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Allison Dailey

Soulistic Lifestyle Coach, Level 1 Buti Yoga Instructor, Founder of Sapphire Life, Desire Map Facilitator

Core Desired FeelingsGolden, Treasured, Devotion, Healing, Shakti-Pioneer

“Becoming a facilitator has opened new revenue streams and abundance in my life is more fluid. Sharing this work and assisting others in becoming a facilitator has been extremely rewarding.”

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Q: What does it mean to you to be a Desire Map Facilitator?

Being a Desire Map Facilitator has been an integral part of my existing and growing business. When I found The Desire Map and learned I could be a facilitator, I knew I had to be a part of the expansion. Being a facilitator allows me to work with and form a closer connection to women all over the world who are searching for more meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Through The Desire Map and my monthly subscription boxes, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with women on a whole new level and give them tools that help them heal themselves. It’s fulfilling on a business and personal level to be able to give back and offer a service that isn’t available anywhere else. I believe being a Desire Map Facilitator is what sets me apart from others in my industry — I feel honored and blessed to share Danielle’s work and my experience with the process.

Q: Where were you, in life or business, before you become a Desire Map Facilitator?

I was about a year and a half into building my subscription box business — but something was missing. I needed to feel a more personal connection to my subscribers, to myself, and my work. I was still working a full-time job and running my business on the side. Shortly after “officially” becoming a facilitator and running a handful of workshops, I realized that it was something I was meant to do and that it needed my full attention. Becoming a facilitator has opened new revenue streams and abundance in my life is more fluid. Sharing this work and assisting others in becoming a facilitator has been extremely rewarding.

Q: How did becoming a Desire Map facilitator impact you as a yoga teacher?

For me, the Desire Map is the inner soul work and Buti Yoga is the external actual physical work/alignment of the physical body and the soul. It was a no-brainer and a perfect match. When you do Buti yoga, something pours out of you. The root, sacral, and solar plexus energy become unleashed and your spirit is reborn. Desire Mapping for me, opens my heart space. It facilitates in communication, planning, and tapping into our higher — and therefore best — self. Personally, the two put together is a total alignment for your body, mind, and soul! In yoga, I can speak to and about what The Desire Map has done for me. Since the majority of my client base is online, I’ve been able to weave in yoga workouts into a signature program, and therefore my clients will purchase both my program, a seat in my virtual Desire Map workshop, and my monthly subscription boxes.

Q: What makes Yoga and The Desire Map a great pair?

It’s the outer work meeting the inner work and the inner work marrying with the outer work. Everything flows, and suddenly it all makes sense. Yoga combined with The Desire Map treats the entire body, mind and soul. When people begin a physical program (whether it be a new workout or diet) their physical body changes, but something is still lacking with their mind and soul. “Holistic” treats the body and mind — SOUListic (what I do) connects body, mind, and soul.

Q: How do you combine Yoga & Desire Mapping together — what’s your specialty?

I designed a signature program — it’s much like a prequel to The Desire Map — called the 28-Day Dream Catcher Challenge. It preps your mind (and body!) for Desire Mapping. In the challenge, participants get a 7-day mini chakra-buti yoga workout. When I run virtual workshops, we dive into ways in which we can make small changes each day with our bodies, minds, and souls to keep our CDFs front and center. It’s not about making a BIG goal but taking small, attainable steps to feel good each day. Incorporating yoga and moving your body in some way each day is an integral part of keeping your CDFs in the here and now.

Q: What’s one of your favourite moments as a Desire Map Facilitator?

It’s simply being able to work with women in such an intimate way all over the world. To help them form healthy (and most of the time new) ways of thinking about their life. To see women HAPPY, feeling GOOD, better than they ever have before, is such a blessing. I know what The Desire Map did for me, and I’m grateful to be able to share my wisdom, resources, and guidance with others. In my opinion, using The Desire Map Facilitator Program as a resource has allowed me to guide others toward their best-ever possible life!

Testimonials from workshop attendees

“Before I could even work with my core desired feelings and be on my merry way, shit needed to hit the fan, so to speak. Like the legendary phoenix rising from the ashes, it was change at a deep soul level. Major shifts needed to happen, and Allison’s classes opened up floodgates to an essential transformation process. I’m an empath and introvert; so self-reflection through journaling every day was a must. Analyzing and picking apart dreams, thoughts, and behaviors revealed a lot of profound aha moments: where I came from (my lineage), where I am now, and where I want to go. I was able to access the CDFs at a higher level and focus on them, and be in their sacred space without distractions. I really can’t think of a more honest, approachable mentor to work with than Allison. If I were you, I’d sign up in a heartbeat, because it’s a golden opportunity you’ll want to take advantage of right now. Five years from now, you’ll look back at Allison’s Desire Map Workshop as the pivot point where everything shifted and you became who you were truly meant to be, living the life you were truly meant to live.”

Julie O

“I had done some Desire Mapping on my own, but felt that a four-week virtual workshop would take me to the next level. I have had so many positive experiences with Allison through her Sapphire Soul business and knew that she would be a perfect guide on this journey. Even in a virtual workshop, I felt like I was so connected with Allison and the other ladies that attended. It was nice to have the time in between the calls each week to do my work and take it all in instead of trying to absorb it all in one sitting. It was a sacred, safe, space to connect. Allison LIVES and BREATHES her core desired feelings and it carries over into everything she does.”

Wendy Y

“The workshop was all I hoped for and more. The setting was gorgeous, and I was very comfortable. I drove five hours, and Allison showed me how appreciative she was of that. I knew she was trying her absolute best to facilitate so everyone was comfortable. She is invested in soul work!  She had food and freebies…amazing! Inspired! She is a great example of following the whispers/cries/shouts of the soul, just as Danielle is.  Allison is the perfect match to deliver The Desire Map program. Perfect. I loved all of it.”

Leah M

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