An open letter to my peoples: How can I help?

Dear Tribe,

I know you relate…

I check Instagram when I’m at cash registers. It’s gross. Gotta knock that off. I haven’t read a book in ages because I’m on my fucking phone. My phone is fucking my life. Fuck my phone. But I love my phone.

Work-life balance is a LIE. But I want it anyway.

I believe the esoteric good stuff, I’m all in.

I’m in real pain about the state of the world. I want to help. Not sure how.

I KNOW I’m amazing and bright. So I can’t believe that I’m STILL saying this, but I just want to be more of myself.

I do not doubt my power. But I have some other weird doubts I can’t shake…

Green washing is offensive to me — and most New Age marketing. Don’t waste my time. I love to pay for what I value.

I should journal more, it makes me feel better. Same with meditation. Give me a meditation and tell me exactly when to do it and I’ll do it. I want to.

You know, I just need to hang out in a cafe by myself, want to come? (Yes!) I’m obsessed with DIY sites, life-hacking shit. And Spotify.

I want to be of service and I want to be selfish. Now’s the time. It’s the Year of the Woman.

I’m always telling everyone else what to do all of the time—my team, my babe, my kids, my clients—I’d love to have SOMEONE I TRUST just tell me what to do…what shit to buy, how to clean out bad energy and cut cords.

I’m snacking on media all the time…barf. I should just unsubscribe to everything. I just want beautiful things everywhere. Eyelash serum and crypto-currency—what’s the deal?

FEMINISM. Sophisticated. Deeper. Conscious consumption. Minimalism…I get it, but like, I need art on my walls. Don’t give me any extreme stuff. That’s the problem, everything is too fucking loud and extreme right now.

Can you mail me something? With a stamp on it? I want some beautiful mail again. And, a poem. Ya…I’d love a poem that says how I feel.


Those are answers from some of my closest friends. And me.
Here are the questions—which I am now asking YOU:

What’s the drag in your life? The general pain points.
What do you love, crave, want?

How could I help you with that?

I’m doing something I haven’t done before. I’m asking people—the twibe—what they want before I go off and make it. Usually, I hide for a few months and pop something out. I can see a lot of us doing things, in the best sense, that we haven’t done before. Because of what’s happening on the crazy surface, we are shifting from the depths.

I’m bone-Soul aching for simplicity and connection, like cold fingers want a campfire. And I neeeed to make something that goes deep and holds us together for a while. I have some new ideas. But since I consider me writing + you reading a relationship…then I want to start with a direct inquiry. Earnestly. This isn’t just a product dev troll. When I asked my friends these questions, the conversation charged us up. We’re still talking about what we talked about. We crave the same things.

or just send me one sentence, via email by clicking here.

What’s the drag in your life? The general pain points.
What do you love, crave, want?

How could I help you with that?

The definite plan: I’m going to go make something for us. Just need to figure out what it is…

For Love,



Rally the tribe. Please press forward. xo

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What’s the drag in your life? The general pain points. What do you love, crave, want?
An open letter to my peoples: How can I help?


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Update for my peoples: Clarity on my new thing. It has a name. And you may want to make some space for it.

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