RETROSPECTION: Clear space so you can move forward.

Danielle LaPorte Free and Clear 2018

Dear Seeker… of freedom and clarity.

Helloooo! It’s Danielle. I want to say straight up, guiding you through this process is one of my favourite events of the year. Anything about clarity… anything that I can get out online in a “lite” way… I just love this kind of making and relating.

Now let’s just jump in…


It’s amazing how easy it is to relinquish control of how we manage our time. It’s a deep issue. We’re going to start with looking back at the last few months or year of your life. Retrospection, so we can clear space to move forward. Okay…

My sweet and always-determined friend Steph Corker laid this methodology on me when I needed to make a big pivot in my career. I had to make a decision that was going to affect the next few years of my creative focus. It was early Fall in the Western hemisphere. We were in a pub in Southern California after a business meeting had gone south. I was slightly confused but brimming with ideas. There was nowhere to go except toward clarity. But first… we had to rewind. 

So it’s… deep-dive, rapid-fire retrospective time for you. It’s really easy, because this is quick (but you can make it longer if you want to.)

Download your RETROSPECTION worksheet now.Free and Clear Week 1

Retrospect. The idea here is to see what lights you up, so that you can plan to feel-have-do and experience more of that in your life. My main piece of guidance for this RETROSPECTIVE EXERCISE is don’t overthink it. Do it quickly for the first round (I suggest a time limit in the exercise). Write down whatever comes to mind, unimpeded, bam-bam-bam—you can always go back and refine your reflections if you want.

The truth surfaces faster without a filter.

We’re going to jam on this together TOMORROW: Wednesday, October 10, on the @desiremap Instagram at 12pm PST / 3pm EST.

Danielle LaPorte Free and Clear

I’ll tell you more about how I ended up in a pub confused but excited and how you, too, can go from “WTF?!” to “Ohhhh, I know what I should do…”

All Love,






Around the corner…
The theme for the next week’s FREE & CLEAR will be: Expectations & Letting Go. Whether you need to perform major surgery on your commitments, or you need to just blow some shit up and walk away, healthy letting go requires mindfulness. (We’ll get you there.)

Before you go…
Ommm: If you want to get in a more contemplative headspace for this, here’s a lovely little audio called “Light Scanning”. It’s me guiding you to bring more light into your consciousness. You can play the contemplation FROM HERE.

Tunes: If you just want to groove while you do this retrospective, may I suggest Marvin Gaye’s Deluxe Edition of What’s Going On?

Even more: If you want to go deeper after you do this worksheet, there’s this extended perspective, aptly called: Your Deeper Year-In-Review.


PS. Clarity is a gift. Send this to a friend who could use some.

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The truth surfaces faster without a filter.


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