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When you get through the big pain, this is what happens: Near-blinding radiance.

You will have more to give—and you will LOVE giving it. You will seek to give. It will be the most incredible feeling. Someone is going to come to you with a broken wing, or low on reserves and you are going to have so much love and insight to offer them.

Reframing “obligations” into empowered choices.

“Obligation” is a heavy duty word. You can hardly squeeze a quarter cup of vitality from it. By it’s very nature, it restrains, binds, and requires obedience. Energetically, “obligation” blows. Strike “obligation”, insert: “choice”. You’ve got free will. All of it is a choice. Even if you have to decide to rise to each committed occasion, you are choosing to be moral, loving, responsible, integrous. No victimhood, no obedience, no torture. Just free will...

how do you want it all to feel? sensuous goal refinement + emotional magnetizing

Feelings are magnetic. So it goes that if you generate certain feelings — and you have the power to create any feeling you desire — then you increase the power of your emotional magnetism. But we need to limber up, loosen the images and adjectives encrusted on our goals and most-desired states. It helps to get poetic, lyrical, and abstract. Go there with me...

Your True Nature is Luminous

Light is the most efficient force in the universe. And it's your very core. Through the chaos, through the darkness, the broken heartedness, we will always circle back to light. This week is the Week of Luminosity over here. I'm releasing a piece of art in a few days... all for light. What does "Your True Nature Is Luminous" make you think of? I asked, you answered.

Life is looking everywhere for you. Get on the radar.

You send out homing signals to the cosmos by being your true self. Life is looking for you. Angels are scanning the horizon to see who is lighting up. They are looking for hungry hearts, unbridled passion, audacity, courage -- glimmers of sincerity and daring...

Make space for your future to show up

Sometimes when you fill up your day planner, your closets, your dance card, you’re telling the universe that you're too busy to pick up the gift you ordered -- your hands are full, you like being distracted, you're okay with killing time. Just because what you want isn’t here today, doesn’t mean you should fill the empty space while you wait for it to arrive. "In the mean time" kind of living can be a toxic compromise.

The real you is waiting. In here. Not out there.

You can't patch your Soul's truth together with workshops, and a wardrobe, and identity choices. You'll likely spend half of your life trying to do just that. Composing. Polishing. Packaging. Facing outward, even though it's all inward. Eventually, you'll stop looking out there. In the middle of the noise and the obligations it will dawn on you (maybe right now) that the real you emerges...

“It works better if you enjoy it.” 36 things I wish SOMEbody would have told me along the way about money, sex and business.

ON MONEY 1. Even wasted money has a return. You make expensive mistakes. You blow your cash on dumb stuff. But it’s all a paid-for education, and there's usually someone on the other end who in benefiting, learning, prospering...


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