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What is The Desire Map Facilitator Program?

It’s a revolution, is all — a revolution of the heart.

The Desire Map is a tool for more holistic, heart-centered living. It has sold over 150,000 copies and has been translated into seven languages, and it has helped people all over the world identify their Core Desired Feelings™ and use that clarity to design the lives they want to live. Jobs, quit. Passions, chosen. Relationships transformed. Clarity, achieved! Desires, claimed.

Life coaches, wellness coaches, yoga instructors, and others started saying: “This work is so transformative — how can I bring it to my clients?”

So, we let that enthusiasm lead and turned The Desire Map book into a curriculum for classes, workshops, retreats, and coaching and more. The core curriculum is broken down into two levels:

Level 1: Your Core Desired Feelings, is about people discovering their Core Desired Feelings. This is the deep-down work that helps them reconnect (or sometimes connect for the very first time) to their hearts and the life they’ve been longing for. Level 1 offers that profound glimpse into what can be possible once their compass is re-set to head towards those Core Desired Feelings.

Level 2: Goals with Soul, is all about the practical application of those Core Desired Feelings, helping people design their life and create Goals with Soul. Here, participants can see how their goals are not end destinations in and of themselves, but are sacred choices designed to be in service of their soul work.

Now Desire Map workshops and events are being held all over the globe, and The Desire Map is working its way into yoga studios, one-on-one coaching sessions, and classrooms of all kinds and age groups. No matter what your experience or vocation, you can bring The Desire Map to others and transform lives.

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Watch Desire Map Facilitator, Dani March, lead a Desire Map workshop at Wanderlust Hollywood in Los Angeles California.

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See a gallery of Desire Map workshops and events held by our facilitators.

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How does The Desire Map Facilitator Program work?

In a nutshell: You join the program. We give you all the curriculum and support you need to start facilitating this work right away. Workshops, retreats, or coaching sessions choose them all or take your pick. You make money and keep it all.

Here’s how the process goes:

First, as a Desire Map Facilitator, you will receive The Desire Map core curriculum, broken down into detailed workshop, retreat, and coaching outlines. You take that curriculum and facilitate it out-of-the-box for live or virtual events — or you use it as a starting point and customize it to your own vocational specialty. (If you are a coach or yoga instructor, we’ve made it even easier with specific outlines made just for you.)

Then, once you decide on an event or offering, you list them in our event directory, which lives on DanielleLaPorte.com, and receive thousands of visits daily, to help you get the word out!

And last (but definitely not least), you begin selling out workshops, retreats, and coaching sessions. And the money you make from your offerings is 100% yours to keep.

Our goal is to provide you with gorgeous, intuitive content that’s easy to use and that naturally boosts your earning potential. We love elegance and abundance, and want you to have a ton of both as you pursue this good work.

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The Desire Map Facilitator Program and You

Learn how to integrate The Desire Map curriculum into your own specialties and passions.


Who is this program for?

Entrepreneurs, Yoga Teachers, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Health Coaches, Counselors, Teachers, Therapists, Essential Oil Educators, Healers…and more.

We created the The Desire Map Facilitator Program with all lightworkers and soulful entrepreneurs in mind. If you are working to serve others and improve lives, Desire Mapping can enhance your work, expand your reach, and deepen the transformation with everyone you work with.  

If you’re a natural maven who loves helping others, if you are committed to doing meaningful work that’s anchored in service and deep joy, and you know that you can earn a good living inspiring people to live their best lives…this program is for you.

This is a business tool with soul. No heavy networking. The whole point of The Desire Map is to create a life that resonates fully with who you are, and there are many ways to make a business work — so we keep the focus keenly on heart-centered entrepreneurship.

If you want to hear about real experiences, you can meet some of our incredible facilitators who are already doing this great work in the world: yoga teachers, integrative health & business coaches, Reiki practitioners, and educators. Read about the ways that being a facilitator has changed their own lives and the lives of their students.

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I have used the Desire Map Facilitator Program with my Tarot Coaching by guiding clients with the cards to what they truly want to feel and deserve. The Tarot guidance provides both visual and emotional insight into each person’s individual healing journey.”

