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Conscious career-generators! I’m starting something new. For you.

Conscious career-generators! I’m starting something new. For you.

Resentment. And how to (un)block your prosperity.

When my first company tanked, I was on the hook for about $150,000. Before I got slammed with that fact, my CEO, who I hired to run the company, thought it best to fire my Founder’s ass. Shortly after they canned me, the whole business fell apart — because you can’t have a personality-driven business without um, the founding personality there. And because, bad karma…

Rivers of gold + a free Fire Starter Sessions Workbook.

The day I took my loafers and power suits to the consignment store and cracked open the road to solo entrepreneurship, a new tattoo and a nose piercing was in order. And dying my hair red. Obviously.   If running your own business has always been on your heart, your transition from a j-o-b to […]

78 inspirational quotes to start your fire.

I get a lot of compliments on the inspirational quotes in THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS. Here they are, all in one place.

The Sonic Fire Playlist: Music for making stuff.

The following music was listened to obsessively while creating THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS. Listen in.

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