B-School countdown + a surprise!


“Decision fatigue” is a real phenomenon, especially when it comes to leadership or business. If you’re constantly questioning whether any decisions are the “right” ones, here’s a suggestion: Does it feel light, or does it feel heavy? The truth of feelings are mightier than strategery or logic. 

It’s so simple it’s brilliantly clarifying: Does it feel light, or does it feel heavy?

It works for next moves, and money management, and dinner reservations. It works for deciding where to give your Love, your devotion, your creativity, your time. “Light” is a sense of expansion. You feel slightly or immensely relieved. Tingly with potential. You might hear the cosmos whispering, “Go on, I’ve got ya.

The “light” choice, isn’t necessarily the easy choice. It may be slightly scary, require courage, sweat, and a deep breath. The light choice may look crazy to everyone else. But what’s the alternative? Heavy. Constricted self-expression. It’s anything but good times, or sexy, or… ahhh… light.

You already know whether Marie Forleo’s B-School is light for you this year. The doors to B-School close in 48 hours.

. . . . . 


BONUS #7: Cherry-on-Top Countdown Bonus! $75 of Danielle shopping ca$h


We love (useful!) surprises. That’s why in these 48 hours before B-School registration closes, we’re revealing our last treat: $75 to use toward anything in our shop. Use it for goodies to kickstart your new Facilitator offerings, and/or gift yourself something wise n’ beautiful. Learn more about B-School here


. . . . . 

Light from our NEWEST B-Schoolers!

“I registered yesterday and followed along by starting Start the Right Business. I’m thru the intro and lessons 1-3 and wow!! Already I’ve taken my business of 5 years to a clarity I didn’t think possible. Also realized that in not having that focus and clarity is no wonder I often feel uncertain about what actions to take, what to write about, pricing, who best to serve etc. Went to bed feeling aligned and so happy with my choice knowing I’m exactly in the right place. Up early today and excited to dive back in!” — Jenn Lenz

“I still feel like it’s just all too good to be true. I am so excited about: possibility, those bonuses ,the courage to say yes, learning, growing, sharing. Still happy dancing up in here.” — Joanna Young

“I am so looking forward to this!!! I’ve been waiting for things to “change” in my world but decided to stop waiting and start making change.” — Lesley Sprague

“So excited to have this all come together in one superbly perfect package! It’s time to step up and refine my dream & grow my biz … full of my authentic heart and soul…. with a smart business edge.” — Sonya Tittle

“I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to join for a while and I’m so happy I waited so I could do it through Danielle LaPorte! Her bonuses are amazing!” — Caroline Guerrero Perez

(Btw, EVERYONE on Team D is a B-School alum. Access to the hearts + minds of the folks behind my business = priceless.) If it feels light… I’ll see you on the bright side. Register for B-School here.

Rule your Queendom,

Danielle LaPorte





Note: This post contains affiliate links and Team D may receive a commission if you choose to register for Marie Forleo’s B-School. I’ve been one of B-School’s top affiliates for 6 years. I adore this program and it’s woven into how Team D has grown. This recommendation is with a full heart.


PS. Still can’t decide? Forward this to your trusted advisors.

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$75 in Danielle shopping ca$h when you register for B-School. Surprise!
If you have “decision fatigue” about whether to join @MarieForleo’s B-School, read this…


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