Tonya Melendez Desire Map Facilitator, Tarot Coach
Read about Tonya’s experience

“Health, self-care, and The Desire Map are a perfect combination for success for any health coaching client. Adding it into my coaching has been the best decision I’ve made.”

Katie Henry Health Coach, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Yoga Instructor, Desire Map Facilitator, Author
Read about Katie’s experience

“I often use the Desire Map as a starting point for new clients to dig deep. It’s an exceptional tool (even in a business environment) to get entrepreneurs out of their heads and into their hearts.”

Fernanda Bressen Desire Map Facilitator, Life & Business Coach
Read about Fernanda’s experience

“For anyone starting with The Desire Map, coaching can support clients when they’re not quite sure what to do to feel the way they want to feel, how to identify their feelings, or when they’re stuck or resistant.”

Adonica Morgan Certified Life Coach, Desire Map Facilitator
Read about Adonica’s experience

“The Desire Map explores concepts that offer a new perspective, a fresh lens, and a chance to shift our modern day goal-setting paradigms. It embodies being authentically raw and unapologetically “selfish” with how you want to feel.”

Ashley Beels Yoga + Wellness Coach
Read about Ashley’s experience

The greatest impact for me in licensing is not only that I get to walk other women through it, but that every time I do, I get to have my own brand new experience with Desire Mapping.”

Vanessa Crites Desire Map Facilitator
Read about Vanessa's experience

Hosting a workshop takes effort, organization, tolerance to frustration, energy, time, patience…but it has been worth everything!”

Sandra Mora Desire Map Facilitator
Read about Sandra's experience

“Seeing a student try on her CDFs, fine tune them, and get the perfect one is magical. It is a gift to witness and to know that some new possibility was revealed and more awaits.”

Maria Merrill Yoga Instructor
Read about Maria's experience

“I’m seeing more leads coming in for my coaching services from people I don’t know. Until this point, my business had been mostly referral driven, which has been great…”

Sandi Amorim Master Coach
Read about Sandi's experience

The Desire Map is such a powerful tool for coaches because the approach is so unique and so…real. Regardless of what kind of coach you are, when…..”

Marcy Cruice Health Coach
Read about Marcy's experience

The Desire Map is an incredible entry point to further coaching. It offered me a ready-made workshop to get started with, and it gives me a platform to speak from, complete with workbooks and a range of support materials for my clients.”

Meghan Neeley Emerging Entrepreneurs Mentor
Read about Meghan's experience

“It’s exhilarating to facilitate other people’s growth and breakthroughs. It’s the perfect synergy of uplifting change for everyone involved!”

Michelle Wolff Reiki Practitioner
Read about Michelle's experience

“The Desire Map helps guide my clients home, teaching them to tune into their intuition and follow the whispers of their soul.”

Simone Russell Life Transformation Coach
Read about Simone's experience

“The Licensing Program gives me the freedom to integrate my own content with The Desire Map content, so I can combine Danielle’s material with my own passions and area of expertise, which means I am still moving my own brand forward. It’s a win-win!”

Stephanie Watanabe Lifestyle Blogger
Read about Stephanie's experience

The Desire Map is a radical way of being, and being a facilitator means that I’m lighting the path for others to find what really makes them feel good.”

Ashley Maina Transformational Coach, Yoga Instructor
Read about Ashley's experience

“Desire Mapping is deep stuff — it’s life changing, and it is what we have to do to connect with our higher purpose in life. And beyond that, it’s about…..”

Connie Kanella Aramento Health Coach
Read about Connie's experience

“The Desire Map Licensing Program really allows for freedom and creativity to be used in innovative ways. It has helped me to truly see what it is that I want to offer to the world.”

Courtney Sinclair Desire Map Facilitator
Read about Courtney's experience

“Becoming a licensee and continuing to renew my license correlates to freedom, power, and intentionality. It folds into my way of being seamlessly and with extraordinary value.”

Deborah Linehan Life Coach
Read about Deb's experience

I am so on fire for this work. It was the key that unlocked the door to my MORE.”

