An insider’s view of how Team Danielle uses Marie Forleo’s B-School.


A team that learns together earns together.


And #TeamDanielle loves to learn. We’re adorkable that way. Since it’s the season of B-School registration and every one of us has gone through B-School (and we dip into the community throughout the year — every year, for 4 years running now…) we’ve culled our best B-School business lessons.

#TeamDanielle + B-School Strategy = Unstoppable

Danielle LaPorte: Visionary + Wearer of Great Shoes

danielleOne year in B-School, Marie asked, “How would you behave if you were best in the world at what you do?”. That one question was a game-changer for me — it had a big influence on how and who I collaborated with from then on.

Also! B-School’s project management docs got our team through a whole lotta product launches.

And there’s more… I’ve always been clear who my “customer avatar” is, but I’ve watched that B-School exercise create SO many aha’s and clarity for people. It works like a laser beam on your development and marketing priorities — and inner peace.

Angie Wheeler: VP of Creative Development and Marketing Strategy

angieModule 4: List Building is my favorite. When I started my online business years ago (back when I thought I knew what I was doing), I had no idea how important building my email list was. Module 4 helped me understand that an email list is really the bread and butter of any business — whether you operate mostly online or not. Your list is your lifeline, your direct connection to your core audience.

If you are not actively growing your email list, you are throwing money out the door — not to mention missing out on opportunities to fully serve your audience.

PS. I recorded a short (verrrry personal) audio to tell you more about my B-School experience. Click play below to listen in.

Annika Martins: Managing Editor

annikaWhen I first went through B-School, I started out by knowing that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and that I wanted to focus on the spirituality space, but that’s about all I knew. I had no idea what kind of business model or product / service would fit with my interests and skills.

One of my first big leaps forward came from zeroing in on the ways I work best and identifying potential products/services from there. This was a huge shift for me — in all my previous experience, I had worked hard to fit into the mold that my employers expected. Marie showed me that I could design a business based on my unique rhythm and preferences, letting what felt best for me lead the way. Huge liberation.

Also, her prompts and worksheet exercises helped me get more specific than I ever had about my ideal lifestyle, and therefore the kind of business that would work well with those goals.

Amanda Sandlin: Graphic Designer

amandaEntrepreneurship was a pretty foreign concept to me when I started B-School (I just wanted to make art), so learning about the Ideal Customer Avatar in Module 1: Profit Plan created a huge shift for me.

The in-depth exercises Marie includes showed me how to step into the psyche of my client, and that was revolutionary. That made me a better designer and helped me figure out how to market my work in a way that felt authentic and true to me.

Kim Caloca: Content Manager

kimOne of my favorite things about B-School is the B-School community. I always know where to go to find a like-minded entrepreneur. Whether I have a question, need feedback / support on my ideas, or just want to share good news with someone, I know I can turn to the B-School crowd and be heard. Some of my favorite people on the planet I met in B-School.


 Like-minded community fuels your growth. Get some.

B-School helps you seriously succeed, and if you succeed, that means more people on the planet are living according to their Core Desired Feelings. Exponential light.

If your heart and intellect are saying YesYesYes!, sign up for B-School through me and you’ll get My Biggest B-School Bonus EVER, which basically means you’ll get my entire product line. Yes, everything. Details are HERE.



For some additional detail, here’s a breakdown of the 6 B-School learning modules — with explanations for why each module is going to help turbo-charge your business.

Module 1 – Profit Plan:

This module helps you clarify your profits and business model. “You will discover how to leverage your uniqueness and identify new income streams.” This will help you hone in on your DISTINCTION so that you’re rocking on your own leading edge, instead of playing copycat.

Module 2 – Website:

Get really clear on how to make your website work for you. Marie will show you how to turn it into a cash machine. New clients and customers, opt-in lists, follow-up opportunities… Hello, making money while you’re asleep!

Module 3 – Communication:

You need to stay consistently connected to your tribe to be successful. This module shows you how to do that through content creation. You will walk away from this with a plan for talking about your services / products — you need to be telling stories. This module will teach you how.

Module 4 – List Building:

If you are not building your list, you are throwing away prospects and cash. This module walks you through the psychology and strategy of time-tested list building techniques — including 25 ways to build your list RIGHT NOW.

Module 5 – Offerings:

This modules tells the secrets to selling… anything. You’ll walk away from this one crystal clear on what it means for your bottom line to deliver outstanding customer experiences, how to get clear on pricing, and how to create high converting offers.

Module 6 – Marketing:

The Mother lode! This is the golden egg that will help you see MORE POSSIBILITIES for marketing your offerings. This is where your top notch content gets matched with a solid PLAN!


Marie is going to support you during live “office hours” where you can ask her your questions live.

