rubber stamp carving that I did late one night about ten years ago. The heart-key, and an arrow, at first as individuals. And then I thought, “You need both to make it happen in life.” (The answer to so much in life is “both”.) Love opens the door – always. But to walk through the door – to make the most of the opportunity – you need focused intention. Still + Action. Feminine + Masculine. Receiving + Giving. So open your heart. And use your intelligence to direct your Love.


Total whim, these were. I wanted a place to express my, ahem, vast and profound wisecracks. I wanted to be encouraging in just one sentence if possible. I rolled out a few one-liners to my friend Steph and she said, “Well THAT’S a Truthbomb!” And here we are, #Truthbombs have turned out to be one of my most popular makings.

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The Desire Map

Desire Map is my love child. It really poured out from my heart in response to seeing so many people running themselves into the ground for ambition (I was one of them.) Soulless goals make for a lot of…meaningless fatigue. The magical question is this: How do you want to feel? Nobody ever asked me that in school. Or my jobs. Or most of my relationships.

If I can inspire one more person to ask themselves that question, then it’s a very good day. And if The Desire Map can help someone hone in on their Core Desired Feelings – brilliant. And if their Core Desired Feelings become the driver of their life strategies – fucking awesome.

The Desire Map book has sold over 120,000 copies and at last count, is being translated into seven languages. We have 900+ Desire Map Workshop Facilitators and every week somewhere in the world, a Desire Map workshop happens.

This all came from a sticky note I put in my day planner a decade ago that started with: I want to feel….

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The Fire Starter Sessions

This book is an homage to my favourite failures and feats, and my willingness to willfully will things into being. People ask me for business advice a lot. Especially the start up, creative, blood n’ sweat kind of advice. Read The Fire Starter Sessions.

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Creative highlights and lowlights

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Danielle LaPorte left quite an impression with our attendees at The Art of Leadership for Women. Her time on stage was incredibly engaging and packed with content. Our audience has been raving about Danielle long after the conference ended and she was definitely one of our top rated speakers. It was an honour having Danielle on our stage.

The Art of Productions, Inc.

Danielle is our OM girl! Her highly entertaining and engaging talk was a huge hit with our Yoga Journal audience. Danielle and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with from their pre-event support all the way through to the end of the night. Our team was highly impressed with Danielle’s personal attention to the attendees during the book signing that followed her event. Everyone left the event on cloud nine!

Yoga Journal Renee LaRose, Yoga Journal LIVE!

Danielle LaPorte is a poet powerhouse of transformation.

Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine Maranda Pleasant, Founder/editor ORIGIN Magazine

Speaking + Events

My presentations are best described as interactive sermons. I do some spoken word, I get very passionate — and real — about a lot of hot topics, and over the course of 60 to 90 minutes, the audience is invited to shout out concepts and questions at me — on which I riff philosophically. Breaking through fear. Loss. Money. Writer’s block. Sex. Life balance. Burn out. Meditation. Faking it. Making it. There are always big a-ha’s; always laughter; sometimes, tears.

This statement from an attendee sums it up, “I don’t know if that was more stand up comedy or spiritual smack down. But it fucking ROCKED.”

I also do a lot of one-on-one conversational interviews from the stage.

I sign every single book, and hug every last person.

“Danielle spoke at our most recent Texas Conference for Women and received rave reviews from our audience. She is completely lovely to work with and we would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”

Amy Cooper Program Director, Conferences for Women

“Danielle is a force of feminine wisdom. Her honesty, energy and inspiration was a delight to behold. Our audience … left with the permission to be the kind of leader the world needs now!”

Jono Fisher Founder,

Upcoming Desire Map events all over the world


Success and Power Desire Map Workshop

Led By: Tisha Marina Bernard Jun 18, 2016 Los Angeles, CA, USA

You know something inside is calling you to grow. Something inside is calling you to bring your visions to life. Surround yourself with like minded magical women and create a master plan to live the life you want to live. Workshop includes: Yoga, light snacks and meals, music and movement, life changing results. Please reach out if you have any questions. See you soon!

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Feel Good: A Desire Map + Yoga Intensive

Led By: Danielle March Jun 18, 2016 Los Angeles, CA, USA

In your daily life, every intention, action, and decision is being driven by your desire to feel a certain way. So why not get clear on how you most want to feel and design your outer life to match your inner desires? That's Desire Mapping. At the heart of this system are your Core Desired Feelings, your most preferred states of being. They're yours to define. Energized, Connected, Lit up, Abundant, Inspired. This kind of deep clarity changes everything. When you know how you want to feel, you'll do much less proving and way more living. You'll know when to say.

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Private, Virtual Desire Map Level 1

Led By: Deborah Linehan Jun 18, 2016

Note: Fluid start date, we discuss, you decide! I have found incredible power and value in working through the Desire Map one-on-one. There is something sacred about this work and I reverently acknowledge what can blossom when digging deeply with another on an individual level. My private 4 week Desire Map curriculum includes 4 weekly skype or telephone calls with home practice assignments between sessions. Each call lasts 1.5 hrs and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. Let's have a conversation (free) to see if working this way would be a good fit for you. Contact me.

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Desire Map Level 2 Workshop

Led By: Jenny Xenos Jun 19, 2016 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Now that you've had an opportunity to integrate your Core Desired Feelings into your life, it's time to create your Goals with Soul. Join me for this 1 profound and fun day, to set yourself up for juicy success! Come over to my website to find out more...just clink on the Register button.

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Desire Map Workshop – Level 1

Led By: Karen Main Jun 19, 2016 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Let's be clear..There are plenty of goal setting courses out there ready to teach the ins and outs of dreaming big, making plans and doing whatever it take to get what you want. But unfortunately, most of these programs don't consider the ALL IMPORTANT INGREDIENT.. HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL. This workshop flips that around. Forget working hard and going after goals in the hope you'll feel good once you get there. I'll teach you how to listen to your desires first and then set your goals. Not only will this workshop guide you towards goals with soul, it'll give you the clarity you need to finally ditch the guilt and make decisions that feel right for you. I know this because I've spent years using the Desire Map in my own life with amazing success. Even more importantly I've taken countless women, just like you, step by step though this process, from worn out Mums right through to busy business owners and career women, I've helped them all take small, deliberate actions that are inspired by their desires to create a life they love. Put simply, this is your FEEL GOOD NOW workshop. This Level 1 workshop will help you clarify how you want to feel in every area of your life. Trust me... knowing how you want to feel will change everything. You will: - Explore your feelings across ALL areas of life - Rethink what you know about feelings and how you can use them to set goals - Figure out what's working and what's not - Decide what's missing and what to let go of (actions often start here) - Discover your very own Core Desired Feelings (think GPS from your soul) - Connect with like minded women in a way that feels right for you (sharing will always be optional) - Reflect privately in a confidential and trusted space (a private cottage with room to move around) - You'll leave this workshop with a fresh new perspective on goal setting that'll help you live with more balance and ease. Devote a day to YOU, a day for exploring your deepest desires. Cost: $220 includes lunch and a copy of the Desire Map Book.

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