Elisha Halpin Life Coach
Read about Elisha's experience

I believe that this kind of work lands for people when it’s coming from a teacher who’s already had the same experience themselves. That’s why this has been so exciting …”

Alex Mazerolle Yoga Instructor
Read about Alex's experience

“Knowing “how you want to feel” has helped many of my clients recognise the changes they want to make and set more meaningful goals to move forward. For a client who’s been going round in circles for a very long time, this understanding is life-changing.”

Karen Main Life Leadership Coach
Read about Karen's experience

“This work is truly life-changing — for my workshop attendees, for my private coaching clients, and for me! I learn something new about myself every time…..”

Louise George Life and Business Coach
Read about Louise's experience

Becoming a facilitator has opened new revenue streams and abundance in my life is more fluid. Sharing this work and assisting others in becoming a facilitator has been extremely rewarding.

Allison Dailey Coach, Yoga Instructor
Read about Allison's experience

“Becoming a licensee opened up levels of power and opportunities within me that I didn’t know I could have as a yoga teacher.”

Alyssa Kuzins Yoga Instructor
Read about Alyssa's experience

“Becoming a Desire Map licensee helped me find my authentic voice as a yoga teacher. It gave me tools and accessible language to infuse more soul into my yoga classes.”

Chantal Russell Yoga Instructor
Read about Chantal's experience

“Becoming a Desire Map Facilitator was a critical step in taking my heart-based business beyond the walls of the yoga studio. The curriculum has been essential…..”

Dani March Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Lifestyle Coach
Watch Dani's video story

“The Desire Map marries so synchronistically with my style of coaching, my offerings, and my belief system. There was no way I could not become a facilitator and coach of this work.”

Marisa Clare Yoga Instructor, Coach
Read about Marisa's experience

“I knew I wanted to become a Desire Map Facilitator early on. I had so many ideas brimming and mostly envisioned how beautiful a yoga asana flow class…..”

Roxanne de Guzman Yoga Instructor
Read about Roxanne's experience

I have used the Desire Map Facilitator Program with my Tarot Coaching by guiding clients with the cards to what they truly want to feel and deserve. The Tarot guidance provides both visual and emotional insight into each person’s individual healing journey.”

Tonya Melendez Desire Map Facilitator, Tarot Coach
Read about Tonya’s experience

“Health, self-care, and The Desire Map are a perfect combination for success for any health coaching client. Adding it into my coaching has been the best decision I’ve made.”

Katie Henry Health Coach, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Yoga Instructor, Desire Map Facilitator, Author
Read about Katie’s experience

“I often use the Desire Map as a starting point for new clients to dig deep. It’s an exceptional tool (even in a business environment) to get entrepreneurs out of their heads and into their hearts.”

Fernanda Bressen Desire Map Facilitator, Life & Business Coach
Read about Fernanda’s experience

“For anyone starting with The Desire Map, coaching can support clients when they’re not quite sure what to do to feel the way they want to feel, how to identify their feelings, or when they’re stuck or resistant.”

Adonica Morgan Certified Life Coach, Desire Map Facilitator
Read about Adonica’s experience

What's included in the program?

When you join the program and become an official Desire Map Facilitator, you are given everything you need to start facilitating this work right away: curriculum, tools, resources, and so much more. Here’s what you get when you become a Desire Map Facilitator:

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The Desire Map Licensing Guidebook


This guidebook is the ultimate. It’s packed full of ideas, inspiration, and practical resources. It has everything you need to hit the ground running. As soon as you sign up and become a facilitator, we ship you a gorgeous charcoal binder with the printed guidebook, and we send you you the digital version of the guidebook so you can start planning right away.


Here is the breakdown of everything included in The Desire Map Licensing Program Guidebook:

Click here for the table of contents


The Level 1 Desire Map Workshop curriculum is all about discovery. This curriculum guides people through an exploration of perceptions around the value of feelings. It digs into our desires in relation to ambition, external approval, goal-setting, self-love, and respect. This includes group and solo exercises around identifying what participants are grateful for, what has snagged them before, and exploring the relationship they have with their own emotions. By the end of the curriculum, they will identify their Core Desired Feelings — emotional guideposts that they will use to design their life.


