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Alex Mazerolle

Master Life Coach & Desire Map Facilitator

Core Desired FeelingsHarmony, Devotion, Wanderlust, Soulful

“I believe that this kind of work lands for people when it’s coming from a teacher who’s already had the same experience themselves. That’s why this has been so exciting for me — taking the work I love and then giving that to other people and watching it touch their lives the way it touched me.”

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Q: You gave a talk at a yoga event a few months ago about the abundance mindset in yogic communities. What was that about?

I basically said that a big part of our job as yoga teachers is to inspire people. But if I’m in lack, running around teaching a million classes, just so I can barely cover my bills, that’s not inspiring. We’re kidding ourselves as yoga teachers if we don’t recognize that each one of us is a brand and a business and we need to pay our rent.

Q: Why do you think this kind of “lack” is accepted, or seen as normal?

A lot of us in the spiritual community have got the service part of it all wrong. We don’t realize that in a holistic sense of the word ‘service’, we need to make money to support ourselves and our well being — that’s how we will be able to support other people, and serve from a truly nourished, healthy place. We have to recognize that a conversation about money and abundance can also live in this world of yoga and spirituality.

That’s why looking at a Facilitator or an affiliate program, where we can create passive revenue in order for us to live healthy lives of service, makes total sense to me. Total sense.

Q: To use Core Desired Feelings language, how did it feel to be a Facilitator?

This experience has felt similar to the way I felt when I started teaching yoga: it’s so exciting to take something that has been transformational in your life and share it with others.

I believe that this kind of work lands for people when it’s coming from a teacher who’s already had the same experience themselves. That’s why this has been so exciting for me — taking the work I love and then giving that to other people and watching it touch their lives the way it touched me.

Q: Has being a Facilitator impacted your business?

Absolutely! The visibility I got from this association with Danielle’s brand was significant. At my second retreat, people flew in from Denver, Seattle, Texas… This was a much bigger reach than I’ve had with my other women’s retreats.

Q: How did you find your workshop space?

It’s actually the family home of the chef I hired, who’s been a good friend of mine for several years. I’d visited the home before and knew it would work well.

Q: How did you design / set up the space?

We removed a few of the family’s decorations and brought in pieces that added a more feminine vibe to the space. Flowers, candles (candles in every room, always), objects for the altar. Nothing major — little things.

Q: What kind of support did you have? How did you choose those particular people?

I hired the assistant I’ve worked with on previous retreats. She’s incredibly organized and has the kind of detail oriented brain that I don’t have. She handles the things I don’t want to, like spreadsheets! And because we’ve worked together before, she knows me so well now that she knows I need her to manage the details. The details and logistics aren’t my strength.

It was also a bonus that she is a yoga teacher too, so she fully understood what we were doing and why it mattered.

I also hired a chef, who is a personal friend of mine. I hired her not only because I think her food is delicious, but also because I love partnering with young, female entrepreneurs — she started the first vegan food truck on the road in Vancouver. She’s easy to get along with and it definitely helps that she’s got some brand power behind her too, because that’s mutually elevating for both of our businesses.

Q: How far in advance did you start to prepare? What did your prep look like?

I reached out to my assistant and chef about a month before the retreat to confirm their availability and interest. I had a pre-existing relationship with both of them so it was really just a matter of confirming that the dates would work for them.

Once they were both on board, I had a 2 hour meeting with my assistant, to flesh out the meal plan and the weekend itinerary. After that, a few more emails and phone calls wrapped up the remaining details, like agreeing on zones of responsibility and finalizing the event budget. With the right team, you can put something like this together really quickly.

Testimonials from workshop attendees

“Desire mapping in a group setting is powerful, inspiring, eye opening, tear inducing, full of laughter and a great source of connection.”

Jessica Robson, Desire Map Workshop Participant

“Incorporating movement with the work allowed me to “try on” the words/feelings and see how they felt in my body. When the poses were uncomfortable, my mind would go to words that I didn’t want to feel, and my mind went to the feelings I wanted when the practice felt good. My Core Desired Feelings are now much more powerful than they were when I did the work by myself.”

Justine De Boer, Desire Map Workshop Participant

“I have not stopped talking about that weekend. The yoga gave me time to step away from the concentration of The Desire Map work, and let the ideas roll around in my mind without strain. This helped me understand what I was really searching for. Finding my Core Desired Feelings has really improved my life.”

Adriana Koc-Spadaro, Desire Map Workshop Participant

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