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You are so much more than your to-do list. You know this. I know it –– which is why I designed The Desire Map Planner…so we could get our spirit on the calendar, our whole selves on the agenda.

The Desire Map Planner enthusiasm abounds!

The Desire Map Planner radically changes the way I run my business. Being able to reframe my appointments and to-do’s in terms of my Core Desired Feelings is a game changer!” — Lindsey Allen

The Desire Map Planner enabled me to not only keep my daily business and personal life effortlessly organized but it also allowed me to keep my spiritual growth and life goals in check.” — Adrienne Baker

It’s a journal, gratitude list, planner and desire board all rolled into one!” — Marie-Eve Talbot

I call it my GPS system — it guides me daily when I am deciding what to do, not do, and how I am feeling (or if I am not in alignment with my Core Desired Feelings). I use it in my business and the impact on clients makes my heart beam.” — Stacey Bout


The Desire Map Planner Collection officially drops August 1, but YOU can get access to the collection TODAY and secure your 2018 planner, (because we sell out every year) if you become a PLANNER VIP. Plus, as a planner VIP you’ll get sweet VIP pricing, today through July 31.

This VIP offer for crazy planner enthusiasts (good kind of crazy) is our sweetest one so far:

2018 Planners-VIP-Blast Content 1.4

Get one planner for yourself for $34
(that’s $10 bucks off retail)
Get one planner for yourself AND gift one to a friend for $44!
(That’s $88 worth of planners.)

BONUS… when you order two planners, you’ll receive a $10 gift card for your next order at


LIMITED TIME: This sweet offer is valid now through July 31 at

The Desire Map Planner system has been an EVOLUTION — it’s a great creative story. And… it’s turned into a bit of a revolution.


Join me for lunch on Facebook Live TODAY at [12:30pm PT/ 3:30pm ET] I’ll jam with you on how we built The Desire Map Planner system, how we all USE it — and why it makes a difference. I’ll do a Q&A + a giveaway!

We sell out of Desire Map Planners every year, so to secure your 2018 planner while you can, TUNE IN TODAY and learn how to sign up to be a DESIRE MAP PLANNER VIP. AND If you catch this event LIVE we are giving away some free Desire Map Planners. Because we’re like that.

I’m so proud of the power of the planner. (And my alliteration prowess.) We sell out of the planners every year and 2018 is looking particularly gorgeous.

All Love & Gratitude,


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But what’s the MOTIVE? (And BTW, pure motives RULE).

But what’s the MOTIVE? (And BTW, pure motives RULE). Same gesture. Same joke. Same service. Same policy. How can you spot the selfish intention when the branding is so glorious? Or how can you sense the true wisdom when the delivery is so 2000-and tacky? How can you really hear someone when your judgement is clouded by…judgement?


It’s not always self-sabotage. It’s just…what it takes.

Lightwork can be a fight. If you think being on the “spiritual” side of progress guarantees you harmony, then either you haven’t been at it long enough or you’ve been playing it safe. Harmonizing, healing, serving, shining…it’s messy work. Beautiful. Worth it. But messy.


Are you tired? Or just really (justifiably) angry?

Of course there are times — perhaps entire years, when we are bone-baked exhausted. But being fed up is not the same as being fatigued. In the seasons when we are vivacious and brimming with life, we can’t let ourselves slip into the reflex of heaviness.

A question for your growth

A question for your growth (that has nothing to do with quick, easy or “proven.”)

Here’s the most powerful question (that we too often forget) to ask ourselves when we’re on the hunt for solutions: “But… what suits me?”

Deep Positivity Danielle LaPorte

“Deep positivity” vs. “positive thinking”

If there could be a slogan for manifestation theory, this would be it: Energy follows thought. Energy follows thought. Energy follows thought. And by the way…energy follows thought. Manifestation happens from the mind.

The Ultimate and Immediate Why

The Ultimate and Immediate Why

The Ultimate and Immediate Why:
Swallowing fresh water,
clean air
through our mouths,
words of adoration, and


The lie of inadequacy.

We’ve got to fall for some lies to get to our truth. The Lie of Inadequacy. It goes like this…“You were born defective, not good enough, flawed.” nooo! Erase erase. Blow it UP.

Loving yourself Danielle LaPorte

Loving yourself…when you hate yourself.

If “love” is confusing, then “SELF-love” can be mystifying. So I’m pressing pause on the self-love conversation to insert the word compassion… The feel of “compassion” is more direct and melting for most of us. So let’s start there. Because…

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[VIDEO] You are the Guru

NOBODY knows better than you what’s right for you. NOBODY. Let me say what I really mean: NOBODY.
Advice? Get some. Oracles? Consult them. Friends? Worship them. Actual gurus? Honour them. Final say? YOU. All you. No matter what.

The best self help is self compassion danielle laporte.jpg

The best self-help is self-compassion.

The best self-help is self-compassion. When you give yourself credit for making it this far in life—and still being a Gentle Soul—then you’ll know the Truth of Love. When, in a courageously still moment you hear yourself say, “I have everything I need right now,” then you’ll know the Truth of Faith.

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