The Level 2 Desire Map Workshop curriculum is all about setting goals and intentions using newly discovered Core Desired Feelings. This curriculum guides people through the exploration of perceptions around goals and goal-setting. How do they see their desires through the lenses of ambition, external approval, and perceived “success”? This workshop creates the space for people to meaningfully reorient their relationship to intention so that they can do, have, and experience what they most desire.

For both the Level 1 & 2 sections of the guidebook, we will also provide you detailed instructions for facilitating the curriculum — such as timestamps for each activity, optional and essential components, customization options, tips for enriching the content with additional thoughtful activities or exercises, and extra resources for deepening experiences.


We have provided outlines for yoga-themed Level 1 & 2 workshops, a retreat framework, and a one-day intensive (which sold out at Yoga Journal LIVE! conferences).

We also give tips from other yoga teachers, examples of activities and meditations to weave into your workshops or classes, and an illustrated Posture & Poses Reference Guide. This chapter also includes two in-depth features for helping your students integrate core desired feelings into their bodies, led by Dr. Deb Kern and Rochelle Schieck. This chapter is rich with ready-to-use content so you can set up your yoga retreat, workshop, or class immediately.


This outline contains all the essential elements from the Level 1 curriculum, and approximately 90 minutes of yoga — including meditations, visualizations, and two full yoga practices. This curriculum explores the perceptions around ambition, feelings, goal-setting, and external approval, and how we experience those things in mind and body. As your class moves through the poses and meditations, they will also be moving toward their Core Desired Feelings and Goals with Soul.


This three-day retreat outline takes the Level 1 Desire Map curriculum with yoga elements and spreads them over a luscious long weekend for a fully immersed approach to Desire Mapping — including chakra work, meditation, and yoga practices. This workshop can easily be adapted to incorporate one or both levels of the Desire Map curriculum. Take this retreat to the beach, rent a cabin for the weekend and curl up with everyone by the fire, or plan an exotic destination trip for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


SOUL LIMBER is a detailed yoga practice outline the weaves the thoughtful inquiry of Desire Mapping into a yin and yang yoga practice. This 60-minute Desire Map-inspired yoga class can be used as a soft introduction to your yoga students so you can promote your workshop or retreat. You can use this class just before starting the Desire Mapping process or when you are ready to revisit your core desired feelings and goals. SOUL LIMBER brings the magic of The Desire Map right to the yoga studio so teachers and students alike can feel its power — and sign up for more.


This one-day intensive workshop, which has been featured at Wanderlust Hollywood and Yoga Journal Live! conferences, captures core elements of the Level 1 & 2 curriculum in only 6-8 hours. This is Desire Map workshop concentrate. This intensive gives students a speedy yet profound glimpse of the curriculum while incorporating yoga as the medium for embodying desire.


The Desire Map coaching curriculum is a tool that incorporates seamlessly into your existing coaching method. Desire Mapping will enhance your work and deepen the transformation of your clients.

We’ve included coaching outlines you can start using today in a range of packages including a three-month guided coaching program for Level 1, a three-month series for Level 2, and a full-day coaching Intensive. This chapter also includes advice from other coaches who are already using The Desire Map with clients and three powerful written features.

The Embodiment of Desire Map Principles in Coaching

Lianne Raymond Master Coach & Desire Mapper

Designing your Coaching Biz with your Core Desired Feelings

Meghan Neeley Life Coach & Desire Map Facilitator

Weaving The Desire Map into your Coaching Practice

Karen Main Life Coach & Desire Map Facilitator


Desire Map Facilitators are a wise bunch, and we feel it’s better if we can all help each other along. This section is rich with tips & tools from other facilitators who are already using the curriculum. There’s plenty of encouraging and useful information here on how  to host your own Desire Map Workshops, how to navigate logistics for live or virtual events, and how to provide powerful experiences for your attendees from the moment they arrive to when they say goodbye. There are also written features to help you become a more effective facilitator.

