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Chantal Russell

E-RYT Yoga Instructor, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Studio Director at Bowen Island Yoga, Desire Map Facilitator

Core Desired FeelingsNourish, Paris, Wild Soul, Free, Devotion

Becoming a Desire Map facilitator helped me find my authentic voice as a yoga teacher. It gave me tools and accessible language to infuse more soul into my yoga classes.”

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Q: What makes Yoga and The Desire Map a great pair?

Yoga and The Desire Map go together like Shiva and Shakti. Generally speaking, the yoga tradition has been passed down through a long lineage of male teachers, and so has evolved to harness and cultivate more masculine qualities (doing, focus, strength, mind, spirit, oneness). The Desire Map, on the other hand, is like an invitation to re-awaken Shakti, the creative power of the universe, the divine feminine (being, feeling, heart, body, soul, uniqueness). We need both. When practiced together, yoga and The Desire Map are like a sacred marriage of feeling/being and doing. Creating a container for connection and creativity, enlivening within us the strength and capacity to be present with whatever life brings our way, and freeing us to choose how to show up.

Q: Where were you, in life or business, before you become a Desire Map Facilitator?

Before becoming a Desire Map facilitator, I was “holding back” in my yoga teaching, not really inviting people to connect to their feelings in a creative way. I had been following and loved Danielle’s work for years, and had read all of her books; however, I was unsure of how to bring the teachings I found so useful in my own life into my yoga classes. There was a gap between what I believed and wanted to share with people, and what was coming across in my teaching.

Q: How did becoming a Desire Map facilitator impact you as a yoga teacher?

Becoming a Desire Map facilitator helped me find my authentic voice as a yoga teacher. It gave me tools and accessible language to infuse more soul into my yoga classes.

Becoming a Desire Map facilitator has also made me a more skillful teacher, by inspiring me to create yoga sequences that reflect how I want the class to feel (the vibe), and has helped me guide people into embodying how they most want to feel in any given pose. It has also served as a personal reminder to stay connected to my own CDFs as I teach and has liberated me to feel them more freely and openly.

By broadening my skillset, being a facilitator has helped set me apart from the plentitude of amazing yoga teachers on the west coast, creating opportunities for differentiation and international recognition.

Q: What’s one of your favourite moments as a Desire Map Facilitator?

My most cherished moment of being a Desire Map facilitator was when a participant declared at the end of the workshop, “I am Guru.” She had a spiritual teacher she revered and adored, and she wanted to feel the way she felt when she was with her teacher. So she declared Guru as one of her CDFs. When she said “I am Guru” out loud to the group, she realized for the first time that she was her own guru, and that she could trust the wisdom and guidance of her own heart. It was a huge aha moment for her. Her face softened and lit up, and her whole body became more grounded and present as she declared it. It was beautiful to witness that realization occur for someone.

Q: You ran a Desire Map & yoga retreat in Costa Rica last year? What was that experience like? Would you host another?

I did host a Desire Map & Yoga Retreat last year in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica! It was amazing to spend an entire week immersing ourselves in The Desire Map, surrounded by luscious palm trees, swimming in the warm ocean, and being in the company of great women. We began each day with yoga, and dove into Desire Mapping during our afternoon sessions. We would break to watch the sunset every day, and enjoyed delicious organic meals and nourishing conversations together in the evenings. Spending seven days contemplating how we most wanted to feel in different life areas allowed the retreat participants to really feel into the answers and not rush the process. By the end of the week, everyone left feeling rejuvenated, energized, and empowered.

Testimonials from workshop attendees

“The environment, the group of ladies sharing in the experience, and the knowledge shared was exceptional. Definitely a life changing trip.”

Anne G

“This experience helped me grow in my awareness, and realigned me with the things I value in life. I came back stronger in all senses of the word. I came back rejuvenated and truly inspired to go deeper into my practice, to practice gratitude more, and to give back to others.”

Sarah P

“This will change you life! Chantal truly has a gift of guiding people and allowing people to go deeper into themselves and their practice. She has a beautiful way of integrating the teachings of The Desire Map and yoga with the asanas.”

Kim K

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