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Here’s scientific proof that we need each other to shine.

Scientifically speaking, we need each other to shine. I confirmed this one night on a West Coast island, in the backyard of an astronomy-crazed couples' home. They told me that they fell in love over their mutual obsession with outer space...

Your friends, your freedom, and getting off your ass for Love.

I don’t have many regrets in this life. But of the few that linger, it’s distinctly the times that I missed out on time with friends. The two weddings I didn’t go to because I was too broke for the airfare. (Being late on rent wouldn’t have gotten me evicted. Maxing out a credit card would have done the trick. I could have borrowed the money from … a friend.) The friend I didn’t visit in the hospital because I was on a book deadline. The birthday party I didn’t get to because of a minor inconvenience…

Self care is a divine responsibility

...and by that I mean...If you believe that you are a child of the universe, or a product of Love, and/or a global citizen, then it's common sense that you care well for yourself. In fact, you're honour bound to love yourself.

Does your partner know what you desire?

"Talking about my desires with my husband last night... We mapped his core desired feelings. Needless to say, it was a beautiful night..."

Dear Dudes… What Good Women want to say to Good Men

Good Women are fiercely protective of each other, so when there’s a problem or massive potential for pleasure, we’d love to get in there and make it all right - divine meddling. We imagine going straight to the Good Man who’s in our friend’s life and letting them in on a few things -- things that would help him win her heart, things that would help him get his shit together. Things that would... make shy men blush and illuminate nations.

love sucks, but you can’t beat it

One of my wisest friends figures that it took about thirty years for him and his wife to simply be nice to each other. Now there is a euphoria in their familiarity.

Lovevolve Lovevolve Lovevolve

Find out precisely how your people want to be loved and then...just love them that way. (Take the Love Languages test if you want to dig in to this psychology.) Bend to give the person in your gaze exactly what they need, the way they need it — and guaranteed, you’ll be a better person for that kind of giving.

say thank you before you get there

Who will you call when your day comes? When your ship arrives, when you make it, earn it, get what you've been wanting so long and so deeply?


How else do you want to feel?

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