How to Deal with Challenging Participants

Kate Swoboda Life Coach & Desire Mapper

How to Develop Your Confidence as a Facilitator

Sandi Amorim Master Coach & Desire Map Master Facilitator


Even amazing facilitators can get overwhelmed when it comes to marketing. We want you to know that we’ve got your back, from the moment you get on board. This robust section includes scripts, guidance from facilitators, action sheets for online marketing, and a marketing funnel you can use to build interest in The Desire Map directly from your web page. We also give you tons of copy you can use and personalize to promote your workshops — like social copy, blog posts, email copy, and tons of naming suggestions for your workshops.

This section also includes an outline and resources for hosting a Desire Map Introductory Session a low-cost or free mini-workshop you can use to generate interest in your full workshops, retreats, or other offerings. Take this intro session to schools, bridal showers, book clubs, staff parties anywhere groups gather. Or put a callout to your friends, coworkers, or clients. These Introductory Sessions are about passionately showing people what can be possible for them through the Desire Map process, and to give them a way to sign up for more in-depth work.


There are multiple sources of income as a Desire Map Facilitator. We cover all the ways you can earn money as a facilitator and include examples of how other facilitators are making good cash with this work.

Your Facilitator Profile Page


Your individual profile page on DanielleLaPorte.com is your very own mini-website — another way we make it easy for you to get your story out into the world. It includes your bio, info on your upcoming workshops, and a link to your main website and all your social media profiles. In addition, there’s ample space for you to share answers to common Desire Map questions. It’s a simple way for potential workshop attendees to get to know you better before they sign up and for you to start building connections right away.

The Facilitator Directory


As a Facilitator, you will be listed in TWO online directories, both of which live on DanielleLaPorte.com, with a reach of hundreds of thousands of people. In the Facilitator Directory, you will be searchable by name, location, and/or specialty keywords based on your specialties (ex. dance, meditation, aromatherapy, creativity, etc.). If you are a coach or a yoga teacher, people will also be able to filter facilitators by those two categories.

The Event Directory


The second directory you’ll be featured in is the Event Directory. Here, you’ll be able to create individual directory listings for each one of your Desire Map offerings, including in-person workshops, virtual workshops, and ongoing offerings such as yoga classes and one-on-one coaching packages.

The Desire Map Facilitator Portal


This is your Portal to all things Facilitating. This is where the digital version of the guidebook lives, along with your legal contract and event waivers. Here you’ll also find the support box, where you can submit requests and questions to our Support Team. Anything you need in order to plan, host, and promote your workshops or offerings can all be found from there. The Portal also connects you to your profile, event listing page, and the Facilitator Knowledge Base.

The Desire Map Facilitator Knowledge Base


The Knowledge Base, housed inside the Facilitator Portal, gives you access to Frequently Asked Questions, tips, news, updates, and all audio/video files and PDFs mentioned in the guidebook. Anytime there is a live call or event hosted for facilitators, the recorded audio will be uploaded to the Knowledge Base. It’s also home to all of the marketing assets (including customizable promotional graphics), promotional copy, and everything else you’ll need to run far and steady with your workshops.

The Private Facebook Community


This private Facebook group is available exclusively to Danielle LaPorte Facilitators. In this group, you’ll connect directly with your fellow Facilitators, get feedback on your event ideas, ask for input, and share the challenges you’re facing. Here you will receive 100% loving encouragement, along with practical ideas to help you grow your practice, improve your skills, and joyfully reach the people you’re meant to reach. This group is your space for sisterhood + collaboration.

Super Affiliate Partner status


Desire Map Facilitators are automatically enrolled as Super Affiliate Partners. This means you’ll receive a significantly higher affiliate commission — $500 for every Desire Map License you sell through your affiliate link. Plus, you’ll earn 30% commision on nearly every other item purchased through your link in the DanielleLaPorte.com shop.

Retail Discount


Desire Map Facilitators can purchase eligible physical products at a 40% discount (*minimum quantities apply). You can re-sell the products (at the regular retail price, so you’re making a nice profit) at your workshops or via your own website.

There's More! Extras!


