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Danielle LaPorte

holistic: The place where conscious meets cash, and ambition meets inner peace; the space in which all beings and ecologies are considered by asking questions like, How will this make them feel? Who will profit? Who pays? Where does this come from? Where do my thoughts go?; The bridling of intense desire with intelligent strategy; ruthless compassion.

Entrepreneurship has been my back door approach to having conversations about consciousness. All that fire starting and hustling brought me to a place where I’m simply more interested in love, and how to apply it in any given situation. These days, most of my philosophizing is about what I consider to be the most creative force in the universe: Desire. I’m curious about our relationship to “wanting”, and how we create lives that we love living.

Professionally-speaking, I once ran a future studies think tank in Washington DC, and started my own communications company. I skipped college, raised money, wrote books, learned to speak multimedia, and generally learned everything I know through bursts of obsession.

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“Danielle LaPorte is equal parts poet and entrepreneurial badass. … edgy, contrarian, …loving and inspired.”

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Self-help meets marketing ninja.

Gabrielle Bernstein May Cause Miracles

… nobody puts out poetic motivation like Danielle does. The Desire Map is a hotline to your truth.

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