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Drama in our lives is the greatest indicator that we’re not focused on meaningful goals. On the path to purpose you don’t have time for drama.
Brendon Burchard

Here’s one thing that failure and success has taught me: drama is a total and utter waste of time and energy. And most successful cats I know have come to the same conclusion. They fail-succeed-fail-succeed, and after a few laps around the block, they decide that drama isn’t that productive or attractive.

Creative power doesn’t come from strong reactions to what happens, it comes from a steady vision of what’s possible.

Being sued? Rolling with it. Designer gone berserk? You’ll deal. Over budget? We can manage.

Now, “Rolling with it” doesn’t mean that you won’t plow, push, and sweat. You will. And you’ll hurt and be hurt. And you’ll get angry. But acceptance of What Is means that frustration will not suffocate your better judgement, and you can feel divinely, rationally, entirely capable of getting the right stuff done. You’ll sleep better. You’ll laugh more. You’ll think more clearly.

Throwing a fit, fantasizing about getting even, fault-finding, bemoaning the fact, going out of your way to prove that you’re right and they’re wrong… all drama stunts and major energy suckers.

Something will always go wrong. I’m not talking about Murphy’s Law gloom. I’m talking about real life, growth, nature. When shit happens, just say, “Oh, so this is the shit in the compost.” And be the farmer of your ideals.

(Disclaimer: Rolling with the shit is a lot easier said than done. But it can be done, and it will transform your life.)

Meet the hassles with class. It will make you a lot more fun to be around.

Bow to the nature of life. It will make you stronger — and you’ll need all your strength to accomplish the truly important stuff.


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