The Desire Map Planner Launch Kit

The Desire Map Planner is Desire Mapping. It’s unlike any other planner on the market… and it sells out every year. We equip all our facilitators with a Planner Launch Kit, so that this wildly popular product can best serve you, your clients, and your business. The Planner Launch Kit includes:

  • BONUS Coaching Curriculum: Use the Desire Map Planner Intro Workshop to teach new clients how to use the Planner to design a life that reflects their true desires.
  • Daily & Weekly Printable Planners for you to freely use as gifts/incentives for your workshop attendees.
  • Increased affiliate commissions on Planners. Earn up to $25 USD on every Planner sold through your affiliate link.
  • 40% Off Your Personal Planner. Deep discounts on all Planners—just for facilitators!
  • 50% Wholesale Discount when you purchase wholesale (in quantities of 12 or more).
  • VIP access to Team D’s Planner Promotional Calendar.


The Free & Clear Workshop Kit

This is the prequel to Desire Mapping. This workshop is for all the sweet humans feeling foggy about what they “really” want, as well as the super-achievers who need to re-sync their ambitions. Clarity first, then make plans. The Free & Clear Workshop Kit includes:

  • The Free & Clear workshop outline—everything you need to create a virtual or in-person workshop that’ll serve your people.
  • The Free & Clear Worksheets—the bones of every workshop. You’ll get a workbook containing all six to send to your clients.
  • A Marketing Package with promotional copy and graphic elements you can use to promote your own workshops and offerings.


The Desire Map Digital Workbook and Audio Book

Every new Desire Map Facilitator gets access to the digital workbook and audio book when they sign up. You’re welcome to give these away as bonuses to your clients/participants, or use them yourself as you get deep into Desire Mapping.


The Fire Starter Sessions

Every new Desire Map Facilitator will receive the Fire Starter Sessions audiobook when they sign up. This book will ignite your entrepreneurial heart for your new endeavor as a facilitator.


The Soul Limber Yoga Class

The Soul Limber Yoga Class is a 60-minute video yoga practice the weaves the thoughtful inquiry of Desire Mapping with yin and yang yoga. Led by Yoga Teacher and Facilitator Danielle March, this feel-good-flow is designed to limber your heart and body for the deep soul work of Desire Mapping. This practice works for all bodies — all hearts. Use this video practice for your own personal use or play it during your workshop or event. Along with the videos, we’re also giving facilitators a class outline with teaching tips so they can guide their students through the same practice.


Experience a Desire Map Virtual Workshop!

Before you lead your own workshop, wouldn’t it be helpful to watch a masterful facilitator lead a group through the process? We thought so, too. That’s why we’re giving you the MP3s to a virtual workshop lead by Master Coach Lianne Raymond. You still get to do it your own way — but this will definitely help you anchor into the content and gain valuable group facilitation wisdom from a pro.


Facilitation 101 Video Course

Facilitating group work can be as intense as it is beautiful. There’s a lot at play: several people in one room, with all their wisdom and fears and every story they’ve carried with them. It takes practice to learn how to guide conversations and provide deep listening. In this facilitation deep dive, Coach Kate Swoboda will equip you with the fundamentals you need to be a solid Desire Map Facilitator. From the psychology of group dynamics to handling Chatty Cathys, Kate’s got you covered. This is rich teaching.

Join the Revolution

Become a Desire Map Facilitator

What else is there to say? This has to be a heart-calling for you. I’m wildly enthusiastic about fueling women’s entrepreneurial fires, and the business opportunity here is a beautiful one.

But…and…this is Soul-centric. I really need people to do this work for the right reasons.

So if you’re feeling the inspiration, if you’re ready to weave some meaningful inquiry into people’s lives, AND, if you’ve got the mojo to make this a sweet sideline business, then…then YES. Please join us.

This was a surprise little revolution that happened. It went global, started to bring teens and couples and all kinds of wonderful women with it. So when you jump in to become a Desire Map Facilitator, that makes you a REVOLUTIONARY. Of Light.

All Love, and respect,

Teach - D Signature


Say Yes. Join the Desire Map Facilitator Program Today.


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