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What is The Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Program?

The Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Program is a customizable curriculum for coaches, leaders, and teachers of all kinds to help their clients examine — and usually renovate, their definition of success. This is where soul meets business and where consciousness meets cash.

This program makes it incredibly easy to design workshops, webinars, and one-on-one sessions for clients who want clarity about their work in the world and to stoke their entrepreneurial fire.

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How does The Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Program work?

You register to be a facilitator and get a license to facilitate The Fire Starter Sessions work, plus get instant access to a digital library of clear and beautiful outlines and curricula, that you can start using right away, for in-person workshops of various lengths, online workshops, and one-on-one coaching.

This curriculum can be customized to best support your client and your coaching methodology and style. Blend it with your own work. Dice it up to sync with your clients’ growth arc. You can make this content the center of your offering or just one part of your magic tool kit.

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Who is the program for?

This program is for coaches, leaders, and teachers who want tools to take their clients in a more soulful direction, that also includes the practicalities of career, creativity, and business building.

If you’re already a Desire Map Facilitator (you’re awesome and we adore you), these two programs work brilliantly together. Core Desired Feelings + Career clarity = Unstoppable.

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What’s included in the program?

As a Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator, you get:

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In-person Group Coaching Workshop Outline & Curriculum


Whether you’re gathering in a home, an office, a yoga center, or some other creative space, this curriculum has everything you need to facilitate one-, two-, or three-day workshops with groups. You’ll have all the materials, worksheets, detailed journal exercises, plus facilitation tips and optional exercises to create a full Fire Starter experience.


Online Group Coaching Workshop Outline & Curriculum


We’ve created an online experience that maximizes group cohesion and a sense of intimacy in a digital space. With flexible curriculum that can be stretched out over days or even weeks, you can tailor the facilitation material to meet the needs of each group.

And because you’ll be facilitating in an online format, we also give you presentation slides you can use to add visual interest to your sessions, highlight key lecture points, and help facilitate exercises. You also get content and graphics to use in a Private Facebook Group for your attendees to connect with the work between calls.

One-on-One Coaching Outline & Curriculum


Designed for coaching over the phone or in person, this highly customizable curriculum allows you to choose specific topics and exercises that can address a wide range of client needs. Help your clients go deep into identity and notions of success, gain creative courage, lay the groundwork for an entrepreneurial leap. It’s all here. You can offer a one-day coaching intensive or work with your client weekly over several weeks or months.

It all begins with The Burning Questions that you give to your client to work on before your first session. It’s a beautiful and revealing beginning to your coaching relationship. You also get a post-call feedback form of questions on how you can support your client in the future with additional coaching or workshops.

The Fire Starter Sessions Video Workshop with Udemy


Strengthen your voice. Prioritize what’s sacred. Define success — on your own terms. A video workshop for Creatives & Entrepreneurs. This video workshop is yours when you become a Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator. Steep in the work as you guide others through their own journey of success on their terms.



Each curriculum guide corresponds to course worksheets you will weave into your workshops + coaching calls. These worksheets can be printed out or distributed digitally. Pick and choose separately, or bundle and send them as a workbook — your choice.

Menu of Magic & Exercises


You also get an extra workbook of exercises and worksheets to use in your workshops or to customize the experience for your clients.

Facilitator License


This license is permission to: teach this work, make money off of it, promote it and your other offerings to expand and grow your client reach. We want this to be a part of how you bring powerful, transformational work to those you serve, while deepening satisfaction and growing abundance in your own business.

Promotional Toolkit


We give you gorgeously branded promo materials to use for marketing: graphics, badges, #truthbombs, and even suggested outreach copy.

The Fire Starter Sessions Ebook and Audio book


You have access to The Fire Starter Sessions ebook and audio book for easy reference.

Super Affiliate Partner Status


As a Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator, you will automatically be set up as a Super Affiliate Partner. Helloooo passive income. When people use your affiliate link to buy eligible products from DanielleLaPorte.com, you make money on all of the retail products, additional FSS licenses, and programs you sell. Those monthly commissions can really add up.

Retail Discount


As a Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator, you can purchase all physical Danielle LaPorte products (books, #truthbomb decks, tattoos, planners, CDs, etc.) at 40% off. For most items, the minimum wholesale order quantity is twelve. So you can earn extra cash by selling the items at a merch table (at retail cost) at an in-person workshop. Alternatively, you can include some items in the cost of the workshop, or give them away as a thank-you. It’s up to you!


I’ve had hundreds of Fire Starter Sessions. And you know, every single one of them was an honour. Really. When your client sends their answers to The Burning Questions back to you…it’s a really precious experience. You’re getting invited inside of their dreams. And it’s a big deal. It’s an even bigger deal to help them decipher their desires and remove the blocks to what they want to create.

Clients, creatives, students, fledgling entrepreneurs, seasoned entrepreneurs who need a fresh take, or just humans hungry to know more about how to be of service in the world…they all flourish with meaningful questions and engaged listening. That’s your job. And honour.

Light the way, fire starters.

Questions? Scroll down for the FAQ.

If you’re ready, register now by clicking here.

All Love,

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Ready to be a Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator? Get started.

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Do I need to be a certified coach to purchase this program?

Nope! This program simply allows you to officially use The Fire Starter Sessions material in your own work and to incorporate it in whatever ways feel best to you and meet the unique needs of your clients.

Do you offer installments?

Yes! The Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Program allows you to pay in four monthly installments of $250 USD. On the anniversary of your sign-up date, your account will automatically renew. You can renew in one annual payment of $500 USD or in 12 monthly payments of $50 USD.

If you are purchasing the Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Program and Desire Map Facilitator Programs together, you can pay in four installments of $750 USD. On the anniversary of your sign-up date, your account will automatically renew. You can renew in one annual payment of $1000 USD or in 12 monthly payments of $100 USD.

I am a Desire Map Facilitator — is there any special discount for me?

Yes. The cost for this program is $500 for existing Desire Map Facilitators. Even better: as long as you keep your Desire Map Facilitator Program license, there is no additional renewal fee for the Fire Starter Sessions Program. If you choose to cancel your Desire Map Facilitator Program license, then you will pay a $500 renewal.

I am thinking about becoming a Desire Map Facilitator. Is there a bundle discount?

Yes! New facilitators can purchase both (Desire Map Facilitator Program + Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Program) programs for $3,000 with a $1,000 renewal. That’s a $500 savings when get both programs together.

Can I purchase the video workshop from Udemy separately?

Yes! You can do that right here. When you purchase the course, you will also get a $100 discount off The Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Program if you decide to join us.


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