Plus! You also get advanced training bonuses from Forleo. Stuff like:

  • The Starting the Right Business Program
  • The Follow-Through Formula (you need this – trust me)
  • DIY WordPress
  • Smart marketing for product based businesses (this one will help you up your affiliate game too!)
  • How to make your website a conversion MACHINE. Social media training and more!

Marie also offers a guarantee: You can test drive the first two B-school modules risk-free. (Get the details from Marie HERE).

lindsayperaThere really is NO decision here. The moment I read the goods that Danielle was offering through her bonus, I decided to go for it. Who knew I’d get not only the best online business and marketing content out there – but I’d also reset my DESIRE and get my BOOK off the ground as well!” – Lindsay Pera

If you’re inspired and if you can make it happen, take B-School. It’s that simple. Whether you sign up through my bonus (which rocks) or not, just do it. That’s how much I stand by what Marie’s created.

Give the world what you’ve got to give. Be self-expressed. Share your gifts. Serve with a full heart and a generous spirit. B-School will show you the way.

Hit the button and let it begin.

All Love,


Game-changing decisions. The Top 5 things to know about B-School.

In The Desire Map, the life area that relates to career is called Livelihood & Lifestyle. Some Core Desired Feelings I hear come up a lot in that area are:

Abundant. Free. In Service. Generous. Powerful.

Knowing how you want to feel in the realm of career and prosperity, The Desire Map would ask you: What are you going to DO to generate those feelings? What actions will align you with those feeling states?

My opinion? You should probably sign up for Marie Forleo’s B-School.


 “I learned more in B-School’s 8 weeks of applied knowledge than I did in three years of college or anything I could have put together googling! Danielle gave me her entire product line, which in turn, gave me permission to feel my way through life and business.” – Giulia Rapone

I want to see entrepreneurs CREATE and prosper from their work, which is why I’m a proud affiliate for B-School (it’s the ONLY thing I’m an affiliate for).

I’ve gone through the entire curriculum myself (so has everyone on my team – it’s a must for being on my bus), which is how I KNOW it works.

If you want to do meaningful work in the world and prosper from it, there’s no one better than Marie Forleo to teach you how to do it. This is not one of those cookie-cutter business-building programs — B-School is about designing a business and a life that rides on the wings of your true self. Integrity all the away.

The Top 5 Things You Should Know About B-School:

1. Enrollment is ON now and ends on March 4th at 12pm PST / 3pm EST.
You still have some time to sign up, but enrolling early gives you a leg up. If you enroll now, you get instant access to Marie’s training bonuses (plus all the digital stuff included in my bonus). Getting started on those early will establish your pace and success in B-School.

2. Marie’s giving you a money-back guarantee.
Sign up for B-School and do the work. If you don’t get the value promised, Marie will refund your money. You can test-drive the first two modules before you really-fully-truly decide. PLUS, even if you decide to get a refund, you get to keep all the parts of my bonus I’ve sent you already.

3. It is essential.
If you are in the dreaming stages of your new business, you should consider B-School. If your business has been chugging along for a while, but you’re ready to see it fly, you should consider B-School. Marie’s content applies to beginners and established companies.

Case in point: My team (we’re a 7-figure company now) goes through B-School every year and every year, we learn something new. Plus, along the way, you’ll find you have lots (LOTS) of questions — B-School gives you the support and community you need so you don’t have to do it alone.

4. Go at your own pace. Pressure-free + lifetime access.
Although the initial 8 weeks is guided – you don’t have to worry about keeping up. Move through it at your own pace. You’ll have access to the material FOREVER.

5. Did I mention My Biggest B-School Bonus EVER?
When you sign up for B-School through me, I’m giving you eeeeverything in my product line. All of it. The Desire Map, The Fire Starter Sessions, Your Big Beautiful Book Plan, the Truthbomb Deck, my brand new True Desire Quartz Mala, and more! See the full product spread HERE and keep reading…

The Top 5 Things You Should Know About My Biggest B-School Bonus EVER:


1. It’s like Christmas… in spring.
This is why my bonus is the sweetest in the land: Because you’re going to get digital and physical goodies galore. You’re going to open your front door and your mailperson is going to hand you a box full of books, the Truthbomb deck, the sandalwood + Quartz True Desire mala, and more… I give my B-Schoolers everything I’ve got. See the full product spread HERE.

2. Give the bounty to your loved ones.
Do you have some of the items in my bonus already? You can give one (or all!) of your bonus items to friends and family (or a potential client / customer! — savvy move, by the way).

3. The big green button is magic.
You are not eligible for my bonus if you purchase B-School through anyone else’s website / link. You MUST enroll in B-School by clicking the BIG GREEN BUTTON on this page.

