2016 Desire Map Planner Mantra

December Mantra- Feature - 1230x1230

From the monthly mantra page of December 2016 in the #DesireMap Planner Collection, both the weekly and daily versions.


Metatron Cube

Metaron Cube - Feature -1230x1230

Metatron’s Cube is governed by the Archangel Metatron, who oversees bringing spiritual knowledge into form. He is a great Angel to call on to move your ideas into reality. Meta + tron = “beyond the matrix.” And you want out of the matrix, right?


Notice How You Feel

Gratitude Resentment - Feature -1230x1230 (1)Load up on these digital wallpapers for some calm and take a deep breath every time you glance at your phone. Ahhhh.



Shine  - Feature -1230x1230

Improve your vision. Some shine for your screens!


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