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Weekly inspiration for living your desires.


Desire as a Practice

Breathe. And jump.

Discomfort is part of the deal. It’s an unavoidable and essential part of expanding.

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With Love

Let go.

Where does the act of ‘letting go’ fit in with desire mapping?

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Listen Up For Freedom

Are you ready, more than ever, to feel free? My desire for freedom lies at the center of all I do. Here’s a liberating playlist, put together by Team D.

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Feeling Focus


Joy. What a word. What a feeling. You’re getting closer with every desire.

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Radio D

Open Up More

Today’s reading: A few thoughts and actions that will help you allow the power of life to really move through you.

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Radio D

Validating Your Pain

“It’s all in my head. It’s supposed to feel like this. I can take it.” Told yourself these lies?

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JOY got the moves

This compilation is designed to get you moving toward the joy in your bod’ & the love in your heart.

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