Alyssa Kuzins

Yoga Instructor, Desire Map Facilitator

Core Desired FeelingsAlignment, Abundance, Connection, Grace, Worthy

“Becoming a facilitator opened up levels of power and opportunities within me that I didn’t know I could have as a yoga teacher.”

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Q: Where were you, in life or business, before you become a Desire Map Facilitator?

Before I became a Facilitator, I had just received my 200 hour yoga teacher training in Vinyasa yoga. While still a nanny part time, it took me less than three years to gain some one-on-one clients, a yearly paid women’s circle, a retreat on the books, and teaching yoga four times a week. I have never regretted taking that leap of faith. After all, Danielle does say, “Your life purpose is what you say it is.”

Q: How did becoming a Desire Map facilitator impact you as a yoga teacher?

Becoming a facilitator opened up levels of power and opportunities within me that I didn’t know I could have as a yoga teacher. I really thought that I would teach classes and that’s it. Yet I knew that I desired MORE. So when I became a facilitator, I immediately knew that I had to combine Desire Mapping and Yoga — no question! I knew they were two peas in a pod and a perfect balance of the mind, body, spirit connection that I craved in my own life. I wanted other women to experience them, as well. Becoming a facilitator gave me the courage to spread my wings as a yoga teacher who wants to share this lifestyle. I am very proud to host my own yoga and life coaching retreat with The Desire Map as the star this summer 2016!

Q: What makes Yoga and The Desire Map a great pair?

Yoga and Desire Mapping are made for each other. They compliment and highlight each other in all the right ways, while still allowing one another to shine as individual practices. I’ll explain.

Yoga is a beautiful way to prepare Desire Mappers for exploring their feelings for two predominant reasons: Yoga gets people in tune with the mind, body, spirit connection before diving right into the very introspective work of the Desire Map process. Yoga is all about turning inward to become more aware of yourself and being truly present through flowing the body and focusing on the breath. When we connect yogic breath to movement (asanas), we cannot help but focus more deeply in the present moment. It’s about thinking less, and feeling more.

Secondly, and perhaps more obviously to other yoga teachers out there, yoga can help unblock chakras, or natural energy points in the body (there are seven). And the chakras can very easily be translated to the five life areas of Desire Mapping.

In other words, yoga helps people clear space and open up their chakras to allow them to truly feel into their bodies and cue into their Core Desired Feelings. If our energy is blocked, then it can be very hard to get in touch with those soulful feelings. Yoga provides the energy clearing to make way for feeling.

Q: What’s one of your favourite moments as a Desire Map Facilitator?

Working one-on-one with my first private Desire Map client, which I did virtually over the course of seven weeks. It blew my own mind to have a client from Nevada, whom I had never met, want to work with me, and trust me with her most desired feelings. Talk about scary, but utterly humbling! So honored. And I kept thinking, “Wow, I am actually doing the damn thing!” It’s hard to explain how amazing it is to jam out with a soul sister and show her this beautiful way to live, all the while helping her see that all of the answers are already within her. Like I said, mind blown. Deep gratitude.

Testimonials from workshop attendees

“I have absolutely loved working with Alyssa doing one-on-one Desire Map Coaching! She asks the most perfect questions to dive deep into what and how I exactly feel. She is intuitive and totally gets me. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon her Instagram and connect with her!”

Sophia N

“It was such a QUALITY, bang-for-your-buck experience. The lunar flow yoga wasn’t like anything I’ve seen yet, and I’ve always had an interest in Desire Mapping but had difficulty staying engaged. Having Alyssa there to guide us through it & get vulnerable with us, made SUCH a difference! I already feel a shift in how I’m approaching my choices!”

Caitlin W

Sisterhood. Yoga. Truth. Re-alignment. Lit Up. The Intro to Desire Mapping + Yoga Workshop made me FEEL all of those things as we moved, slowed down, and re-focused on our Truth. Get ready to unlock your creativity and feel your deepest desires. Alyssa’s passion created space for inspiration & inner awareness that left us all shining bright.

Emily B

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