4. There’s only 1 week left…
B-School enrollment and access to My Biggest B-School Bonus EVER closes on March 4th at 12pm PST / 3pm EST. This program only comes around once a year, so once the doors are closed, you’ve got a long ways to wait before you can get in again.

5. No purchase necessary.
You can win my entire bonus PLUS some additional mega-hot prizes by joining our social media contest. Details are HERE.

“B-School is above and way beyond anything I have experienced in the online world of courses. Thank you Danielle for recommending it and thank you Marie for the outstanding work you and your team have done to deliver so much value. I would recommend this course a hundred times over.”
- Audrey Watson

And one last thing…

In our Facebook Q+A yesterday, one of the recurring themes we heard was:

I want to but… I just had a baby. I don’t have time to do this.
I want to but… I’m working a full time job. I don’t have time to do this.
I want to but… Life is craaazy right now. I don’t have time to do this.

If that sounds like you, I sat on my stairs (surrounded by moving boxes – new house!) and recorded a video for you. Press play below to watch.

If you want an integrity-based training program that shows you, step-by-step, how to build a unique and profitable brand, market more effectively, and dial up your online presence so that you can have the impact (and income) you want…

You want Marie Forleo’s B-School.

To your light. To your service. To your future.

All love,

It’s almost here… My Biggest B-School Bonus EVER is right around the corner and right ON.


The Stop Doing list is still one of the most loved exercises from my book, The Fire Starter Sessions. Because…


What you stop doing is just as important as what you start to do.


I hear this Stop Doing response a lot: “I’m going to stop worrying about what others might think of me and just go for it.”

Ya, baby, just go for it. Sell your art (for a profit). Reach people with your words. Grow your clientele. Earn good money — with integrity — because that’s how sustainable success happens.

Next week — Wednesday Feb 18 — my Biggest B-School Bonus EVER opens. And it contains… everything. My entire suite of products. ALL of it. For a detailed listing of everything that’s included, go HERE.

And for a lot of good souls, the combination of my wise goodies + the business savvy of Marie Forleo might be exactly what you need to… just go for it.



I am IN! What do I need to do, to make sure I get your bonus?
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What if I have some (or all) of the items in the bonus?
We can send any of them as gifts to your friends + family. (Or you can gift them to potential clients / customers!)

There are a lot of B-School bonuses out there. What makes yours special?
Honey, it’s like Christmas in March. You get real goods — lots of beautiful books, audios, the #Truthbomb Deck, a quartz mala… and more. And — built into all that fun stuff — are the theories, practices and ideas you need to get clear on your offering to the world.

And, with my bella bonus, there’s no more coaching, or courses or groups to join. B-School is a university course – you need to be IN it, and it’s designed to give you focused, on-going support.

Important reminder: If you want my bonus, you have to come back to my site and purchase through my special link, on Wednesday Feb 18.

What if I’ve already taken B-School? Or what if I’m just not ready to sign up for it this year? Is there any way for me to get Danielle’s bonus bundle?
Yep! You can WIN my entire bonus bundle, plus a separate basket of soon-to-be-revealed prizes. RSVP for the Bigger Better Business Q+A HERE to find out more.

Danielle doesn’t promote many people — why Marie Forleo?
Marie is the best at what she does — that’s why B-School is the only program I’m an affiliate of,. She has built an extremely profitable (as in many million$), super-focused (as in, she is a great leader) women-empowering, online education company. I’ve been by her side on this ride for five years.

She has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to leverage the power of the internet to reach more people, so they can have impact and income. I’m always telling her, “Seriously mama, you are going to be in Time Magazine someday for what you’re doing with online business.”

Get a taste of Marie’s content-rich and USEFUL material by signing up for her free video training series HERE. This training will be going away soon, so get it now.

Next month, next year, or 5 years down the road, what do you want your life to look like? When you cast your vision out 10 years, what do you see?

If running your own business, reaching thousands of people with your message, sharing your talents far and wide is part of that vision, sign up for B-School.

When it comes to teaching people how to market their products and services with heart, no one does it better than Forleo. #TeamDanielle goes through B-School every single year. What more can I say? It’s gold.

To be notified when the bonus doors open, sign up right HERE.

More questions? Email

All Soul,



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Rivers of gold + a free Fire Starter Sessions Workbook.

The day I took my loafers and power suits to the consignment store and cracked open the road to solo entrepreneurship, a new tattoo and a nose piercing was in order. And dying my hair red. Obviously.
If running your own business has always been on your heart, your transition from a j-o-b to earning on your own might be as bold and dramatic as mine was. Or it might be a softer, more gradual transition. It doesn’t matter, really. What matters is that you use your dreams as fuel to move you forward.

