Will you do as much as it takes, as long as it takes? 2017 is asking.

Listen. It’s time. This is it. 2017. New. Year. Now.

I for one am going deeper and higher. I’m reaching inward for my strength, facing my Soul, and I’m going to pour my devotion to the Light all over every word I speak, and every human I encounter and adore and hold, and every cause I’m working for.

Who’s with me?

Before you answer, please consider this:
Will you do as much as it takes, as long as it takes?
Are you willing to ruin the party?
Will you speak when no one else is saying what must be said?

Do you believe in dreams?

I do.







I wrote this poem many months ago. It wanted to say hello to you and all of the very strong possibilities in your heart:

Thoroughness (a poem for devotion)

I have expressed from my longing and obstacles
the balm of thoroughness,
rare as rose oil,
nothing cures like devotion.
I stroke it on wounds and desires
as much as it takes
as long as it takes
present, past and future
in all dimensions
even joyfully when I can see that
light is loving being the light everywhere
I will eat fire
purifying rectifying,
and with a tender heart and alms
I will strike the match that burns down the barn.
I will make it clear
light is loving being the light everywhere
I will wait, like a virgin can,
knowing what is sacred.
I will do so naked, entertaining offers,
averting my gaze,
chaste and burning all at once
light is loving being the light everywhere
I find the profane in the temple
and the sensuous in the filth.
I am willing to ruin the party,
to cut the legs off of the most comfortable chair,
to simply speak when no one else will say that
light is loving being the light everywhere
I distill my will into surrender back into will.
I believe dreams.
I am in love with you already.
I am willing to leave everything
but my devotion
to knowing that
light is loving being the light everywhere


Nothing cures like devotion.

Will you speak when no one else is saying what must be said?

Will you do as much as it takes, as long as it takes? 2017 is asking.


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Just up: Will you do as much as it takes, as long as it takes? 2017 is asking.
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