A few growth pointers from Team D

A few growth pointers from Team D

Here are some field notes for growth from the two amazing women who run our business.

Everyone on #TeamD takes these personality tests

Everyone on #TeamD takes these personality tests

One of our best investments of time is in understanding each other: what our strengths and talents are, how we show love + appreciation, and how we respond to stress. We’re working to be even more thoughtful and diligent around these practices in our culture, but we’ve got some great tools in hand.

FSS People

Conscious career-generators! I’m starting something new. For you.

Conscious career-generators! I’m starting something new. For you.

Resentment. And how to (un)block your prosperity.

When my first company tanked, I was on the hook for about $150,000. Before I got slammed with that fact, my CEO, who I hired to run the company, thought it best to fire my Founder’s ass. Shortly after they canned me, the whole business fell apart — because you can’t have a personality-driven business without um, the founding personality there. And because, bad karma…

Rivers of gold + a free Fire Starter Sessions Workbook.

The day I took my loafers and power suits to the consignment store and cracked open the road to solo entrepreneurship, a new tattoo and a nose piercing was in order. And dying my hair red. Obviously.   If running your own business has always been on your heart, your transition from a j-o-b to […]

Break the law, bag the contract, ignore your lawyer, be yourself

For even the most assured and self-referencing person, legalities and money matters are major character testers. I’ve made my most heart breaking mistakes—and my greatest personal strides in these departments. I’ve caved to advice that didn’t match my conscience, and I’ve crusaded for love when it seemed foolish to be so…trusting…so generous…so transparent.

78 inspirational quotes to start your fire.

I get a lot of compliments on the inspirational quotes in THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS. Here they are, all in one place.

The Sonic Fire Playlist: Music for making stuff.

The following music was listened to obsessively while creating THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS. Listen in.

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