Dani March

500Hr Registered Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Lifestyle Coach, Desire Map Master Facilitator

Core Desired FeelingsMagnetic, Radiant, Reverence

“Becoming a Desire Map Facilitator was a critical step in taking my heart-based business beyond the walls of the yoga studio. The curriculum has been essential in bridging the transformation that occurs on the mat and giving students the tools to continue the work off the mat.”

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Q: What does it mean to you to be a Desire Map Facilitator?

Working with fellow seekers, in this way, feels so aligned and oh-so-right. As a keen student of the material myself (since the very beginning), it is a privilege to continue to take this work forward.

Being a Desire Map Facilitator allows me the unique opportunity to kindle, to witness, to honour. It has both heightened and humbled me. And, each time I lead a workshop or private experience, I feel a deep sense of service to my community.

Q: How did becoming a Desire Map facilitator impact you as a yoga teacher?

Becoming a Desire Map Facilitator was a critical step in taking my heart-based business beyond the walls of the yoga studio. The curriculum has been essential in bridging the transformation that occurs on the mat and giving students the tools to continue the work off the mat.

I’ve expanded my reach, grown my circle of influence, and enhanced my tool kit. I am now leading workshops across North America and working with students worldwide. This small town gal has big dreams, and The Desire Map is living proof that anyone can do move towards those dreams…and feel damn good doing it.

Q: What makes Yoga and The Desire Map a great pair?

Intuitively, I felt that pairing The Desire Map with Yoga would allow students to connect to the innate wisdom of their bodies. Desire runs deep — beyond the intellectual realm — and yoga provides the perfect canvas for students to go inward and be curious about what and how they feel.

Yoga helps bring to the surface the stuff we’ve been ignoring, suppressing, and blocking. The Desire Map helps students inquire, notice, and feel it. Like I said, the perfect union.

As a teacher and guide, it’s important to me that participants experience something sacred. For me, there is no place more special than my mat — where my heart was cracked open the first time, and every time after that.

It is a true honour to guide women back to their bodies.

Q: You’ve already hosted many Desire Map & Yoga workshops at various conferences and events. Can you tell us a bit about those experiences of offering The Desire Map to experienced yogis?

What I love about The Desire Map is how deceptively simple the concept is and for that reason, it’s perfect for everyone — newcomer to the world of inquiry and experienced inquirers alike. The path to conscious and full-on living is an evolving journey, and it’s been my experience that the more you go in, the longer you stay, the more you find.

When it comes to pairing The Desire Map with yoga, in its simplest form, we are peeling back one more layer. I’ve had a wide range of students attend my events (in small local studios, big scale classrooms like Yoga Journal LIVE! Conferences and Wanderlust, as well as intimate weekend retreats away from home) and I can say with absolute confidence that this material is accessible to everybody, regardless of their previous experience with yoga or the material itself.

This is not about advanced postures or one’s level of experience with yoga. It is about connecting to the sensations (language) of the body. Getting to know ourselves better. We use shape and postures for clearing, for listening…. Exploring what YES and NO feel like and, over time, learning to trusting that deep sense of inner knowing.

Q: What is your most cherished memory of being a Desire Map Facilitator?

Hands down – the final Savasana, after four or six or eight hours of excavating. That moment when I get to witness each body in the room fully surrender — and the words of the day have a soft place to land.

When there is nothing left to do or say, and all that is left is the sound of breakthroughs: beating hearts, collective breath, salty tears, gentle sobs, cathartic sighs of relief — and, of course, light, clarity, and hope.

In that moment, I know for sure that I’ve had a hand in changing lives. Major chest expansion.

Testimonials from workshop attendees

“What an insightful, spirited journey. This process would NOT have been the same without Dani’s rich guidance and who so fabulously embodies the work. She is the real deal!”


“Totally sacred. I loved the way Dani weaved in Yin yoga to lead us into introspection. Her sense of humour and ability to laugh kept things light and real.”


“Dani led me through The Desire Map with such ease and grace. She created a safe and warm container to explore my deepest desires. A soulful experience I would highly recommend to anyone!”


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