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Adonica Morgan

Certified Life Coach, Desire Map Facilitator

Core Desired FeelingsWell-Fed, Ease, Wildly Courageous, and Caliente Wants to Rise to the Surface

“For anyone starting with The Desire Map, coaching can support clients when they’re not quite sure what to do to feel the way they want to feel, how to identify their feelings, or when they’re stuck or resistant.”

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Q: What does it mean to you to be a Desire Map Facilitator?

As I gain more clarity on who I want to be as a life coach, being a facilitator means that I have the honor of using The Desire Map to teach women to be self-empowered. I get to do this — to be their champion as they decide what their life needs. For many of us, that’s a foreign concept.

Q: What was the moment you knew you’d chosen the right path to become a Desire Map Facilitator?

The moment I knew was when the doors opened the first year. It was the catalyst I needed to go forward with becoming a coach. That I knew for sure. What I didn’t know was what I wanted my message to be as a coach. Plus, I’m a true introvert so my confidence was low in getting myself out there seemingly with no direction. The idea of starting out leading workshops then offering coaching felt easier. Good thing I did. The message became clear as I deepened my own experience with my Core Desired Feelings.

Q: Where were you, in life or business, before you become a Desire Map Facilitator?

Before I became a facilitator, I was well into a new full-time day job and moved to a new place that summer as well.  It was what I considered a fresh start at that time in my life.

What I remember most about that year leading up to joining this tribe was that I began to truly live out my CDFs, from my neighborhood to my new work environment. I wanted to feel Ease, Abundance, and Well-Fed. One decision at a time, I chose the life I am living. All of those choices I made led to the Freedom I still feel everyday.

Q: How have you used the Desire Map Facilitator Program in alignment with your coaching business? How do coaching and The Desire Map support each other?

As the saying goes, you teach what you most need to learn. I am learning how to nourish myself and my life. Realizing my truth made space for me to create well-fed living as the center of my coaching business. The Desire Map is a tool I encourage clients to use in order to discover their own compass, whether I directly walk them through the process or seamlessly prompt them during a session.

Practicing coaching with a feelings-based approach feels right for me. And, for anyone starting with The Desire Map, coaching can support clients when they’re not quite sure what to do to feel the way they want to feel, how to identify their feelings, or when they’re stuck or resistant. There are many circumstances where coaching is the support others need for accountability and guidance to create sustainable change.

Q: What is your most cherished memory of being a Desire Map Facilitator?

My most cherished memory is really quite recent. As my last group coaching program call was nearing an end, one of my attendees contacted me directly to update me on what was happening in her life. At the beginning of the program she had two core desires that led her to take action on some life-changing decisions. As she spoke, a new desire came to life and she said it aloud. Then, she repeated the word in assurance. I was walking outside while on the phone with her and, suddenly, I blurted out “YES!” with both arms full out because I felt the turning point for her.

I’m so happy for her and want to feel this way for all the women that work with me. As a facilitator we may think that we want people to have this big breakthrough during a workshop or at some point in our presence. But, as in this case, when someone has a breakthrough on their own, I know it is because they are applying the tools they learned how to use to their life. And, I will always cherish moments like these.

Q: You’ve hosted a few workshops for Desire Mapping with teen girls (amazing!) How did that experience feel as a seasoned facilitator?

Amazing indeed!  Before the doors even opened to facilitating, I distinctly remember Danielle asking us (in the original Inner Circle group) what we wanted to do as facilitators. My answer was to have a workshop for girls as my way of giving back in service to my community.

Lo and behold, a nonprofit asked me two years in a row to facilitate for their girls group. I was incredibly nervous because I had no idea how I would be received. I wanted them to be seen and heard. But, the girls were gracious, open and wow’d me with their words and insights. In turn, I felt seen and heard too and was moved to tears both times after they left the room. I’m honored to be able to do this with them. They truly have inspired me to keep doing this work.

Testimonials from workshop attendees

“Adonica is kind, patient, and a true believer and practitioner of the wisdom she imparts. She makes you feel as if you are on a journey of discovery with her. It is always a warm and enlightening experience.”

Tye T.

“Adonica is a great listener who asks questions that provoke thought. She has laser focus with soft critique which is exactly what I need. I hung up from our call feeling motivated and for the first time, like making goals for myself is a great idea and not an impossible chore.”

Marcia M.

“I took Adonica’s one month course with a casual mindset and figured I would go through the motions and it was no big deal. I was wrong. The course was life changing through the questions she posted and exercises we were given as homework. The conference calls were effective and added value to the course without taking up too much time out of the groups busy schedules. What I enjoyed most was validating my feelings and unapologetically asking for more out of my life. The course enabled me to make a financial life changing decision by giving me the courage to stand up for my life. I highly recommend Adonica as a Life Coach and Facilitator.”

Veronica W.

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