Skin, joy, boobs, and the right hair colour: My random & rarely dispensed beauty notes

beauty tips

Photo by Christine Tremoulet

From the incidental to the possibly profound, here are my tips for chicks who want to look even hotter (’cause you’re already hot, sister).


I get some Botox-curious questions. (Do you? Have you? Would you?) My answer is: Nope, no Botox, no fillers, and no tucks for me. It’s mostly really great lighting and eyeliner (and BTW, the best eyeliner on the planet is by Marc Jacobs).

I get solid sleep, eat clean and green (almost no processed foods), and try to dance almost every day (kitchen funk parties for the win), and really move my ass a few times a week (I’ve got an elliptical and I actually use it). Also, hot water & lemon every morning, and lots of enzyme face masks.

Good old fashioned Vitamin E capsules (not ingested, but just punctured with a pin or your teeth) rubbed into problem areas a few times a week = pure gold. And, I only wash my face with cleansers at night. Twice a day is too harsh (and wasteful). In the morning it’s just warm water, toner, and moisturizer. I stocked up on face cloths and use a clean face cloth every night. Fresh and luxy… and better for your skin.


Renee Rouleau’s Anti Cyst Treatment. Seriously magic for those big zitters you feel coming on. With this, they never make an appearance.

Renee Rouleau’s Night Time Spot Solution. Dries spots over night without damage. Better than the tooth fairy.

Comfort Zone’s Active Pureness Scrub. Gentle but effective exfoliant.

Eminence’s Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. Sloughs off the old stuff. I use this twice a week, and always do a quick mask the day of photo shoots.

Rose Water. I’ve given up harsh toners — they just created irritation. It’s all rose water now for me, so much kinder, like my mom always said.

DerMed Renewing Moisturizer. Just the right amount of rich and medicinal, and it comes in a pump bottle, which is hygienic and great for travel.

My skin loves oils at night. Rose oil, Aveda’s Beautifying Oil, or Floracopeia’s Carrot Oil are all delicious treats. (Note: Even if you have oily skin, don’t be afraid of oils, they can actually help to regulate oil production.)


What you put into your body shows up on your skin. When I ease up on the gluten and dairy, my mug is happier. (Moderation, not abstinence. I’m not stringent about anything in my diet. If I want it, I eat it.)

Most importantly: Joy. Uncork yours. It’s the best thing you can do for your skin.


No amount of joy, however, can remedy a bad dye job. Looking fresh for women has a lot to do with the right hair colour. The wrong blonde shade will age you in a big way—and choosing the wrong blonde is an EPIDEMIC for women.

There are too many hair colourists who should have their licenses revoked for sending women out of the salon with YELLOW hair. Personally, I just rock what I was born with because it “matches” me. The universe has a wonderful knack for matching the right hair colour with the right skin tone at birth. Go figure. I asked Candis Hoey, hairstylist to the stars — she treats everyone like a star — for her best dye-job advice.


1. The right hair colour is worth getting two opinions on. Seriously, this is a big damn deal for your entire appearance, for karma, for power, for life. Have a consultation with two professional colourists and then compare their suggestions. If your budget is tight, invest once a year in a first-class colour job and then you can go to a more reasonable salon for upkeep.

2. If you want to go lighter, bring your hairdresser a photo of yourself when you were little. That blonde shade you had when you were three years old is probably the right shade for you now.

3. Another way to tell your best colour is . . . Look at the colour of the flecks in your irises. They will indicate your best hair tone. If you have golden flecks, you need warm tones in your hair. If you have white flecks, you’ll do best with the ashy, cool tones.

And of course, there are some women who can rock the unnatural platinum in the best way . . . That’s art and costume; go for it.

4. Get real. Everyone always looks at Cameron Diaz in InStyle Magazine and says, “I want that!” But her hair colour is the result of lighting, cameras, and Photoshop — it ain’t a true story.

5. Dye your hair less frequently. People get their hair done too much. If you want a little touch up for your grey every six weeks — yes, of course; or maybe a gloss or a bang trim and if you have short hair, for sure. But all over colour every six weeks… no. It’s just not necessary. And! Full coverage colour should always be layered on to the hair and always with foils — never, ever, all-over processing with one colour.

Bonus tip: We take it too far with hair. This is what I hear from my hair clients: “Those blonde highlights made me look so good — give me more!” NO. Or, “The five ombre pieces made me look great. I want 20.” NO. Less is more.


Since I probably won’t write any more beauty stuff for another 7 years, I’ll throw this in: You do know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, right? Your girls need to be properly supported, and you deserve a bra that is comfortable for 12 hours. Go get fitted by a professional. (In Vancouver, go to Diane’s Lingerie on Granville Street. In the US, most Nordstrom’s have great fitters.) Good department stores and lingerie BOUTIQUES (not the lingerie chains) have trained boobie pros who will get you into the right size and shape. Think you’re a 36 B? You may actually be 34 D. Get the right gear with a hint of lace and you will float out of the department store with your ta-ta’s smiling. Again, kind of like getting the right hair colour established, invest in a great bra or a few of them, and then you can go to the lingerie chains for the cheaper, awesomely smuttier stuff that serves its divine purposes for budgets and … being awesomely smuttier.


Well, I’m on a roll now, let’s keep going: throw out your old underwear, okay? It’s not sexy, it’s not making you more creative, it’s no good for nooobody — even if you’re not getting any action for the time being, you need to have it going on in the panty area to honour the Goddess. Girlguide’s honour: I write better in sassy underwear. And when my bra and panties match, well, my super powers are extra-activated.


  1. Don’t over-wash your hair.
  2. Steer clear of synthetic perfumes.
  3. 97% of beauty advertising is LIES, LIES, LIES.
  4. Tweezerman’s tweezers are the very best.
  5. Dress for your shape, not your size.
  6. Smile more.
  7. Looking uncomfortable ain’t sexy. It makes people feel sorry for you.
  8. Wash your makeup brushes every month. Soap n’ water, easy.
  9. Beware of trends.
  10.   Get a good night’s sleep.
  11.   HYDRATE.
  12.   Love your self so deeply that you know you RADIATE BEAUTY from the depths of your SOUL. That’s right: You’re an incredible being, and you’re so lovely just for showing up.
  13.   And . . . 
    love yourself enough to give a shit about looking your best. It’s all a sacred celebration.


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