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These times are calling us to serve in every way that we possibly can.

We are called to give of our love, our time, our funds, our idealism. The shifts seem more breakneck and unrelenting than ever. And in our beautiful concern, as the dire issues mount, it’s understandable that we might feel helpless. On the particularly challenging days, we are digging deep for hope and ways to use our small-but-mighty lives to nourish, to heal, to lift it UP…

Meditation nourishes, heals, and lifts UP.

The Earth Adoration Meditation is a meaningful way to play a part in nourishing the planet. It counts, deeply, alongside community building and recycling, and as powerfully as canvassing for change. We need all of that activism—in the flesh, real-time work. AND we need to work our inner light. Tending to our consciousness is critical to creating outer change. As above… so below.

Earth Adoration = the renewing power of blessings and Love.

Introduction and Theory audio recording from Danielle

I’ll be your steady guide. This is like an overview of the trip itinerary. We walk through the underlying theory of The Earth Adoration Meditation—every layer is significant.

3 Guided Meditations

There are three versions of this meditation: MINI, MEDIUM, and FULL.

1) Mini Version: 24 mins

We begin with Invocation + Prayer to get centered and call on your Higher Beings for support. Then we drop into the visualization for Mother Earth, focusing on one of her elements: Oceans and all bodies of WATER on the planet.

2) Medium Version: 40 mins

This version extends the meditation to all “earth aspects”. We rise into restoration for the land, forests, seas, skies, mountains and plains, animals, minerals, plants, and humankind. This version is so graceful and expansive—Love to and from all beings.

3) Full Version: 53 mins

After giving and receiving blessings from all the elements of the terrestrial plane, the Full Version takes us to the Higher Spiritual Kingdom. The purpose is to move your consciousness higher than usual, way up with the angels. This version is a grand gesture of Love, like a private meditation intensive.

Nourishment for yourself and the planet.
Listen to this short clip from Earth Adoration…

Earth Adoration Meditation Guide Book (Printable)

This printable guide book includes:

  • Introduction + theory
  • Written meditations: Mini, Medium, & Full versions
  • Recommended postures / asanas
  • Essential oil suggestions
  • Mantra recommendations
Meditation cue card (Printable)

Simple cue cards to prompt you through the process, so that A) You don’t have to use your phone to read the steps (not the best vibe), and B) You can have it handy to meditate where/whenever you like.

Earth Adoration Journal (Printable)

A rich journaling component for this practice to help the inner shifts and insights land for you.


Earth Adoration Meditation Mood Board

If you’ve ever had a hard time dropping into Visualizations, the Mood Board is here to strike some inspiration.

Bring on the Radiance

We’re all looking for a way to give—a way to heal the brokenness that’s becoming visible. Anyone with an active heart is feeling the pain of the Earth, and this is a way we can engage our hearts and minds. Meditative work bolsters our ability give of ourselves effectually in the outer-world.

So, let’s gather to offer our focused gratitude and blessings to the Earth and all her beings. Even though she’s suffering, she continues to give, and give… and give. This meditation is a thorough outpouring of Love. We are going to rain our blessings EVERYWHERE.

One Love,






A practice for you and Mother Earth: enlivening, healing, and radiating Love to all.

You’ll receive a link to the complete Earth Adoration Meditation Kit so you can make this nourishing practice your own.



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*10% of every payment goes to charity

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Meditation Groups + Friend Bundles

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Obviously this meditation can be done on your own, however energetic benefits multiply—both individually and collectively (as humanity)—when you team up with other folks. So, send this to your best friend or start a meditation group. Together, we’ll pour oceans of Light back into our ever-giving Mother Earth.

If you want to purchase more than 10 kits, every kit you purchase is only $10 (including the first one). For bulk purchases, email us at meditation@daniellelaporte.com.

Charitable Causes

10% from every program is shared with three charitable causes:

  1. Eve Ensler’s VDay, a global movement to end violence against women and girls.
  2. charity: water, to bring safe drinking water to everyone in the world.
  3. A disaster relief fund. We set aside one third of the monies raised to be disbursed to local relief efforts if/when major natural disasters occur.

How is this meditation different from other meditations?

This visualization is an incredible journey. You are going to perceive yourself as the luminous being that you truly are and then you’ll traverse through the elements of Mother Earth, one at a time, layer by layer, bringing your radiance to heal and enliven her.

We produce it in print and audio, with cue cards for DIY. And because the “landscape” of the meditation is so key, we’re giving you a special Earth Adoration mood board for visual inspiration.

We include introduction + theory so I can personally explain the “why” behind the steps of the process. I think it’s important to know about the subtleties and reasoning of the process—understanding—so you’re IN the process, not just skimming it. You are your own guru.

Creating this meditation is a team effort with myself and a beloved friend, V.S., who is a deep spiritual practitioner. V.S. prefers anonymity so I’m the front person and producer while V.S. creates these exquisite practices. V.S. creates the map, I fill it in.

The overall vibe is expansive instead of restrictive. Lush and dynamic, not seriously stoic.

What is the difference between the 3 different meditations included in this kit?

There are three versions of this meditation, MINI, MEDIUM, and FULL. The Mini Version focuses on the element of water. The Medium Version gives and receives restoration from all “earth aspects”: land, forests, seas, skies, mountains and plains, animals, minerals, plants, and humankind. The Full Version takes us up to the Higher Spiritual Kingdom. This version is a grand gesture of Love, like a private meditation intensive.

Is there a bulk purchase discount?

Yes! If you purchase more than 10 kits, each one you purchase is only $10 (including the first one).

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