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When I talk about The Divine Feminine as a principle…

…it’s not (necessarily) about being in a goddess circle, or being ultra orgasmic (tho, that’s great), or even about being in a female body. The Divine Feminine exists in every being, in all life forms. The Feminine is fluid, generative, creative, spacious, receptive… the embrace that perpetually heals and nourishes. Fierce with protective love. Think of the Mother Mary or Mother Earth—fighting for its creation, and full of grace.

This is the energy of The Embrace Meditation.

Light is an esoteric language—and The Embrace Meditation is Soul poetry.

I’ve been working with colour + light as healing tools for years. Here’s the theory: energy manifests as colour. So, every colour embodies a particular energetic state. In The Embrace Meditation, you’ll feel the fluid pinks, whites, and golds of the cosmos enveloping your entire being. And feeling the co-mingling of these specific colour vibes is what brings you into resonance with the Divine Feminine principle. She is wholeness embodied. ALL-embracing.

Meditation doesn’t have to be lengthy and stoic for it to have a positive effect. With focus and a sacred container, you can generate some great clarity. And clarity helps your heart blossom. I practice The Embrace Meditation for… love. To receive it and to create more of it to give.

Here’s what you will receive…

3 Meditation Audios
  • 1 introductory meditation theory audio (+ love) from Danielle
  • 2 guided meditation audios: An 11-minute compact version for über-busy days and a 15-minute extended version for more QT in the light.
The Embrace Meditation Guidebook

Contains a love note from me, meditation theory, an Invocation, essential oil recommendations, and a complete written version of The Embrace Meditation. Beautifully-designed and ready to print.


Open up this printable journal after your meditation practice to reflect and go deeper. Self-inquiry to unravel more Truth.

Meditation Cue Card

So you don’t have to use your phone to guide you! Take this printable card with you anywhere.

Meditation Visual

Refer to this guiding imagery by artist, Marta Spendowska. These are the core colours of the meditation.


A simple, beautiful healing modality…


This is a simple, beautiful healing modality… all about being held by the Light—the deeply nourishing, flowing, always-there-for-you Light of The Divine Feminine.

I’ll see you there.

True Love,





A Meditation Kit for you

Connect with, embody, and EMBRACE the Divine Feminine.

You’ll receive a link to the complete Embrace Meditation Kit so you can make this nourishing practice your own.



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*10% of every payment goes to charity



A Meditation Kit for you + a friend

Share the love. You’ll receive everything in the Individual package, times two.

Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll receive an email with detailed instructions on how to share the second kit with your friend.



Buy Now
*10% of every payment goes to charity

When You Buy

You’ll get an email with a link to the Meditation Kit so you can start communing with the Divine Feminine right away.

Special Discounts For Current Facilitators

Are you already one of our Desire Map or Fire Starter Sessions Facilitators? Check your email for “How to Purchase” information just for current Facilitators. #becauseweloveyou

Facilitator Pricing for Embrace Meditation Kit:
$20 for you
$30 for you + a friend

Meditation Groups + Friend Bundles

For every kit you purchase, spend an extra $10 to send to as many friends as you want. Yep. We want the Light to spread!

The Divine Feminine is an all-embracing energy that nurtures the entire community. So, send this to your best friend, or start a meditation group. There may be a few tears. There will most certainly be expansion, integration, and connection to the cosmos.

Charitable Causes

10% from every program is shared with three charitable causes:

  1. Eve Ensler’s VDay, a global movement to end violence against women and girls.
  2. charity: water, to bring safe drinking water to everyone in the world.
  3. A disaster relief fund. We set aside one third of the monies raised to be disbursed to local relief efforts if/when major natural disasters occur.

How is this meditation different from other meditations?

This is meditation meets visualization. We guide you through the nurturing vibes of Divine Feminine energy to bring about integration and wholeness. Think: a swirling cosmos of soft pinks, whites, and dynamic golds. Feel: immersed in these healing frequencies—embraced by light. Mmmhmm. We produce it in print and audio, with cue cards for DIY. And because the “landscape” of the meditation is so key, we’ve given you a guiding visual painted by artist, Marta Spendowska.

Creating this meditation is a team effort with myself and a beloved friend, V.S., who is a deep spiritual practitioner. V.S. prefers anonymity, so I’m the front person and producer while V.S. creates these exquisite practices. V.S. creates the map, I fill it in.

The overall vibe is expansive instead of restrictive. Sensual, not stoic.

What is the difference between the 2 different meditations included in this kit?

There are two versions of this meditation, COMPACT and EXTENDED. The Extended version includes an additional Invocation that guides you through calling on your Higher Beings for soul support. If you don’t have as much time, then the Compact edition is there to connect you to the Divine Feminine. You’ll receive both with every Meditation Kit.

Is there a bulk purchase discount?

Yes! If you purchase more than 10 kits, each one you purchase is only $10 (including the first one).

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