Fiercely-loving + ALL-embracing. Meet my newest meditation…

Luminous people…

Today I’m releasing a simple healing practice, that’s all about being held by the Light—Embrace: The Divine Feminine Meditation.

When I talk about The Divine Feminine as a principle it’s not (necessarily) about being in a goddess circle, or being ultra orgasmic (tho, that’s great), or even about being in a female body. The Divine Feminine exists in every being, in all life forms. The Feminine is fluid, generative, creative, spacious, receptive… the embrace that perpetually heals and nourishes. Fierce with protective love.

Friday (June 29), I’m hosting a few live meditation classes to teach you the flow. We air LIVE in THREE different time zones to commune with as many of you as possible! Learn more about the live class (+ kit) here. Join the class that works for you… or come to all three to soak up more healing + light.

Here’s what the Embrace Meditation Kit + Class includes:

  • A LIVE call-in class with Danielle—offered in 3 different time zones! (June 29)
  • Recordings of all classes
  • The complete Embrace Meditation Kit:
    • Introductory theory (+ cheerleading) audio message from Danielle
    • 2 guided meditations, COMPACT and EXTENDED versions
    • The Embrace Meditation Guide Book (printable). Contains:
      • Love letter from Danielle
      • Meditation theory
      • Complete written meditation
      • Essential oil suggestions
    • Printable meditation journal
    • Printable meditation cue card + visual art

I practice the Embrace Meditation for myself to generate more… Love, really. To receive it, and to create more of it to give. So make a date to ease into Love, with me + The Divine Feminine, on June 29. Register here. We’ve got you.

With my fiercest Love,



PS: Lead the change with all-embracing Love. Press share. xo

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“Embrace” a short meditation working with light, from Danielle LaPorte. Bring on the healing.
JUNE 29, I’ll be meditating LIVE with Danielle LaPorte (she’s doing 3 time zone calls that day!)


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