Your dreams are the veins of gold that will lead to whatever you want to call prosperity. tweet

And to help you ride that river of gold, I give to you…
It contains all the exercises from The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms. And it’s here, all for you.
Use it for soul clarity. For moving towards the future that has been carved out just for you. For freedom — because in seeking your freedom, you liberate your potential to accomplish incredible things.
Be incredible.


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the Dalai Lama looked me in the eye and said, women rule! (in so many words)

A little story to start the weekend…


Just about to turn thirty, I was given a rare opportunity to have a private audience with His Holiness The Dalai Lama. “Hey kid,” my boss said on the other end of the phone, “I think I’ve got us a meeting with the Dalai Lama … at his place in India. You in?”

I had no idea how I was going to swing three weeks in India, the flight from Seattle to New Delhi, Delhi to Bangalore and back. “Yeah, I’m in.” And like most things meant to be, the money showed up at the right time and I showed up in smelly Delhi with high expectations.

His Holiness is based, along with the exiled Central Tibetan Administration, in the high mountain region of Northern India in Dharamsala. It is essentially a little Tibet, teeming with refugee Tibetans and transported monks. And it’s a hell of a trek to get there. Planes, trains, and mini vans switch-backing up thin, cliff-side roads for hours.


After being thoroughly frisked and passed through metal detectors, my five travel mates and I were ushered into a His Holiness’s meeting room furnished with stunning tankas and red mahogany trimmed sofas. We waited like groupies before the big show.

We were told we’d have precisely fifteen minutes to meet. And he was already fifteen minutes late. What if something more important came up? It would be understandable if he blew us off at the last minute. We weren’t diplomats or officials. We weren’t even Buddhists.

He burst in, robust and radiant, “Sohhh sorry! Sohhh sorry to keep you waiting.” {You’re the 14th reincarnation of the venerable Dalai Lama and you’re apologizing to this motley crew? I thought. Now that’s an entrance.}


We spoke of universal consciousness. Are there different consciousnesses on different planets or dimensions? “One, ultimately one consciousness, is what I think,” he replied. We spoke of current military actions and politics. We laughed. We mostly laughed in amazement at his bellowing belly laughs. I watched him like a hawk. I thought to myself, don’t be glamoured, Danielle. His greatness could be a projection from followers, a role he plays. And still, I felt a complete sense of clean, sincere, awesomeness. In my most humble estimation, this guy registered as The Real Thing.

The clock was ticking. One after the other, like school children in a row, he gestured for each person to ask their question. And then he skipped a beat. He abruptly turned to me. Penetrating gaze. Fuzzy eyebrows raised. “You. You have a question, yes you.” In wasn’t my turn yet. It was Valentines’ Day. I really just wanted to say, “Sir, will you be my Valentine? I have a total crush on you.”

“Uh, yes, well, my generation is at a crossroads where no other generation has been before.” {Duh, that’s naturally true of every generation.} “And I wondered, what message do you have for us Gen X’rs?”

“Ah yes, crossroads.” Nodding briskly. “Well, in the West, you have education, and this is good. And you have technology. And this is good. But, you do not educate your people in values. Values of the heart. Compassion. This you must do.”

“And you see, it does not matter whether you are Buddhist or Christian.” he went on. “Compassion lives in heart, beyond religion. Even me, Buddhist, I can say, you do not need Buddhism, just the compassion of the heart.” Call me cynical, but I just can’t see The Pope being so flexible.

“Women know this,” he went on. “Because, peace, peace is implicit in women. You put boys together, they make war. You put women together, they make peace. Women are the leaders of the future.” He spoke of Jimmy Carter as a leader with feminine-based principles, and Benazir Bhutto as a “very aggressive woman, but good leader…very good leader.” And he laughed. And laughed.

Almost an hour had gone by.


Even though his secretary insisted we wrap, HH glanced ’round the room and said, “Okay?” as if to ask our permission to be excused. Quick photo op. Cameras flashing. More laughter.

And then the Dalai Lama did the most incredible thing. When I thought he was about to exit left and high tail it out of there, he moved toward the doorway entrance and waited patiently for each of us to file out. And then he hugged each one of us good-bye. Slowly. Firmly. Like your favourite grandparent hugs you – with thankfulness and deep care, like they have all the time in the world.

And when he pulled back from our Most Holy Bear Hug, he looked me in the eyes, as he did with each of us, and he smiled wide and nodded. And let me tell you, without an ounce of romanticism, being in his gaze was like having the milky way grinning down on me. I have only rarely in this lifetime felt so clearly seen, and so clearly loved. The simultaneity of recognition and acceptance was intoxicating.

And out we filed.

So how do you follow up a meeting with the Dalai Lama? With fries and Coke in a smokey cafe, of course. We debriefed in the glow. We were stoned on the experience. We dissected his political views and take on universality. And each one of us, in our own way, said, “How about that hug, eh?”